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CLASS II-III(IV)     2 miles
Where do you go there? Says Matthew Ginter

Currently dammed at Miller Road for construction. Aug 2014 Says Will Clark

Update for 2014! If you are interested in putting in at 183 at the confluence of South Rocky Creek and Little Rocky Creek for this stretch, please email rjm1978@gmail.com. It's true about hostile landowners nearby, but if you contact me ahead of time I can facilitate parking and put-in. Says Ryan Murray

    launched out from behind Firewheel Mall in Garland, TX (northeast side of the dallas metroplex). From HW 78, we turned down Firewheel parkway. Right after we turned, there was an old road leading to an abandoned bridge.
We slid the kayaks down a steep 8 foot drop on the east side of the bridge. Next, I brought the truck down to Miller Rd where there is a parking lot where persons are often fishing. We left the truck there and my wife shuttled me back to the kayaks by firewheel. We saw one watersnake, some ducks, birds, and 2 armadillos drinking. The snake just crossed the creek in front of us then turned and swam off to the side of us. The water was shallow and  
we had to carry the kayaks so many times. I wish there was 6 inches more of water in the creek today. There was some rapids, but they were to shallow to be any fun. We had to carry the kayaks about 20 times or so for short distances over the rocks. The water was clear by the rapids. The closer we got to miller bridge, we ran into stagnant water that was pretty gross. Getting out at Miller Road was a bit steep and we basically had to stand in 4 feet of nasty water to get he kayaks out. We had a 2 10 foot sit in kayaks and 1 sit on top. Overall it was easy and relaxing (except for all the kayaks). Make sure you have long ropes tied to the ends of the kayaks as it makes getting the kayaks out. I recommend this trip when the water was deeper. The kayaks got very scratched up from all the rocks; however, they seem to be fine. It is reported as class 2-3 rapids; however, there wasn't enough water for any of that today. I am not sure what the experience would have been like had there been more water.
we found the creek from www.riverfacts.com/states/tx.html And then we used USGS 08061540 Rowlett Ck nr Sachse, TX which reported gage height of 4.0 feet and Daily discharge, cubic feet per second of 18. This is below the average. We are in a drought and there hasn't been enough rain. It had rained a little tiny bit last night and again this morning. Says Ryanman

Did 26 miles on Rowlett Creek on 3/23/2013. Put in at Exchange Pkwy and Ridgeview in Allen, TX. First mile or so was frequently broken up with water too shallow for kayaks. After that we were able to paddle the entire way. Lots of fast water. About 4 pile ups requiring portage. Entire trip took 12.5 hours. Says Michael

Where in Rowlett Creek were you guys fishing at? Sounds fun. Says Timmy

2/25/12 Dropped my 14 year old (Nico) off at the burned bridge behind FireWheel Mall. The only part he mentioned was a little rough was a slight 2 foot drop which he seemed to thoroughly enjoy. He indicated the water was deep enough to submerge the whole paddle in some places. I met him first at the Garland gun range, then finally picked him up at Rowlett Creek Preserve at the mountain bike drop parking area. You can park and take a short walk over to creek. Getting out is a little challenging.
We are considering going further today if we can located another decent pickup location down the creek.
Lot's of fishermen catching lots of fish.
Good times and highly recommended. We live in Garland near Firewheel mall.
Enjoy and see you in the creek! Says Sean & Nicolas

Paddled Rowlett Creek Today(1/27/2012) from Campbell Rd on the North End of the Golf course down to the takeout at Pleasant Valley Rd. According to usgs water was running at around 1500 cfs. Paddle Time was around 1.5 hrs. Water was muddy, as the creek had flooded out just a day or so before, but not as much debris(trash) as expected. Flow was nice with the section within the golf course being almost scenic. Quite a few twists and turns that might have been fun at higher levels, but then we would have had to contend with a few low bridges/pipelines, that would have meant having to portage. Bottom section was not as scenic, but had a good bit of movement. The 1st shelf was nice offering me a bit of maneuvering practice in my canoe down the left side and gave my father-in-law in his kayak a great wave to play in on the right. 2nd shelf was not much trouble at all and offered little more that a bit of splashing around and a few bumps on the bottom. All in all it was a nice run for only a 30 minute drive from Dallas, and would definitely fancy a swim in there if necessary over the trinity any day. The only major “beef” I have with the whole thing is the take out. With a paddling club in Dallas and the TPWD wanting to get all the paddling trails set up, you would think someone would be chomping at the bit to make this an easy access paddle. Once we got to the takeout we had to first extract ourselves from the knee high mud that we step off into. Then we had to scale a few rocks and then a slippery, muddy mess of a trail up to the road and our drop car. After a long paddle the last thing I want to do is rope up a canoe and drag it up a 30 foot “wall”. That being said, it was a fairly good paddle and while I may not do it again for a while, if I do, I may try and go down to a takeout further down. Possibly Rowlett Rd or H wy 66. Enjoy the water! It may not always be here……… Says Shua

My buddy and I dropped in at Hwy 75 making the 20 mile journey to Rowett Nature Preserve parking lot yesterday 5/22/2011. It was quite the journey it took nearly 6 hrs of constant paddling tons of rapids and flow. We shot down this slide dam and did the little drop too. Spotted about 4 beavers and 10 snakes. We barely made it out before another flash flood was right behind us. We got out at 9pm during a huge t-storm w/ lightning.  It was one of the best yak trips yet it was awesome. Says David J

Great water to float as stated above! Its mainly a slow moving creek. Best thing is its loaded with fish as we found out from the famous local fishing guide Carey Thorn

