Whitewater Paddling Rivers in California

1. Alameda Creek
      Sunol to Niles Junction Close to Fremont
      Class III, 4.3 miles
2. American River - Middle Fork
      Oxbow Bend to Drivers Flat Road
      Class II-IV(V+), 17 miles
3. American River - Middle Fork
      former Greenwood Bridge to Mammoth Bar
      Class I(II), 7.1 miles
4. American River - Middle Fork
      Mosquito Ridge Road to confluence with Middle Fork
      Class IV-V, 2.1 miles
5. American River - North Fork
      Tadpole Creek to Euchre Bar
      Class IV-V, 12.3 miles
6. American River - North Fork
      Euchre Bar to Colfax-Iowa Hill Road
      Class IV-V, 14.5 miles
7. American River - North Fork
      Colfax-Iowa Hill Road to Colfax-Foresthill Road Bridge
      Class IV-V, 4.8 miles
8. American River - North Fork
      Colfax-Foresthill Road Bridge to Ponderosa Way Bridge
      Class II-III, 5 miles
9. American River - North Fork
      Confluence with Middle Fork to Folsom Lake
      Class II, 3 miles
10. American River - South Fork
      Strawberry to Kyburz
      Class IV-V, 9.6 miles
11. American River - South Fork
      Kyburz to Riverton
      Class III-V, 9.6 miles
12. American River - South Fork
      Riverton to Peavine Ridge Road
      Class III-IV, 3.5 miles
13. American River - South Fork
      Peavine Ridge Road to Forebay Road
      Class IV-V, 9.4 miles
14. American River - South Fork
      Slab Creek Dam to White Rock Powerhouse
      Class IV-V, 7 miles
15. American River - South Fork
      Route 193 to Folsom Lake
      Class II-IV, 20.5 miles
16. American River - South Fork
      Lotus Campground to Folsom Lake
      Class III+, 15 miles
17. Antelope Creek
      Hogsback Road to Cone Grove Road
      Class III-IV, 20 miles
18. Arroyo Hondo River
      Kincaid Road to Calaveras Reservoir
      Class V, 8 miles
19. Arroyo Mocho River
      Above Waterfalls to Mines Road bridge
      Class IV-V+, 8 miles
20. Arroyo Seco River
      Willowcreek Bridge to Arroyo Seco Picnic Area
      Class IV(V), 3 miles
21. Arroyo Seco River
      Arroyo Seco Picnic Area to Route G16 bridge
      Class III, 14.5 miles
22. Arroyo Valle River
      Mt. Hamilton to Del Valle Reservoir
      Class IV, 28 miles
23. Battle Creek
      Manton Road
      Class II-III(IV), 13 miles
24. Battle Creek - South Fork
      Close to Ponderosa Way to Manton Road
      Class II-V(V+), 11.5 miles
25. Bear River
      Highway 174 Bridge to Lake Combie
      Class II-V, 11 miles
26. Bear Creek
      Close to Wilbur Hot Springs to Cache Creek ConFork
      Class IV, 12 miles
27. Bear Creek
      Hydro to Highway 44
      Class IV(V+), 9.5 miles
28. Beegum Creek
      USFS Campground to State Highway 36
      Class IV-V(V+), 7 miles
29. Big Creek
      Chowchilla Mountain Road to South Fork Merced River
      Class IV-V+, 1 miles
30. Big Creek Kings River Tributary
      Bridge on Forest Service Route 7 to Trimmer Springs Road
      Class III-V, 5 miles
31. Big Creek Kings River Tributary
      Trimmer Springs Road to Kings River
      Class III-IV, 1 miles
32. Big Kimshew Creek
      to Confluence with West Fork of Feather
      Class V, -blank- miles
33. Big Sulphur Creek
      Close to Geysers to Iron Bridge
      Class III-V, 4.6 miles
34. Big Sulphur Creek
      Iron Bridge to washed-out crossing
      Class IV-V, 9 miles
35. Big Sur River
      Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park to Motels
      Class II+, 4 miles
36. Black Butte River
      Headwaters at Basin to Middle Fork Eel
      Class IV+, 24 miles
37. Brandy Creek
      above Whiskeytown Reservoir
      Class V+, 2 miles
38. Brush Creek
