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Christian Taney county, Garrison to Forsyth section whitewater kayaking, rafting, and paddling information.


CLASS I     21.2 miles
Best gauge for level on Swan that I have found is the bull creek gauge. We ran the14 miles from AA to Forsyth in about 5 hours and only had to portage twice due to riverwide trees. Last low water bridge needed another 8'' to push water over. Good float/fish at this level. At 6' should be really exciting. Says Bryan

My friend and I just kayaked from the AA highway bridge over Swan Creek with the intent of ending at Shadow Rock Park
    in Forsyth, Missouri. We left at 10:30 a.m. and 5 1/2 hours later were only at Taneyville. We still had 2 hours left to Forsyth. We went when the water level was way too low and had to portage and push our way past way too
many small rapids as we kept hanging up on rocks. Very primative scenery and no sign of civilization most of the way which we enjoyed. Lots of fun but also lots of hard work getting out and pulling/pushing the kayak too many times over shallow water and rock hangups. Make sure when you go that the water level is high and give yourself about 8 hours time to make it all the way to Forsyth, Missouri. Says Bari and Bob

Hmmmm...you show
a map of the West fork Black River which IS a class I. Swan Creek is one of the most fun small whitewater streams...and will have you grinning and laughing all the way...once the rapids start. Higher the water higher the haystacks...loads of fun...but suggest covers Says Gail W Green

This year has been some of the best floating ive ever done with the massive rains and flooding. We did Swan Creek a couple times this summer. The first time was late June after a significant rain just after the water came back out of the fields. (est. 2.5 feet at highway HH near Garrison.) We got a late start around 3:30pm at HH Bridge. Our goal was to float down to Casey Road in Forsyth before dark. The water was flowing over the low water bridge near the upper AA bridge. Making it a fun little drop and enjoyable surf. We didnt spend a lot of time there. We were told as you get close to Casey road about 1.5 miles below the second AA bridge crossing there are some great rolling waves that we intended to find. But not having done the river before we ran into some farmers who were crawdad fishing and told us we wouldnt make it by dark and they allowed us to take out there at their farm. Real nice people who gave us a ride back to our truck. I have yet to float on down to Casey road and find those ''4-5' waves'' I heard about but if I do I will be sure to post my expeirence. Over all I enjoyed the float with consistant easy beginner rapids. Beware of a section just below the 2nd AA bridge, there is a section of farm lands that you pass through with horse flies that swarm you. I almosted rolled my kayak trying to fight them off. BRING BUG DOPE! No pics availiable Says Josh Winters


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