Whitewater Paddling Rivers in Alaska

1. Alatna River
      through Gates of Arctic National Park
      Class I(II), 260 miles
2. Alsek River
      Haines Junction to Dry Bay
      Class III+(V+), 185 miles
3. Aniakchak River
      Surprise Lake to Aniakchak Bay
      Class I-IV, 32 miles
4. Archangel Creek
      Fairangel Creek Confluence to Little Su Confluence
      Class V, 3.7 miles
5. Atigun/Sagavanirktok
      Dalton Highway Bridge to Slope Mt. Road Camp
      Class III-IV, 36 miles
6. Bird Creek
      5 miles upstream to Turnagain Arm
      Class V+, 3.5 miles
7. Bremner River
      to Copper River
      Class I-III+, 42 miles
8. Browns Creek
      Browns Creek Canyon
      Class III, 1.5 miles
9. Brushkana Creek
      Denali Highway to Nenana River
      Class II+, 21 miles
10. Campbell Creek
      Powerline pass to Hilltop Ski area
      Class V, 2.5 miles
11. Canyon Creek
      Seward HigHighway at outlet of Lower Summit Lake to Seward Highway at Hope Junction
      Class IV, 6.5 miles
12. Caribou Creek
      Squaw Creek to Glenn Highway Bridge
      Class V, 9 miles
13. Carlson Creek
      Lower Canyon to Tidewater
      Class II-III(IV), 2 miles
14. Chakachatna River
      Chakachamna Lake to Cook Inlet
      Class V+, 42 miles
15. Chakina River
      Gravel bar to Chitina River
      Class V, 20 miles
16. Charley River
      Upper river gravel bar to Yukon River to Circle
      Class III, 104 miles
17. Cheshnina River
      Lower Tonsina to Copper River Bridge
      Class III+, 23 miles
18. Chetaslina River
      Chichokna River to Copper River
      Class V+, 18 miles
19. Chickaloon River
      30 Mile Airstrip to Matanuska
      Class III+(IV), 33 miles
20. Chilikadrotna River
      Twin Lakes to Mulchatna River
      Class I-III, 60 miles
21. Chistochina River
      Chistochina Glacier to Copper River
      Class I-II, 52 miles
22. Chitina River
      Nizina River to Chitina
      Class II, 55 miles
23. Chitistone River
      Glacier Creek to Nizina River
      Class II-III, 9 miles
24. Chulitna River
      East Fork to Talkeetna
      Class II, 77 miles
25. Coal Creek
      Glacier to Matanuska River
      Class IV, 11.8 miles
26. Colville River
      Thunder Creek to Harrison Bay
      Class I-II, 375 miles
27. Copper River
      Copper Glacier to Gulkana River
      Class II, 125 miles
28. Copper River
      Gulkana River to Chitina River
      Class II, 77 miles
29. Copper River
      Chitina River to Gulf of Alaska
      Class II, 115 miles
30. Carlson Creek
      Lower Canyon to Tidewater
      Class II-III(IV), 2 miles
31. Copper River
      Lower or Upper Copper Lake to Lower Pike Lake or Intricate Bay
      Class III-IV, 18 miles
32. Dadina River
      Bush strip to Copper River
      Class III-IV(V+), 30 miles
33. Delta River
      Denali Highway at Tangle Lakes to Richardson Highway between Ann and Miller Creeks
      Class I-III, 29 miles
34. Delta River
      Suzy Q Creek to Donnelly Creek Campground
      Class II-IV, 14 miles
35. Drop Creek
      Upper gravel bar to Copper River
      Class II, 19 miles
36. Eagle River
      Lake to Veterans Memorial Highway
      Class II(III), 5 miles
37. Eagle River
      Echo Bend to Rapids Camp
      Class IV, 3 miles
38. Eagle River
      Class I, 15 miles
39. Eagle River
      Bridge to Bridge
      Class II(III), 1.5 miles
40. Eagle River
      Military Stretch
      Class II-III, 4 miles
41. Firth River
      Margaret Lake to Beaufort Sea
      Class III-IV, 99 miles
42. Fortymile River
      Taylor Highway Fortymile Bridge to Yukon River
      Class II(III), 100 miles
43. Fortymile River - Middle Fork and North Fork
      Joseph Airstrip to Taylor Highway Fortymile Bridge
      Class II(III), 46 miles
44. Fortymile River - South Fork
      West Fork of Dennison Fork to Taylor Highway Fortymile Bridge
      Class II(III), 84 miles
45. Gakona River
      Gakona Glacier to Copper River
      Class III, 92 miles
46. Gilahina River
      McCarthy Road
      Class III, 7.5 miles
47. Glacier River
      Sheridan Glacier to Copper River Highway
      Class III, 4.7 miles
48. Gold Creek
      Basin Road Bridge into Cope Park
      Class III-V(V+), 2 miles
49. Granite Creek
      2600-foot level to Glenn Highway
      Class IV-V+, 16 miles
50. Gravel Creek
      Gravel Creek Glacier to Matanuska River
      Class IV+, 11.5 miles