      Rincon Camp to Kern River
      Class V, 1.5 miles
39. Butte Creek
      PGandE Powerhouse to Covered Bridge
      Class II+, 6 miles
40. Cache Creek
      Highway 20 to Bear Creek Confluence
      Class II(III), 18 miles
41. Cache Creek
      Bear Creek Confluence to Rumsey
      Class III, 9 miles
42. Camp Creek
      Fleming Meadows trailhead to Happy Valley Road
      Class IV+, 10.1 miles
43. Canyon Creek
      Bridge 8.5 miles upstream of Junction City to Junction City
      Class III-IV, 8.5 miles
44. Carmel River
      Los Padres Reservoir to Carmel Valley
      Class II-III(IV), 10 miles
45. Carson River - East Fork
      Cave Rock to Hangman's Bridge
      Class III, 7.3 miles
46. Carson River - East Fork
      Hangman's Bridge to CA-NV border
      Class II, 20 miles
47. Cherry Creek - West Fork
      Bourland Meadow to Cherry Lake
      Class V+, 9.5 miles
48. Chowchilla River
      Road 810 to Road 800
      Class III-IV, 7 miles
49. Clavey River
      Upper Bridge to Lower Bridge
      Class V+, 8.5 miles
50. Clavey River
      Lower Bridge to Ward's Ferry
      Class V+, 20.8 miles
51. Trace Creek
      Bear Pen Creek to Klamath River
      Class IV-V, 7 miles
52. Clear Creek Sacramento Tributary
      Clear Creek Campground to Trinity Mountain Road
      Class IV(V+), 16 miles
53. Clear Creek Sacramento Tributary
      Whiskeytown Reservoir to Sacramento Valley
      Class IV, 8 miles
54. Coarse Gold Creek
      Coarsegold to Spinelli Road
      Class IV-V, 5 miles
55. Coffee Creek
      Coffee Creek Road to Trinity River
      Class III-IV, 10 miles
56. Cosumnes River
      Highway 49 to Highway 16
      Class II-V, 20 miles
57. Cosumnes River - Middle Fork
      Outingdale to Highway 49
      Class IV-V+, 11 miles
58. Cottonwood Creek - Middle Fork
      Knob Gulch confluence to Platina Road
      Class IV, 11.1 miles
59. Cottonwood Creek - Middle Fork
      Platina Road to North Fork
      Class III, 23.5 miles
60. Cottonwood Creek - North Fork
      Sunny Hill Road to Platina Road bridge Close to Ono
      Class IV, 4 miles
61. Cottonwood Creek - North Fork
      Ono to Gas Point Road
      Class II-IV, 8 miles
62. Cottonwood Creek - South Fork
      Pettyjohn Road to Highway 36
      Class II, 9.5 miles
63. Coyote Creek
      Gilroy Hot Springs Road to Coyote Reservoir
      Class II, 4.9 miles
64. Cuyama River
      Highway 166 to Twitchell Reservoir
      Class III-IV, 15 miles
65. Deer Creek
      Highway 32 to Route 99
      Class IV-V, 43 miles
66. Dinkey Creek
      Dinkey Dome to Dinkey Campgrounds
      Class V, 3.5 miles
67. Dinkey Creek
      Dinkey Creek Campgrounds to logging spur road
      Class IV-V, 5 miles
68. Dinkey Creek
      Ross Creek Trail to confluence of National Forest Kings
      Class V+, 6.3 miles
69. Dinkey Creek
      Old mine trail to National Forest Kings confluence
      Class V, 1.5 miles
70. Dry Meadow Creek
      to North Fork Kern
      Class V, 1.5 miles
71. Eel River
      Horse Creek to Lake Pillsbury
      Class IV-V, 18 miles
72. Eel River
      Lake Pillsbury to Bucknell Creek
      Class III-IV, 5.7 miles
73. Eel River
      Van Arsdale Dam to Dos Rios
      Class II-III, 35 miles
74. Eel River
      Dos Rios to Alderpoint
      Class II-IV, 47 miles
75. Eel River
      South Fork Eel to Rio Dell
      Class II, 22.1 miles
76. Eel River - Middle Fork
      Black Butte River to Dos Rios
      Class II-V, 32 miles
77. Eel River - North Fork
      Salt Creek to Hulls Creek
      Class IV, 12 miles
78. Eel River - North Fork
      Hulls Creek to Mina Road
      Class III, 8 miles
79. Eel River - South Fork
      Close to Branscomb to Big Bend
