Whitewater Paddling Rivers in Illinois

1. Bailey Creek
      N2300 Road to Vermilion River
      Class I-II(IV), 1.5 miles
2. Bear Branch
      Bridge to Lusk Creek
      Class III, 4 miles
3. Bear Creek
      CR900E to Highway 96
      Class I-II, 4.5 miles
4. Cedar Creek
      Parker Heights Entrance at 5th St to Bob Bangart Park
      Class II-IV, 1 miles
5. Cedar Creek
      Cedar Creek Road to Peru Bottom Road
      Class I-II(IV), 5.9 miles
6. Covel Creek
      E.18th Road to Highway 71
      Class II, 6.5 miles
7. Des Plaines
      Fishnet Rapids
      Class I-II, 4 miles
8. Fall Creek
      End of Gorge Trail to Parking Lot
      Class I-IV, 2 miles
9. Fox River
      Batavia Dam
      Class I-II(IV), 0.05 miles
10. Little Grassy Creek
      Play Section
      Class II-IV, 0.2 miles
11. Little Vermilion River
      N3179 Road to IandM Canal
      Class I-II(III), 6.5 miles
12. Lusk Creek
      Lusk Creek Canyon
      Class I-III, 4.5 miles
13. Sangamon
      Playspot in Petersburg
      Class III, 0.1 miles
14. Spring Creek
      1600N Road to Rail Road bridge above Illinois River confluence
      Class I-II, 6.2 miles
15. Tomahawk Creek
      Troy Grove Blacktop to Little Vermilion
      Class II, 2.8 miles
16. Vermilion River
      NW of Highway 178 to Oglesby Cutoff
      Class II-III, 7.7 miles
17. Raging Rivers Water Park
      Jersey County

Bailey Creek
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Bear Branch
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Bear Creek
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Cedar Creek
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Cedar Creek
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Covel Creek
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Des Plaines
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Fall Creek
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Fox River
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Little Vermilion River
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Vermilion River
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Raging Rivers Water Park
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