Whitewater Paddling Rivers in Colorado

1. Animas River
      Silverton to Tacoma
      Class IV-V, 24.2 miles
2. Animas River
      Tacoma to Rockwood Rail Yard
      Class IV-V, 2.6 miles
3. Animas River
      Bakers Bridge to Trimble Lane
      Class I-II, 6 miles
4. Animas River
      Trimble Lane to 32nd Street Park
      Class I-II, 10 miles
5. Animas River
      32nd St. Park to Purple Cliffs
      Class III, 6.5 miles
6. Animas River
      Purple Cliffs to State line
      Class II-III, 12 miles
7. Anthracite Creek - Ruby Fork
      Bridge to Erikson Springs Campground
      Class V+, 11 miles
8. Arkansas River
      Leadville to Granite
      Class I-II, 18 miles
9. Arkansas River
      Granite to Numbers Launch Site
      Class IV-V, 6 miles
10. Arkansas River
      Numbers Launch to Railroad Bridge Launch
      Class IV, 5 miles
11. Arkansas River
      Railroad Bridge Launch to Buena Vista
      Class III, 7 miles
12. Arkansas River
      East Buena Vista to Fisherman's Bridge
      Class III, 6 miles
13. Arkansas River
      Fork Fisherman's Bridge access to Stone Bridge access
      Class III, 13 miles
14. Arkansas River
      Highway Stone Bridge to Rincon
      Class II-III, 18.7 miles
15. Arkansas River
      Highway Rincon to Pinnacle Rock
      Class II-III, 27.9 miles
16. Arkansas River
      Highway Pinnacle Rock Launch to Parkdale Launch
      Class III, 8.7 miles
17. Arkansas River
      Parkdale Launch to Canon City
      Class III-IV, 9 miles
18. Bear Creek
      Idledale to Morrison
      Class III-V, 6 miles
19. Big Thompson River
      Drake to Canyon Mouth
      Class III-IV, 7.75 miles
20. Big Thompson River
      Lake Estes to Drake
      Class II-IV+(V+), 11.5 miles
21. Blue River
      Blue River Camp Ground to FR 2400
      Class III-IV, 3 miles
22. Blue River
      Green Mountain Reservoir to Spring Creek Road
      Class III, 3.8 miles
23. Boulder Creek
      Gun Shy to Jasper Creek
      Class V, 2.5 miles
24. Boulder Creek
      Mile Marker 32 to Blue Bridge
      Class IV-V(V+), 2 miles
25. Boulder Creek
      Blue Bridge to Eben G Fine Park
      Class IV, 6 miles
26. Boulder Creek
      Eben G Fine Park to CU Greenhouse
      Class II-III, 3 miles
27. Boulder Creek - North
      Switzerland Park to Boulder Falls
      Class V+, 2.25 miles
28. Boulder Creek - South
      Rollinsville to Pinecliffe
      Class IV, 6 miles
29. Boulder Creek - South
      Pinecliffe to Gross Mountain Reservoir
      Class V+, 2.6 miles
30. Boulder Creek - South
      Gross Mountain Reservoir to Eldorado State Park
      Class IV(V+), 7.2 miles
31. Boulder Creek - South
      Eldorado Canyon
      Class V+, 0.75 miles
32. Buzzard Creek
      64.30 Road to Collbran
      Class IV, 7 miles
33. Cache La Poudre River
      Long Draw Reservoir to Big South Campground
      Class V+, 12 miles
34. Cache La Poudre River
      Big South Campground to Tunnel Picnic Ground
      Class V, 2.4 miles
35. Cache La Poudre River
      Home Moraine to Indian Meadows Bridge
      Class III-IV, 9.5 miles
36. Cache La Poudre River
      Indian Meadows Bridge to Narrows Picnic Ground
      Class III-IV, 8 miles
37. Cache La Poudre River
      Narrows Picninc Ground to Steven's Gulch Access
      Class IV-V+, 3.4 miles
38. Cache La Poudre River
      Steven's Gulch Access to Mishawaka Inn
      Class III-IV, 3.3 miles
39. Cache La Poudre River
      Mishiwaka Inn to Poudre Park Picnic Ground
      Class III, 3 miles
40. Cache La Poudre River
      Poudre Park Picnic Gound to below Pine View Falls
      Class IV, 2 miles
41. Cache La Poudre River
      below Pineview Falls to Mile Marker 114.7
      Class III-IV, 2 miles
42. Cache La Poudre River
      below Filter Plant to Picnic Rock Access
      Class II-III, 2.4 miles
43. Cache La Poudre River - North Fork
      Cherokee Park Road to Halligan
      Class IV-V, 9 miles
44. Cache La Poudre River - North Fork
      Livermore Bridge to Main Stem
      Class II-III, 11 miles
45. Cache La Poudre River - South Fork
      Fish Creek Trailhead to Main fork
      Class IV-V, 12.5 miles
46. Canyon Creek
      to Animas River
      Class V+, 3 miles