      Class IV-V, 9.5 miles
80. Eel River - South Fork
      Big Bend to Piercy
      Class II-III, 21 miles
81. Elder Creek
      Lowrey Road to Paskenta Road
      Class III, 17.2 miles
82. Elk Creek
      Elk Creek Road to Klamath River
      Class I-IV, 5 miles
83. Escondido Creek
      San Elijo Canyon: Elfin Forest Preserve to Camino Del NoRoute Road
      Class III-IV, 6.6 miles
84. Feather River - Middle Fork
      Sloat to Nelson Point
      Class II-III, 6.5 miles
85. Feather River - Middle Fork
      Nelson Point to Milsap Bridge
      Class V+, 32.5 miles
86. Feather River - Middle Fork
      Milsap Bridge to Lake Oroville
      Class V+, 6.5 miles
87. Feather River - North Fork
      Caribou to East BrancHighway North Fork Feather
      Class III-IV, 6 miles
88. Feather River - North Fork
      Rock Creek Dam to Rock Creek Powerhouse
      Class III-V, 8 miles
89. Feather River - North Fork
      Cresta Dam to Poe Dam
      Class III-V, 6.5 miles
90. Feather River - North Fork
      Poe Dam to Poe Powerhouse
      Class IV-V, 7.5 miles
91. Feather River - North Fork
      Virgilia to Belden
      Class III-V, 10 miles
92. Feather River - South Fork
      Little Grass Valley Reservoir to South Fork Diversion Dam
      Class IV, 8.3 miles
93. Fordyce Creek
      Fordyce Lake to Lake Spaulding
      Class IV-V, 12 miles
94. Fresno River
      Goldside Drive off road 600 to Road 600
      Class III-V, 3 miles
95. Fresno River
      Road 600 to Road 415
      Class IV-V(V+), 11 miles
96. Fresno River
      Road 415 to boat ramp Close to dam at Lake Hensley
      Class IV-V+, 12 miles
97. Goose Creek
      Saddle Road to South Fork Smith confluence
      Class V, 5.6 miles
98. Grindstone Creek
      Grindstone Road to Road 306
      Class III-IV, 12 miles
99. Hayfork Creek
      Above Highway 36 to Highway 36
      Class III, 3.5 miles
100. Hayfork Creek
      3 miles West of Hayfork to Hyampom
      Class IV-V, 21 miles
101. Hayfork Creek
      Gemmil Gulch Picnic Ground to Carr Creek
      Class III-V, 12.7 miles
102. Hurdygurdy Creek
      Bear Basin Road to Big Flat Road
      Class V, 7.7 miles
103. Indian Creek Feather Tributary
      Close to Crescent Mills to Spanish Creek
      Class V, 5.5 miles
104. Indian Creek Klamath Tributary
      confluence South and East Fork to Klamath River
      Class III, 7.6 miles
105. Kaweah River
      Above Gateway Bridge to Dinley Bridge
      Class IV-V, 3 miles
106. Kaweah River
      Dinley Bridge to North Fork Bridge
      Class III-V, 3 miles
107. Kaweah River
      North Fork Bridge to Lake Kaweah
      Class II-IV, 4 miles
108. Kaweah River - Middle Fork
      Hospital Rock
      Class V, 4.8 miles
109. Kaweah River - North Fork
      Tarbell Pocket to Yucca Creek
      Class V+, 8 miles
110. Kaweah River - North Fork
      Yucca Creek to Kaweah Bridge
      Class IV-V, 6.4 miles
111. Kern River
      Junction Meadow to Forks of Kern
      Class II-V+, 37 miles
112. Kern River
      Forks of Kern to Johnsondale Bridge
      Class III-V, 16.8 miles
113. Kern River
      Johnsondale Bridge to Powerhouse #3
      Class III-V, 17 miles
114. Kern River
      Lake Isabella to Sandy Flat
      Class II-III, 7 miles
115. Kern River
      Sandy Flat to Democrat Hot Springs
      Class III-V, 11.5 miles
116. Kern River
      Democrat Hot Springs to mouth of canyon
      Class V+, 12 miles
117. Kern River
      Mouth of canyon to Lake Ming
      Class II-IV, 4.8 miles
118. Kern River - North Fork
      Powerhouse #3 to Riverside Park
      Class II-III, 2 miles
119. Kern River - South Fork
      Monache Meadows to Kennedy Meadows