We were floating the creek and ran into this guy slamming the sand bass and hybrid striper that come to the creek to spawn in the spring. We talked with the guy for a bit and decided to book a trip with him to make our yak trips a bit more exciting. 6 hours with him and now we are pro's at catching fish there!!! The water is usually a light green to crystal clear. You can see down in spots to 10 ft sometimes. Lots of wildlife too. Beaver, musk rats, hogs, nutria, ducks and many other birds that I have no clue what they are, lol. Anyways, if you see 2 yellow yaks, say HI!
Says Lance Wilson (see picture)

We ran Rowlett Creek this past Memorial Day after a decent rain the Saturday evening prior.  We put in above Firewheel Golf Course & One Eleven Ranch Park where Rowlett Creek crosses Campbell Rd.  The bank where we put in was too steep to carry a kayak down but easy enough to get down there and have someone slide the kayak down to you.  The stretch of creek that goes through the golf course and up to Lavon Dr./78 is probably the cleanest and most scenic with pleanty of tree coverage and rock formations on both sides that sort of remind me of parts of the Guadalupe.  We have put in where the creek crosses Ben Davis Rd. behind the Firewheel Mall before.  The stretch between Lavon Dr./78 and Pleasant Valley Rd. is where you will find the ''whitewater'' including the 3-4 foot drop with optional ''easy way'' to the side.  We continued down past Rowlett Rd. and 66 and took out @ Miller Rd. where you usually see people fishing on either side of the street.  This strech of river is still flowing but as far scenery it is only trees, cyclists on the bike trails, and an old railroad bridge.  You do pass a gun range (right at Pleasant Valley) and the water treatment plant (right after 66) both with their own unique sounds and SMELLS.  We have gone all the way to Lake Ray Hubbard before but the stretch between Miller Rd. and the Lake is pretty boring and there is not much flow in the creek at that point.  Travel time for us from Campbell Rd. to Miller Rd. was about 6 hours but we took our time, stopped for a packed lunch, and fished some along the way.  Travel time from Ben Davis Rd. all the way to Lake Ray Hubbard is anywhere from 5.5-6.5 hours. Says Matt

My son Joey  (13 yrs) Dropped in Rowlett creek on 5/3/09 right after the heavy rainstorms. It was our first run on Rowlett Creek. Parked at the Garland Public Shooting Range on Pleasant Valley road. I am a member there and asked if they would be alright if I parked my truck there. $3.00 charge which was very reasonable. Put in on the right side of the bridge. It was not the best launching spot but considering the flooded creek we got in ok - very muddy and slippery. The current was nice and quick. Creek was very high and full of debri as you could imagine from all the heavy rains over the past several days. I wanted to drop in at Ben Davis road as the map here suggest, however that location is hard to find if you do not know the area because they have closed off the old access road shown to exit off HWY 78. We found the old Ben Davis bridge over the creek had been burned and severely damaged. It is now a dead end road at the bridge and not a place I wanted to leave my truck for any length of time unattended. So, after we dropped in at the shooting range it was smooth sailing. We did not need to paddle at all except for navigating around the low hanging branches. Again this was our first time on this creek and I expect the water was probably 8-10 feet higher than normal. I found this run to be very scenic and the creek is practically totally covered by trees. You really get a feeling like you are out in the wilderness and not in the suburbs of Dallas. I was hoping for some white water but I guess the water was too high and flowed right over any obstacles that may exist at lower water levels. We cruised along fine at a quick pace all the way to the Rowlett Road/Northeast Pkwy. overpass. This took less than 30 minutes, then about 200 yards south of the overpass we ran into a concrete covered pipe that spanned the creek. We had to portage around the pipe to continue. Getting out at this pipe was pretty treacherous. We pulled out on the right side in the midst of thick brush and wicked mosquitos. I stepped out of my kayak into knee deep mud and slogged up the steep bank a couple of feet to pull the boat out. The area is also covered in briars so bring a machette with you. Getting in on the other side of this pipe was easy. There was a nice log or root to step on and tree to balance on to get back into your kayak. I am guessing one would probably be able to go under this pipe at normal water levels. So we are off again on the second leg of this journey. This really is a beautiful scenic creek. The water is muddy brown but overall a pleasant surprise.

I will post some pictures in my next message. We cruise along the creek which runs parallel to Centerville road. We end our journey at Springfield Park which is just before you get to Hwy 66. There was an easy out on the left bank close to some picnic tables. Springfield Park has a baseball field and soccer fields which were completely flooded too so we put in again and paddled across the flooded fields nearly to the parking lot. That was funny end to this trip. We were in two Perception Islander model Kayaks that we purchased at Dicks Sporting Goods last year.

This was a great first trip down Rowlett creek and I highly recommend it. We live in Rowlett, Texas and this is very close to us. We also like to paddle around Lake Ray Hubbard which is fun too but nothing like white water. I hope the next time we Kayak Rowlett Creek we will see some. I hope this letter will be beneficial to those who are thinking about making the trip down Rowlett Creek. I am also interested to hear from those who ventured past Hwy. 66 to Lake Ray Hubbard. What can you expect along that route? - Glenn Clegg, Rowlett, Texas. Says Glenn Clegg

Not a bad run. 3 good rapids. Take out is tough, especially after a rain. Says John Webber

I been fishin' this here crik for 14 years. Grreat fur catfishin', and gar giggin'. Says Rowlett Jack

It's great for Cottonmouths! Says Steve Irwin

Wonderful fun, even has a 4 to 5 foot waterfall. Best when right after rain storm. Says Jared

It's Golden! Says Dave

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