47. Cebolla River
      Highway 149 to Blue Mesa Reservoir
      Class II, 10 miles
48. Cimarron River
      Big Cimarron Campground to Cimarron Road bridge
      Class V+, 10.2 miles
49. Cimarron River
      Cimarron to Gunnison River
      Class V, 1 miles
50. Clear Creek
      Silverplume to Georgetown
      Class V+, 1 miles
51. Clear Creek
      Lawson to Idaho Springs
      Class III-IV, 5.5 miles
52. Clear Creek
      Green Bay Rock
      Class IV-V(V+), 5.5 miles
53. Clear Creek
      mile 267 to Golden
      Class IV, 5.5 miles
54. Clear Creek
      to Arkansas River
      Class V, 3.3 miles
55. Clear Creek - West Fork
      Coors Falls to Gunshot
      Class V, 1 miles
56. Colorado River
      Hot Sulphur Springs to Highway 40 bridge
      Class IV, 3 miles
57. Colorado River
      Gore Canyon
      Class IV-V, 9.5 miles
58. Colorado River
      Pumphouse campground to Rancho Del Rio
      Class III, 11.6 miles
59. Colorado River
      Hanging Lake Exit 125 to Grizzly Creek
      Class IV-V(V+), 3.8 miles
60. Colorado River
      Shoshone Power Plant Exit 123 to Grizzly Creek Exit 121
      Class III-IV, 2 miles
61. Colorado River
      Cameo Dam
      Class III, 0.1 miles
62. Colorado River
      Loma launch to Westwater launch
      Class II, 25 miles
63. Conejos River
      Platoro Reservoir to South Fork Conejos
      Class II-IV, 6.4 miles
64. Cross Creek
      Cross Creek
      Class V+, -blank- miles
65. Crystal River
      Crystal Mill Falls to Crystal Gorge
      Class III-IV(V), 3 miles
66. Crystal River
      Road to Crystal to Beaver Lake
      Class V+, 1.8 miles
67. Crystal River
      Marble to Redstone
      Class III-IV, 3 miles
68. Crystal River
      Redstone to Penny Hot Springs
      Class V+, 2 miles
69. Crystal River
      Penny Hot Springs to Avalanche Creek
      Class IV-V, 2.1 miles
70. Crystal River
      Avalanche Creek to B.R.Campground
      Class III, 4.8 miles
71. Crystal River - North Fork
      to scree slope
      Class V+, 0.65 miles
72. Crystal River - South Fork
      Schofield Pass to Crystal
      Class V+, 0.25 miles
73. Daisy Creek
      40' Waterfall to confluence with Slate River
      Class V, 1 miles
74. Dolores River
      Rico to McPhee Reservoir
      Class II-III, 39 miles
75. Dolores River
      McPhee Reservoir to Dove Creek Pump Station
      Class II-III, 19 miles
76. Dolores River
      Dove Creek Pump Station to Slickrock
      Class II-III+(IV), 28 miles
77. Dolores River
      Slickrock to Bedrock
      Class II+(III), 50 miles
78. Dolores River
      Bedrock to Gateway
      Class II+, 44 miles
79. Dolores River
      Gateway to Colorado River
      Class II+(IV), 30 miles
80. Eagle River
      Camp Hale to Red Cliff
      Class IV(V), -blank- miles
81. Eagle River
      Redcliff to Tigiwan Rd
      Class IV-V(V+), 4 miles
82. Eagle River
      Forest Service Visitor Center to Riverbend bus stop
      Class IV, 1 miles
83. Eagle River
      Riverbend bus stop to Edwards
      Class III, 7 miles
84. Eagle River
      Edwards to Eagle
      Class II-III, 17.4 miles
85. East River
      Gothic Bridge to above Stupid Falls
      Class IV, 0.75 miles
86. Elk River
      2 mi above Mad Creek to Mad Creek
      Class I-II, 2 miles
87. Elk River
      Box Canyon Campground to Glen Eden Bridge
      Class III, 8 miles
88. Escalante Creek
      Escalante Forks to Captain Smith's Cabin
      Class V, 6.5 miles
89. Fraser River
      Tabernash to Granby
      Class III-IV, 9.4 miles
90. Fryingpan River
      Class IV-V, 5.7 miles
91. -blank-
      Taylor Creek to Basalt
      Class IV, 5 miles
92. Gore Creek
      Upper Upper Gore Creek
      Class IV-V, -blank- miles
93. Gore Creek
      East Vail Exit (I-70) to Eagle River
      Class III-IV, 9.2 miles
94. Grape Creek
      Bear Gulch to Canon City
      Class IV+, 15 miles
95. Green River
      Gates of Lodore to Split Mountain Campgound
      Class II-IV, 44 miles
96. Grizzly Creek
      1 mile up trail to Grizzly Creek Rest Area
      Class IV-V, 1 miles
97. Gunnison River
      Almont to Blue Mesa Reservoir
      Class II, 18 miles
98. Gunnison River