      Class V, 17 miles
120. Kern River - South Fork
      Kennedy Meadows to Long Valley
      Class III-V+, 22 miles
121. Kings River
      Middle South Fork confluence to Garnet Dike Campground
      Class V, 10 miles
122. Kings River
      Garnet Dike Campground to Kirch Flat Campground
      Class III-IV, 9.5 miles
123. Kings River
      Kings River Powerhouse to Big Creek Cove
      Class II(III), 7 miles
124. Kings River
      Pine Flat Dam to Centerville
      Class I-II, 12 miles
125. Kings River - Middle Fork
      Dusy Branch to South Fork confluence
      Class V+, 29 miles
126. Kings River - Middle Fork
      Above Wishon Reservoir
      Class IV-V, 6 miles
127. Kings River - North Fork
      Balch Afterbay to confluence with Dinkey Creek
      Class V, 1.5 miles
128. Kings River - North Fork
      Dinkey Creek to Main Kings Confluence
      Class V, 3 miles
129. Kings River - South Fork
      Park Boundary to Boyden Cave
      Class IV-V(V+), 7.8 miles
130. Kings River - South Fork
      Boyden Cave to Middle Fork confluence
      Class V+, 4.4 miles
131. Klamath River
      Iron Gate Dam to Sarah Totten Camp Ground
      Class II, 48 miles
132. Klamath River
      Sarah Totten Campground to Happy Camp
      Class III, 36 miles
133. Klamath River
      Happy Camp to Coon Creek
      Class III+(IV), 18 miles
134. Klamath River
      Coon Creek to Ishi Pishi Falls
      Class II, 22 miles
135. Klamath River
      Ishi Pishi Bridge to Orleans
      Class III-V, 8 miles
136. Klamath River
      Orleans to Weitchpec
      Class II, 16 miles
137. Klamath River
      Weitchpec to Klamath Glen
      Class II, 36 miles
138. Lavezzola Creek
      2nd Divide Bridge to Downieville
      Class IV(V), 4 miles
139. Little Dry Creek
      Sycamore Road to Sycamore Creek
      Class IV-V, 4 miles
140. Little Sulphur Creek
      Healdsburg-Geyserville Road to Big Sulphur Creek
      Class IV-V+, 11 miles
141. Little Sur River
      Pico Blanco B South Carolina to Highway 1
      Class III-IV, 7 miles
142. Los Penasquitos Creek
      I-15 to I-5
      Class III+(V+), 9 miles
143. Mad River
      North and South Fork confluence to Barry Creek Road
      Class III, 5.8 miles
144. Mad River
      Ruth Reservoir to Forest Service Road 5 miles below Highway 36
      Class II-III, 12.2 miles
145. Mad River
      Jackshaw Road to Butler Valley-Maple Creek Road
      Class III-V, 10 miles
146. Mark West Creek
      Mark West Lodge to Mark West Road
      Class III-V, 4 miles
147. Mattole River
      Shelter Cove Road to Honeydew
      Class II-III, 27.2 miles
148. McCloud River
      Fowler Campground to McCloud Reservoir
      Class III-IV, 10 miles
149. McCloud River
      McCloud Reservoir to Lake Shasta
      Class III-IV, 24 miles
150. Merced River
      Routes 120-140 Junction to Arch Rock Entrance Station
      Class V, 4.8 miles
151. Merced River
      El Portal to Route 49 at Lake McClure
      Class II-V, 29 miles
152. Merced River
      Red Bud to Bagby Reservoir
      Class IV, 17 miles
153. Merced River - North Fork
      Greeley Hill Road to Merced confluence
      Class IV-V(V+), 17 miles
154. Merced River - South Fork
      Class V+, 16 miles
155. Merced River - South Fork
      Snyder Gulch to Route 140 Bridge
      Class III-IV, 7.4 miles
156. Mill Creek
      Squaw Valley to Wonder Valley Guest Ranch
      Class V, 6 miles
157. Mill Creek
      Town of Mill Creek to First Diversion Dam
      Class IV-V+, 43 miles
158. Mill Flat Creek
      Forest Service Road 12S0 to Kings River
      Class IV-V, 2 miles
159. Mokelumne River
      Ponderosa Way to Highway 49 Bridge
      Class II-III, 6 miles
