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Muddy Creek - Susquehanna Tributary, Pennsylvania - Ok I read this last night and I have never ever been white water before. It was my first time. I went with one of my buddies that has gone through tourist white water, but nothing ''wild'' like this. We put off on paper mill road, and left a vehicle at cabin creek park on the sassy. Only a 5 minute drive. I had a 16' Coleman canoe, my buddy was in a 12' old town kayak. Let me start by stating this. I figured the 2 rating was an overstatement. It was massively understated. We started with small rapids(I) under the bridge. Then we next hit a decent little system that got your blood pumping a lil then lets you down when its over. Then on to our first problem of the trip a huge strainer/sweeper. This log took up the entire creek. Barley over the surface and a small open spot on the opposite side of us. Neither of us had the experience to maneuver through the small opening. I would probably not been able to duck and get up to paddle for what was coming up next, immediate rock wall, and a drop. We pulled the boats up and drug it through the wet mud trail 5 feet higher. We went down about 100 yards and ran into a sieve. There  was a huge pointed rock sticking right up the middle of it. It probably stuck up 2 feet. we decided to hike the canoe over that, my buddy wussed out on taking his kayak down so we walked the boats around on the rock ledges with ropes. Wasn't too bad at all. Right under it there was a really nice system. We took the canoe down further then we both went through that on kayak. Then we sat and fished for a while. caught about 50 chubs in an hour. We then ran into a system that was too big for the canoe and we could not walk it we took all the gear out moved everything down stream including the kayak. I left my ice chest in the boat. it was loaded with ice and strapped down real good. I wanted to add a little bit of weight to it. I left it go. I went down beautifully. Really made me jealous wishing I was in it. There was a decent system right after that, I decided I was not walking around all of the fun, boy did I almost make the biggest mistake of my life. I got stuck in a real fast current and could not really maneuver too well. I ran head first real fast into this rock. it felt like a car accident. I had to hold on when I hit. That's when my life started flashing in front of my eyes. an eddy came up over the back of the canoe. started filling the boat up, fast. I got about 4 inches in and I was only half way through the system. By the grace of god and me stopping everything I was doing and curling up into a ball, I got out. I almost got capsized 3 or 4 times after that. every time I tried to paddle the weight would redistribute. hit some white water tossed a rope to my buddy and he pulled me up on the beach. Now by this point it went from enjoying the scenery and having a blast to are we going to be able to finish this creek? I quit taking pictures. I had my camera in the kayaks dry storage. I really wish I documented this trip better, but I did not want to get murdered when I got home for ruining the digital cam my girlfriend got me. So we decide to take a vow whatever we come to we are taking/ or we are going around fast. this 5 mile trip turned into 6 hours and we still had two more bends to go. we didn't have a map, but I was using my Verizon gps the whole way. We hit two systems, one pretty good, half was scary, and one mild and actually a relieve. Then we saw the most beautiful sight ever high tension power lines. Then a pontoon boat. I never thought an old moldy pontoon boat would look so glorious. We made it, but we still had to paddle back to the park. Now this is when it sorta sucks after you are so wore out. You have to go out about a mile but the creek keeps you at a pretty good pace. We drift fished the whole way to the mouth. Didn't even get a nibble. Then you have another mile along the shore line to get to the parking lot. Jeez I should have left my trolling motor at the mouth of the creek.

We got back and celebrated. We can't wait to get white water kayaks and go down some real 1 & 2 to learn what I am  doing. Then I am going back to conquer everything I had to go around. I had a blast. If you are skilled you can do it. If you have never been...hike it first. its only five miles and well worth the hike to know if you really want to do it or not. There are camp sites along the way. Fire pits, there were some pots and pans out there. Not liter looks more like communal property. I hope you guys enjoy the write up. I am planning going down fishing creek after I hike it first. please let me know what you think.