51. Gulkana River
      Summit Lake to Paxson Lake
      Class III, 12 miles
52. Gulkana River
      Paxson Lake to Sourdough Campground
      Class II-III, 81 miles
53. Happy River
      Close to Sheep Lake to Skwentna River
      Class III+, 32.5 miles
54. Hicks Creek
      Hicks Lake to Matanuska River
      Class V+, 11 miles
55. Hulahula River
      Grasser's to Arctic Ocean
      Class III, 104 miles
56. Jacksina River
      Upper river to Nabesna River
      Class IV, 29 miles
57. Jarvis Creek
      Trail above McCumber Creek to Trail below Ober Creek (Jarvis Creek Canyon)
      Class IV-V, 14 miles
58. Kenai River
      Kenai Lake to Skilak Lake
      Class II-III, 18 miles
59. Kennicott River
      McCarthy Road to Nizina River
      Class II+, 4.8 miles
60. Kiagna River
      Gravel bar to Chitina River
      Class V+, 19 miles
61. Kijik River
      Lachbuna to Lake Clark
      Class V, 18 miles
62. Killik River
      Lakes in upper river to Colville River
      Class II-III, 90 miles
63. Kings River
      Upper Kings to Glenn Highway
      Class V+, 20 miles
64. Kisaralik River
      Kisaralik Lake to confluence with Kuskokwim River
      Class II-III, 90 miles
65. Klutina River
      Klutina Lake to Richardson Highway Bridge at Copper Center
      Class III, 28 miles
66. Kongakut River
      Mountains to Arctic Ocean
      Class II-III, 60 miles
67. Kotsina River
      Upper Kotsina to Copper River
      Class V+, 42 miles
68. Kuskulana River
      Nugget Creek to McCarthy Road
      Class IV+, 19 miles
69. Kuskulana River
      McCarthy Road Bridge to Chitina River
      Class III, 8.5 miles
70. Lake Creek
      Chelatna Lake to Yentna River
      Class III+, 55 miles
71. Lakina River
      Mill Creek to McCarthy Road Bridge
      Class III-IV, 17 miles
72. Lakina River
      McCarthy Road Bridge to Chitina River
      Class III+, 11.25 miles
73. Lemon Creek
      Upper Quarry to Costco
      Class III-IV+, 2 miles
74. Little Nelchina River
      Little Nelchina Br. on Glenn Highway to Tazlina Lake
      Class II-III, 27 miles
75. Little Susitna River
      Class IV+, 5 miles
76. Little Susitna River
      Mother Lode Cookhouse and Saloon to Shrock Road Bridge
      Class IV-V, 6.4 miles
77. Lowe River
      Heiden Canyon
      Class V, 7.5 miles
78. Lowe River
      Keystone Canyon
      Class III, 5 miles
79. Lowe River
      Below Keystone Canyon
      Class II, 13 miles
80. Matanuska River
      Lions Head
      Class III+, 5.2 miles
81. Matanuska River
      Glacier Park Bridge to Palmer
      Class II+, 54 miles
82. Matanuska River - East Fork and Main Stem
      Close to Hunter Lake to Caribou Creek
      Class II+, 17.5 miles
83. McCarthy Creek
      Close to Bonanza Ridge to McCarthy
      Class III+(V+), 19 miles
84. Mendenhall River
      Mendenhall Lake to Riverside Drive
      Class II(III), 4 miles
85. Mineral Creek
      Mineral Creek Road to Lower Canyon
      Class V, 3 miles
86. Mineral Creek
      Upper Canyon to coast
      Class II+, 5.5 miles
87. Montana Creek
      MCamp Grounduinness Creek to Mendenhall River
      Class II-III+, 4 miles
88. Moose Creek
      Buffalo Mine Road to Glenn Highway
      Class III+, 6 miles
89. Nabesna River
      Nabesna Glacier to Northway Indian Village
      Class II, 81 miles
90. Nadina River
      Nadina Glacier to Copper River
      Class V+, 18 miles
91. Nellie Juan River
      Nellie Juan Lake to Kings Bay
      Class V, 20 miles
92. Nenana River
      Carlo Creek to McKinley Village
      Class II-III, 8 miles
93. Nenana River
      McKinley Village to Riley Creek
      Class III, 10.5 miles
94. Nenana River
      Riley Creek to Twin Rocks
      Class III+, 3 miles
95. Nenana River
      Twin Rocks to Healy
      Class III-IV, 9.5 miles
96. Newhalen River
      Upper landing on Nondalton Road to Newhalen
      Class IV-V, 24 miles
97. Nigu River
      Gates of Arctic National Park
      Class I-II, 60 miles
98. Nizina River
      Nizina Glacier to Kennicott River
      Class II+, 35 miles
99. Nizina River
      Kennicott River to Chitna River
      Class II-III, 10 miles
100. Noatak River
      Twelvemile Creek to Noatak Village
      Class I(II), 370 miles
101. Portage River
      Portage Lake to Turnagain Arm
      Class -blank-, 13 miles
102. Power Creek
      Feeding Eyak Lake Close to Cordova
      Class IV-V, 1.5 miles