160. Mokelumne River - North Fork
      Below Tiger Creek to Red Corral Road
      Class III-IV, 3 miles
161. Mokelumne River - North Fork
      Close to Bear River to Tiger Creek Afterbay
      Class III-V, 14.8 miles
162. Mokelumne River - North Fork
      Route 4 Bridge to Salt Springs Reservoir
      Class V+, 24.9 miles
163. Mono Creek
      Vermillion Dam to Mono Diversion
      Class IV(V), 1.5 miles
164. Nacimiento River
      Hunter Liggett to Turtle Creek
      Class I-III, 15 miles
165. Napa River
      St. Helena to Napa
      Class III, 18 miles
166. New River
      E Fork confluence to Trinity River
      Class III-V, 19.8 miles
167. Noyo River
      Northspur to Fort Bragg
      Class II-III, 20 miles
168. Outlet Creek
      Highway 101 bridge to Highway 162
      Class II-III, 12.2 miles
169. Pauley Creek
      Second Divide Turnout to Downieville
      Class III-IV, 4 miles
170. Pescadero Creek
      Portola State Park to Memorial County Park
      Class II, 9 miles
171. Piru Creek
      Pyramid Lake to Lake Piru
      Class IV, 15 miles
172. Piru Creek
      Lake Piru to Santa Clara River
      Class II, 4 miles
173. Pit River
      Fall River Mills Bridge to Route 299 Bridge
      Class IV-V, 10 miles
174. Pit River
      Lake Britton to Pit 3 Powerhouse
      Class III-IV, 6 miles
175. Pit River
      Nubieber to Pittville
      Class IV-V, 24 miles
176. Pit River
      Pit 4 Dam to Pit 4 Powerhouse
      Class IV, 7 miles
177. Pit River
      Pit 5 Dam to Pit 5 Powerhouse
      Class IV, 9 miles
178. Putah Creek
      Highway 29 to Lake Berryessa
      Class IV-V, 16 miles
179. Rancheria Creek
      Fish Rock Road to Mountain View Road
      Class II+(III), 13 miles
180. Rancheria Creek
      Mountain View Road to Navarro River
      Class II, 11 miles
181. Rattlesnake Creek
      US 101 to Big Bend
      Class V, 5 miles
182. Redwood Creek
      Highway 299 to Bair Road
      Class II, 5.4 miles
183. Redwood Creek
      Lacks Creek to Orick
      Class III, 25 miles
184. Rubicon River
      Ellicott Bridge to Ralston Afterbay
      Class V, 20.3 miles
185. Russian River
      Calpella to Ukiah
      Class II, 8.8 miles
186. Russian River
      Pieta Creek to 101 Bridge
      Class II+(III), 8.4 miles
187. Russian River - East Fork
      Falls to Lake Mendocino
      Class II+(III), 2.6 miles
188. Sacramento River
      Box Canyon Dam to Dunsmuir
      Class III-IV, 7.5 miles
189. Sacramento River
      Dunsmuir to Castle Craig
      Class III-IV, 5 miles
190. Sacramento River
      Castle Craig to Sims Road
      Class IV, 9 miles
191. Sacramento River
      Sims Flat Campground to Lake Shasta
      Class IV, 13 miles
192. Salmon River
      Forks of Salmon to Somes Bar
      Class IV-V, 19 miles
193. Salmon River
      Idlewild Campground to Sawyers Bar
      Class III-IV, 7.9 miles
194. Salmon River - North Fork
      Little North Fork to Forks of Salmon
      Class III-V, 11 miles
195. Salmon River - South Fork
      Bridge Close to Schoolhouse Flat to Limestone Bluffs
      Class III, 8.5 miles
196. Salmon River - South Fork
      Limestone Bluffs to Matthews Creek Campground
      Class IV-V, 6 miles
197. Salmon River - South Fork
      Methodist Creek to Forks of Salmon
      Class III, 6.5 miles
198. San Antonio
      Above and down to Mission San Antonio de Padua
      Class II, 10.7 miles
199. San Joaquin River
      Mammoth Pool Dam to Mammoth Pool Powerhouse
      Class IV-V, 7 miles
200. San Joaquin River
      Dam 6 reservoir to Reddinger Reservoir
      Class V, 8 miles
201. San Joaquin River
      Redinger Dam to Kerckhoff Reservoir
      Class III-IV, 6 miles