      Crystal Dam to Chukar Trail
      Class IV-V, 16 miles
99. Gunnison River
      Chukar to North Fork
      Class III, 13.5 miles
100. Gunnison River - North Fork
      Paonia Reservoir to below Somerset
      Class III, 8.8 miles
101. Henson Creek
      Above Nellie Creek to 1/2 mile from Lake City
      Class IV-V, 6.7 miles
102. Hermosa Creek
      Hermosa Park to US 550
      Class IV-V, 24 miles
103. Homestake Creek
      1/4 mile above confluence with Eagle River
      Class V, 0.25 miles
104. Jasper Creek
      to Boulder Creek
      Class V+, 1 miles
105. Joe Wright Creek
      County Road 103 bridge to Big South Campground
      Class V, 3 miles
106. Kannah Creek
      Kannah Creek Trailhead to Girl Scout Camp Bridge
      Class V, 1.8 miles
107. Kannah Creek
      Route 50 to Route 141
      Class III, 6.5 miles
108. Lake Creek
      Graham Gulch to 1/4 mi east of Monitor Gulch
      Class V+, 9 miles
109. Lake Fork Gunnison River
      Lake City Town Run
      Class III, 3.6 miles
110. Lake Fork Gunnison River
      Redbridge to Blue Mesa Reservoir
      Class IV-V, 5 miles
111. Left Hand Creek
      Intersection of 81rd and 94rd to Buckingham Park
      Class IV, 3 miles
112. Lime Creek
      1st Gorge
      Class V+, 3 miles
113. Lime Creek
      2nd Gorge
      Class V+, -blank- miles
114. Mineral Creek - South
      Above South Mineral Camp Ground
      Class V+, 0.5 miles
115. Navajo River
      Lower 25 miles to San Juan confluence
      Class I-II, 25 miles
116. Oh Be Joyful Creek
      Ankle Breaker to Beaver Ponds
      Class V, 1 miles
117. Piedra River
      Upper Piedra Campground to 1st Fork Bridge
      Class II-IV, 12 miles
118. Piedra River
      1st Fork Bridge to Lower Piedra Campgound
      Class III-V, 10 miles
119. Piedra River
      Lower Piedra Campground to Navajo Reservation
      Class II-III, 20 miles
120. Piney River
      Piney Crossing to State Bridge
      Class V+, 19 miles
121. Plateau Creek
      Highway 65 to I-70
      Class III-IV, 8.3 miles
122. Purgatoire River
      US 350 to Highway 109
      Class I-V, 104 miles
123. Rio Blanco
      Highway 84 to San Juan River
      Class II-III, 8 miles
124. Rio Grande
      Rio Grande Reservoir to 12 miles above Creede
      Class III-IV, 8 miles
125. Rio Grande
      Wagon Wheel Gap to South Fork
      Class II, 12 miles
126. Roaring Fork
      Black Bridge to Veltus Park
      Class II+(III), 6.2 miles
127. Roaring Fork
      Upper Woody Creek Bridge to Lower Woody Creek Bridge
      Class III, 3.8 miles
128. Roaring Fork
      Lower Woody Creek Bridge to Route 82 Bridge
      Class III, 6.2 miles
129. Roaring Fork
      Aspen to Upper Woody Creek Bridge
      Class IV-V, 4.5 miles
130. Roaring Fork
      Aspen Music School to Slaughterhouse Bridge
      Class IV+, 2 miles
131. Roaring Fork
      Norrie Colony to Ruedi Reservoir Inlet
      Class IV+, 5.7 miles
132. Roaring Fork
      Seven Castles to Basalt 7-11
      Class III+, 4.4 miles
133. Roaring Fork
      Weller Lake to Difficult Campground
      Class V+, 3.2 miles
134. Rock Creek
      Shoe and Stocking Creek Trailhead to Bridge below Quarry
      Class V+, 7 miles
135. Saint Vrain Creek - North
      Peak to Peak Highway to Buttonrock Preserve
      Class V+, 13 miles
136. Saint Vrain Creek - North
      Buttonrock Preserve to CR 80
      Class IV(V), 1.8 miles
137. Saint Vrain Creek - North
      CR 80 to Lyons
      Class III, 6.5 miles
138. Saint Vrain Creek - South
      Confluence to 1 in 5 Rapid
      Class V+, 5 miles
139. Saint Vrain Creek - South
      Ceran St. Vrain Trailhead to Confluence
      Class V+, 5.5 miles
140. San Juan River
      Pagosa to Trujillo Road
      Class II-III, 13.4 miles
141. San Juan River
      Pagosa Springs Town Run
      Class II-III, 1 miles
142. San Juan River - East Fork
      East Fork to 160 Bridge
      Class III-IV, 4 miles
143. San Miguel River
      BB 36 Road to Green Truss Bridge
      Class III, 5.2 miles
144. San Miguel River
      Norwood Bridge to Green Truss Bridge
      Class III, 16 miles
145. San Miguel River
      Silverpick Road to Fall Creek Road
      Class III, 7.3 miles