103. Reeds Creek
      Good Hope Creek Confluence to Reed Lakes Trailhead
      Class V, 0.8 miles
104. Riley Creek
      Tripple Lakes Trail to Nenana River
      Class III, 6 miles
105. Sanctuary River
      Denali Road to Teklanika River
      Class V+, 7.2 miles
106. Sanford River
      Upper gravel bar to Copper River
      Class II, 35 miles
107. Savage River
      Denali Park Road Bridge to Stampede Road
      Class V, 16 miles
108. Sheenjek River
      Last Lake to Fort Yukon
      Class I-II, 220 miles
109. Sheep River
      Close to Glacier to Talkeetna River
      Class IV(V+), 50 miles
110. Sheep Creek
      to Parks Highway
      Class III, 25 miles
111. Ship Creek
      Artic Vally Road to bridge
      Class IV, 4 miles
112. Sixmile River
      East Fork of Six Mile to Sunshine
      Class V, 9.3 miles
113. Skwentna River
      Twin Glaciers to Skwentna
      Class III+, 113 miles
114. Stikine River
      Cassiar Highway Bridge to Telegraph Creek
      Class V+, 60 miles
115. Susitna River
      Denali Highway Bridge to Talkeetna
      Class III-V+, 153 miles
116. Talkeetna River
      Stephan Lake to Susitna River at Talkeetna Village
      Class III-IV, 54 miles
117. Tana River
      Gravel Bar to Chitina River
      Class IV, 36 miles
118. Tasnuna River
      Upper gravel bar to Copper river
      Class II+, 23 miles
119. Tatshenshini River
      Blanchard Road to Dalton Post
      Class III, 21 miles
120. Tatshenshini River
      Dalton Post to Alsek
      Class III, 136 miles
121. Tazlina River
      Tazlina Lake to Copper River
      Class II+(III), 45 miles
122. Teklanika River
      Teklanika Campground to Stampede Road
      Class V, 19.6 miles
123. Tiekel River
      Richardson Highway to right above Canyon
      Class II, 19 miles
124. Tiekel River
      Stuart Creek at Richardson Highway to Copper River
      Class V+, 16 miles
125. Tonsina River
      Tonsina Glacier to Tonsina Lake
      Class V+, 41 miles
126. Tonsina River
      Richardson Highway crossing to Lower Tonsina
      Class III-IV, 7 miles
127. Tsina River
      Tsina Glacier to Tsina Lodge on Richardson Highway
      Class III+, 12 miles
128. Tsina River
      Tsina Roadhouse on Richardson Highway to Richardson Highway below Tsina Canyon
      Class V, 7.2 miles
129. Tsina River
      Richardson Highway to above Stuart Creek
      Class III+, 1.5 miles
130. Twentymile River
      Carmen Lake to Turnagain Arm
      Class -blank-, 20 miles
131. Valdez Glacier Stream
      Valdez Glacier to Richardson Highway
      Class II, 3 miles
132. White River
      Solo Creek airstrip to Alaska Highway Bridge
      Class II, 55 miles
133. Willow Creek
      Close to Hatcher Pass to lower Willow Creek
      Class V+, 6.75 miles
134. Willow Creek
      Guardrail to Shirleytown
      Class III-IV, 5 miles
135. Windy River / Rocky River
      3 miles above Windy/Rocky confluence to tidewater
      Class IV, 11 miles
136. Wolverine Creek
      Upper River to Matanuska River
      Class V, 8 miles
137. Wortmann's Creek
      Upper River to Lowe River
      Class II-III, 6 miles
138. Alaska Downstream
      Anchorage Borough
139. Alaska Raft Rentals
      Matanuska Susitna Borough
140. Alaska Whitewater
      Anchorage Borough
141. Alpacka Rafts
      Anchorage Borough
142. Anchorage Whitewater
      Anchorage Borough
143. Backcountry Safaris
      Kenai Peninsula Borough
144. Blue Moose Rafting
      Fairbanks North Star Borough
145. Borealis River Guides
      Anchorage Borough
146. Chugach Adventure Guides
      Anchorage Borough
147. Chugach Outdoor Center
      Kenai Peninsula Borough
148. Chugach Outfitters
      Valdez Cordova Borough
149. Denali Outdoor Center
      Denali Borough
150. Denali View B & B
      Matanuska Susitna Borough
151. Keystone Outfitters
      Valdez Cordova Borough
152. Keystone Raft & Kayak Adventures
      Valdez Cordova Borough
153. Matanuska Madwater Rafting Company
      Matanuska Susitna Borough
154. Nenana Raft Adventures
      Denali Borough
155. Nova Riverrunners
      Matanuska Susitna Borough
156. Ouzel Expeditions
      Anchorage Borough
157. Pristine Ventures
      Fairbanks North Star Borough
158. True North Kayak Adventures
      Kenai Peninsula Borough
159. Willow Creek Rafting
      Matanuska Susitna Borough

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