202. San Joaquin River
      Kerckhoff Reservoir to Millerton Reservoir
      Class III-V, 11 miles
203. San Joaquin River
      Kerchoff #1 PH to Kerchoff #2
      Class IV+, 1.9 miles
204. San Joaquin River
      5.2 Kerchoff #2 PH to Millerton Reservoir
      Class III, 3 miles
205. San Joaquin River - Middle Fork
      Devils Postpile Nat'l Monument to Mammoth Pool Reservoir
      Class V+, 32.5 miles
206. San Joaquin River - South Fork
      Bridge over Piute Creek to Florence Lake
      Class V, 14 miles
207. San Joaquin River - South Fork
      Florence Lake to Mono Hot Springs
      Class IV-V, 7 miles
208. San Lorenzo River
      Boulder Creek to Felton
      Class II, 9.1 miles
209. San Lorenzo River
      Felton to Ocean at Santa Cruz
      Class III-IV, 6 miles
210. Santa Margarita River
      Murrieta Creek to Sandia Creek Road
      Class IV(V), 9 miles
211. Scott River
      Canyon Entrance Close to Meamber Creek to Klamath Confluence
      Class II-V, 22 miles
212. Sespe Creek
      Lion Campground to Highway 126 bridge
      Class IV-V, 31.5 miles
213. Shasta River
      Highway 263 bridge to Klamath River
      Class III, 6.8 miles
214. Silver Creek - South Fork
      Atherton Flat to Ice House Reservoir
      Class V+, 2 miles
215. Smith River - Middle Fork
      6 Miles Above Patrick Creek to South Fork Road
      Class II-V, 22 miles
216. Smith River - North Fork
      Low Divide Road to Gasquet
      Class III-V, 13 miles
217. Smith River - South Fork
      Big Flat Campground to confluence with Middle Fork
      Class III-V, 13 miles
218. Stanislaus River
      Goodwin Dam to Knights Ferry
      Class III-IV(V), 4 miles
219. Stanislaus River - Middle Fork
      Baker Campground to Donnells Lake
      Class IV-V, 13 miles
220. Stanislaus River - Middle Fork
      Sand Bar Flat Dam to Camp 9 Powerhouse
      Class IV-V+, 14 miles
221. Stanislaus River - North Fork
      Board's Crossing to Calaveras Big Trees
      Class III-V, 3 miles
222. Stanislaus River - South Fork
      Highway 108 Bridge to Lyons Reservoir
      Class IV-V, 4 miles
223. Stony Creek
      Mill Creek to Diversion Dam
      Class III-IV, 5 miles
224. Stony Creek
      Stony Gorge Reservoir to Grindstone Creek
      Class II, 6.6 miles
225. Sycamore Creek
      Maxson Road to Trimmer Springs Road
      Class III-IV(V), 3 miles
226. Sycamore Creek
      Trimmer Springs Road to Kings River
      Class IV-V, 2 miles
227. Tenaya Creek
      Super Slide
      Class V, 1 miles
228. Tenmile Creek
      Gauge on Highway 101 to South Fork Eel
      Class III-IV, 6 miles
229. Thomes Creek
      Above Paskenta
      Class IV-V+, 22 miles
230. Tomki Creek
      Hearst Road to Eel River
      Class III, 9.3 miles
231. Trinity River
      Cedar Flat to Hawkins Bar
      Class IV-V, 10 miles
232. Trinity River
      Hawkins Bar to Weitchpec
      Class II, 39 miles
233. Trinity River
      Lewiston to Junction City
      Class II, 30.3 miles
234. Trinity River
      Pigeon Point Campground to Cedar Flat
      Class II-III, 23.6 miles
235. Trinity River
      Tangle Blue Creek to Clair Engle Lake
      Class III-IV, 13.6 miles
236. Trinity River - East Fork
      Rams Horn Road to Clair Engle Lake
      Class IV-V+, 8 miles
237. Trinity River - North Fork
      Hobo Gulch to Bridge 1 mile above mouth
      Class IV-V, 14 miles
238. Trinity River - South Fork
      Downstream from Forest Glen
      Class IV-V, 8 miles
239. Trinity River - South Fork
      East Fork to low bridge off South Fork Road
      Class II-V, 64.6 miles
240. Truckee River
      Stampede Meadows Road to Floriston
      Class II-III, 27 miles