146. Slate River
      Beaver Ponds to Oh Be Joyful Campground
      Class V, 2 miles
147. South Platte River
      Eleven Mile Reservoir to Lake George
      Class III-V(V+), 8 miles
148. South Platte River
      Lake George to Cheesman Reservoir
      Class V+, 7.3 miles
149. South Platte River
      Cheeseman Reservoir to Deckers
      Class IV, 5.8 miles
150. South Platte River
      Deckers to confluence with North Fork
      Class I-III, 12 miles
151. South Platte River
      Confluence to Strontia Springs Reservoir
      Class III-IV, 1 miles
152. South Platte River
      Union Chutes
      Class III, 0.1 miles
153. South Platte River
      Confluence of Cherry Creek and South Platte
      Class II-III, 0.5 miles
154. South Platte River
      Brighton City Park to Fort Lupton
      Class I-II, 7 miles
155. South Platte River - North Fork
      Bailey to Pine
      Class IV-V, 10.5 miles
156. South Platte River - North Fork
      Buffalo Creek to South Platte
      Class III-IV, 7 miles
157. Sweetwater Creek
      Pine Valley Ranch to Anderson Camp
      Class III-IV, 4.5 miles
158. Taylor River
      Taylor Park Reservoir to Almont
      Class II-IV, 18 miles
159. Tenmile Creek
      Close to Copper Mountain Ski Area to Dillon Reservoir
      Class III-V, 4.2 miles
160. Uncompahgre River
      Ouray to KOA campground
      Class V+, 2.2 miles
161. Vallecito Creek
      1 mile above Vallecito Campground
      Class V+, 1 miles
162. White River
      North-South Fork confluence to Green River
      Class I-II, 80 miles
163. White River - North Fork
      Mirror Lake to South Fork
      Class III, 20 miles
164. White River - South Fork
      National Forest Campground to North Fork
      Class III-IV, 10 miles
165. Williams Fork
      Horseshoe Campground to Williams Fork Reservoir
      Class II-IV, 9 miles
166. Willow Creek
      National Forest Campground to Reservoir
      Class II, 6 miles
167. Wolf Creek
      Downstream from Highway 160 Bridge
      Class IV+, 0.25 miles
168. Woods Creek
      Reservoir to Confluence with West Fork Clear Creek
      Class V, 0.5 miles
169. Yampa River
      Yampa river park to 12th street
      Class III, 1 miles
170. Yampa River
      85 Road to Deer Lodge Park Road
      Class IV(V), 4.8 miles
171. Yampa River
      Deerlodge Park to Split Mountain Campground
      Class II-III(IV), 71 miles
172. Yule Creek
      10 000' to Marble Quarry
      Class V+, 2.25 miles
173. Yule Creek
      Bible Camp to Crystal River
      Class V+, 1.3 miles
174. 4 Corners Whitewater
      La Plata County
175. A B Ski Rentals
      Summit County
176. A Wanderlust Adventure
      Larimer County
177. A-1 Wildwater
      Larimer County
178. AAA Inflatables Equipment & Repair
      Denver County
179. AAA Pagosa Outside
      Archuleta County
180. Acquired Tastes Rafting
      Chaffee County
181. Adventure Bound River Expeditions
      Mesa County
182. Adventure Company
      Chaffee County
183. Adventures in Whitewater
      Grand County
184. American Adventure Expeditions
      Fremont County
185. Anglers Junction Fishing
      Chaffee County
186. Arkansas Valley Adventures
      Grand County
187. Arkansas Valley Adventures
      Summit County
188. Arkansas Valley Adventures Idaho Springs Outpost
      Clear Creek County
189. Aspen Whitewater Rafting
      Pitkin County
190. Black Canyon Anglers
      Delta County
191. Blazing Adventures
      Pitkin County
192. Blue SKY Adventures
      Garfield County
193. Blue Sky West
      Routt County
194. Buffalo Joe's Whitewater
      Chaffee County
195. Canyon REO
      Archuleta County
196. Catfish Canoe
      Mesa County
197. Clear Creek Rafting
      Clear Creek County
198. Clear Creek Rafting
      Fremont County
199. Colorado River Center
      Eagle County
200. Colorado River Guides
      Routt County
201. Colorado River RUNS
      Eagle County
202. Down River Equipment Company
      Jefferson County
203. Durango Rafting
      La Plata County
204. Eddyline Anglers
      Chaffee County
205. Flexible Flyers Rafting
      La Plata County
206. Four Corners Expeditions
      Chaffee County
207. Further Adventures