241. Truckee River
      Farad Powerhouse to Verdi
      Class III, 8 miles
242. Tuolumne River
      Cherry Creek to Meral's Pool
      Class IV-V+, 9 miles
243. Tuolumne River
      Lumsden Campground to Wards Ferry Bridge
      Class IV-V, 18 miles
244. Tuolumne River
      Tioga Road Bridge to Hetch Hetchy Reservoir
      Class IV-V+, 32 miles
245. Tuolumne River - South Fork
      Highway 120 to Rainbow Pool Picnic Area
      Class IV-V, 7 miles
246. Van Duzen River
      Grizzly Creek to Highway 36 bridge
      Class II-III, 5.2 miles
247. Van Duzen River
      West Fork to Senteney Creek
      Class III, 7.2 miles
248. West Walker River
      Highway 395 Bridge to Walker
      Class III-V, 11 miles
249. West Walker River
      Leavitt Station Trailhead to Pickel Meadow
      Class IV-V, 2.3 miles
250. Willow Creek
      Greys Mt. Campground to Chilkoot Campground
      Class V, 3 miles
251. Willow Creek
      Chilkoot Campground to Bass Lake
      Class V, 3 miles
252. Wooley Creek
      North Fork confluence to Salmon River
      Class IV-V, 13 miles
253. Yosemite Creek
      Tioga Pass Road to Yosemite Falls
      Class IV-V, 8 miles
254. Yuba River
      North and Middle Fork confluence to Englebright Reservoir
      Class IV-V, 7.5 miles
255. Yuba River
      Englebright Dam to Highway 20
      Class I-III, 6 miles
256. Yuba River - Middle Fork
      Plumago Crossing to Route 49
      Class III-V, 22 miles
257. Yuba River - Middle Fork
      Route 49 to North Fork Yuba
      Class IV-V, 4.5 miles
258. Yuba River - North Fork
      Wild Plum Campground to Downieville
      Class IV-V, 13 miles
259. Yuba River - North Fork
      Downieville to Goodyears Bar Bridge
      Class II-V, 4 miles
260. Yuba River - North Fork
      Goodyears Bar Bridge to Highway 49 Bridge
      Class IV, 8.5 miles
261. Yuba River - North Fork
      Bullards Bar Dam to Middle Fork Yuba
      Class V, 2.3 miles
262. Yuba River - South Fork
      Kingvale to Cisco Grove
      Class IV-V, 5.2 miles
263. Yuba River - South Fork
      Cisco Grove to Spaulding Reservoir
      Class IV-V(V+), 7.5 miles
264. Yuba River - South Fork
      Washington to Edwards Crossing
      Class IV, 14 miles
265. Yuba River - South Fork
      Edwards Crossing to Purdon Crossing
      Class IV, 4 miles
266. Yuba River - South Fork
      Purdon's Crossing to Route 49
      Class IV-V, 4 miles
267. Yuba River - South Fork
      Route 49 to Bridgeport
      Class IV-V, 7.2 miles
268. American River Raft Rentals
      -blank- County
269. American Whitewater Expeditions
      Los Angeles County
270. Bigfoot Rafting
      Humboldt County
271. Black Bear Outdoors
      Placer County
272. Canyon Raft Rentals
      Placer County
273. Chuck Richard's White Water
      Kern County
274. Eagle Rafting
      Kern County
275. Hyside Inflatables River Trips
      Kern County
276. Kern River Outfitters
      Kern County
277. Klamath River Outfitters
      Siskiyou County
278. Knights Ferry Rafting
      San Joaquin County
279. North Country Raft Rental
      Shasta County
280. Pacific River Supply
      Contra Costa County
281. River Rat Raft Rental
      Sacramento County
282. Sierra Outdoor Center
      Placer County
283. Sierra South MT Sports
      Kern County
284. Sunshine Adventures
      Fresno County
285. Sunshine Adventures
      Stanislaus County
286. The Adventure Center
      San Diego County
287. Trinity River Rafting
      Trinity County
288. W.E.T. River Trips
      Sacramento County
289. Whitewater Voyages
      El Dorado County
290. Wilderness Adventures
      El Dorado County
291. Zephyr White Water Expeditions
      Tuolumne County

American River - North Fork
1 review

American River - North Fork
1 review

Antelope Creek
1 review

Arroyo Hondo River
1 review

Arroyo Mocho River
1 review

Bear Creek
1 review

Big Kimshew Creek
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Big Sur River
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Brush Creek
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Canyon Creek
1 review

Cosumnes River - Middle Fork
1 review

Cuyama River
1 review

Eel River
1 review

Escondido Creek
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Feather River - Middle Fork
1 review

Feather River - South Fork
1 review

Fordyce Creek
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Hayfork Creek
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Kaweah River - North Fork
1 review

Kern River
1 review

Kern River
1 review

Kern River
1 review

Kings River
1 review

Little Sur River
1 review

Nacimiento River
1 review

Napa River
1 review

Pauley Creek
1 review

Pescadero Creek
1 review

Putah Creek
1 review

Redwood Creek
1 review

Rubicon River
1 review

Russian River
1 review

San Lorenzo River
1 review

Smith River - South Fork
1 review

Tomki Creek
1 review

Trinity River
1 review

Truckee River
1 review

Truckee River
1 review

Yuba River - South Fork
1 review

American River Raft Rentals
1 review

American Whitewater Expeditions
1 review

Bigfoot Rafting
1 review

Black Bear Outdoors
1 review

Canyon Raft Rentals
1 review

Chuck Richard's White Water
1 review

Hyside Inflatables River Trips
1 review

Kern River Outfitters
1 review

Klamath River Outfitters
1 review

Knights Ferry Rafting
1 review

North Country Raft Rental
1 review

Pacific River Supply
1 review

River Rat Raft Rental
1 review

Sierra Outdoor Center
1 review

Sierra South MT Sports
1 review

Sunshine Adventures
1 review

Sunshine Adventures
1 review

The Adventure Center
1 review

Trinity River Rafting
1 review

W.E.T. River Trips
1 review

Whitewater Voyages
1 review

Wilderness Adventures
1 review

Zephyr White Water Expeditions
1 review

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