      San Miguel County
208. Geo Tours Whitewater Raft Trips
      Jefferson County
209. Glenwood Canyon Rafting
      Garfield County
210. Good Times Rafting
      Summit County
211. Highside Adventure Tours
      Summit County
212. Independent White Water
      Chaffee County
213. Lakota River Guides
      Eagle County
214. Mad Adventures
      Grand County
215. Mile HI Rafting
      Clear Creek County
216. Mountain Whitewater Descents
      Larimer County
217. Noah's Ark Whitewater Rafting
      Chaffee County
218. Nova Guides
      Eagle County
219. Outlaw Rivers & Jeep Tours
      La Plata County
220. Pagosa Rafting Outfitters
      Archuleta County
221. Raft Masters
      Fremont County
222. Rapid Transit Rafting
      Larimer County
223. Rigs FLY Shop & Guide Service
      Ouray County
224. Rimrock Adventures
      Mesa County
225. River Runners
      Chaffee County
226. Riverboat Works
      Chaffee County
227. Rock & Row
      Fremont County
228. Rock Gardens Rafting
      Garfield County
229. Rocky Mountain Adventures
      Larimer County
230. Royal Gorge Rafting
      Fremont County
231. Sage Outdoor Adventures
      Eagle County
232. Scenic River Tours
      Gunnison County
233. Steamboat Rafting
      Routt County
234. Timberline Tours
      Eagle County
235. UP THA Creek Expeditions
      Garfield County
236. Waterwolf
      San Miguel County
237. Whitewater Adventure Outfitter
      Fremont County
238. Whitewater Rafting
      Garfield County
239. Wilderness Aware Rafting
      Chaffee County

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A B Ski Rentals
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A Wanderlust Adventure
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A-1 Wildwater
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Acquired Tastes Rafting
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Black Canyon Anglers
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Blue SKY Adventures
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Blue Sky West
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Buffalo Joe's Whitewater
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Clear Creek Rafting
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Colorado River Guides
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Colorado River RUNS
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Down River Equipment Company
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Durango Rafting
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Eddyline Anglers
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Flexible Flyers Rafting
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Four Corners Expeditions
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Further Adventures
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Geo Tours Whitewater Raft Trips
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Good Times Rafting
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Independent White Water
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Lakota River Guides
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Mad Adventures
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Mile HI Rafting
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Mountain Whitewater Descents
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Noah's Ark Whitewater Rafting
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Nova Guides
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Outlaw Rivers & Jeep Tours
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Raft Masters
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Rapid Transit Rafting
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Rigs FLY Shop & Guide Service
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River Runners
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Riverboat Works
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Rock & Row
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Whitewater Adventure Outfitter
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Whitewater Rafting
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