Whitewater Paddling Rivers in Kentucky

1. Banklick Creek
      Independence Station Road to Doe Run confluence
      Class II-III, 5 miles
2. Bark Camp Creek
      Old Fluffy
      Class III-IV, 0 miles
3. Benson Creek
      Kentucky 1005 to Benson Falls
      Class II(III), 3 miles
4. Benson Creek
      Kentucky 1005 to Kentucky River
      Class II, 5.1 miles
5. Boone Creek
      Kentucky 418 Bridge to Kentucky River
      Class II(III), 6.3 miles
6. Buck Creek
      Kentucky 461 to Cumberland River
      Class II, 34 miles
7. Calloway Creek
      Confluence of Smith Fork to Kentucky River
      Class II-IV, 2.5 miles
8. Cedar Branch
      Kentucky 342 to Kentucky River
      Class III-IV, 1.5 miles
9. Cumberland River
      Cumberland Falls to Laurel River
      Class II-III, 11 miles
10. Cumberland River
      Redbird Kentucky204 Bridge to Cumberland Falls
      Class I-II, 12 miles
11. Cumberland River - Big South Fork
      Station Camp to Lake Cumberland
      Class II, 12 miles
12. Cumberland River - Little South Fork
      Parmleysville to confluence with Big South Fork
      Class I-II, 45 miles
13. Cumberland River - Poor Fork
      Cumberland to Harlan
      Class I-II, 23.5 miles
14. Elkhorn Creek
      Forks of Elkhorn US460 Bridge to Kentucky1900
      Class II(III), 6 miles
15. Floyds Fork
      1526 Bridge to Highway 61/Salt River
      Class I, 9.6 miles
16. Four Mile Creek
      Four Mile Road Bridge to Confluence with Kentucky River
      Class II-III+, 2 miles
17. Galloway Creek
      Confluence of Smith Fork to Kentucky River
      Class II-IV, 2.5 miles
18. Gasper River
      Bucksville Road to Barren River
      Class II-III, 35 miles
19. Gilbert Creek
      Gilbert Creek road to Kentucky River
      Class II-III+, 2.75 miles
20. Glenn's Creek
      Kentucky 1685 bridge to Distillery Pool
      Class II-III, 3 miles
21. Grassy Creek
      Gateway Motel to Russell Fork
      Class IV, 0.94 miles
22. Gunpowder Creek
      Camp Ernst Road to Dale Williamson Road
      Class II+, 7.5 miles
23. Harrod's Creek
      Kentucky 53 to Ohio River
      Class I-II, 30 miles
24. Hickman Creek
      Brumfield Lane to 1268 Bridge
      Class II(III), 4 miles
25. Hickman Creek
      Kentucky 1541 to Elm Fork Road
      Class I-II, 4 miles
26. Howard's Creek
      Old Stone Church Road to Kentucky River
      Class II-III(IV), 5 miles
27. Jessamine Creek
      Frankfort Ford Road To 1268
      Class II(III), 3.3 miles
28. Jouett Creek
      Kentucky 418 to Kentucky River
      Class IV, 1.8 miles
29. Kentucky River - Middle Fork
      War Branch to Buckhorn
      Class I-II, 33.2 miles
30. Kentucky River - North Fork
      Roxana to Viper
      Class I-II, 24 miles
31. Kentucky River - South Fork
      Eriline to Beattyville
      Class I-II, 62 miles
32. Laurel River
      Below Laurel River Lake
      Class II-III(IV), 2 miles
33. Little Kentucky River
      Sulphur to Kentucky 421
      Class II, 8.1 miles
34. Little Sandy River
      Sandy Hook to Grayson Lake
      Class I-II, 27 miles
35. Muddy Creek
      Oakley Wells Road Bridge to Close to Doylesville
      Class II(III), 5 miles
36. Otter Creek
      East Fork to Kentucky 388 bridge
      Class -blank-, 2 miles
37. Otter Creek
      US 60 to Firetower Road
      Class II, 6.3 miles
38. Otter Creek
      West Fork to Kentucky388 Bridge
      Class II(III), 6 miles
39. Plum Creek
      Wilsonville to Salt River
      Class II(III), 8.9 miles
40. Red River
      Kentucky 746 to Kentucky 715
      Class III, 10.3 miles
41. Roaring Paunch River
      Barthell to Big South Fork
      Class IV-V+, 3 miles
42. Rock Creek
      White Oak Junction to Big South Fork of Cumberland River
      Class II-III(IV), 6 miles
43. Rockcastle River
      Kentucky 80 to Bee Rock Boat Ramp
      Class II+(IV), 16 miles
44. Rough River
      Rough River Dam to Dundee
      Class I-II, 23.5 miles
45. Russell Fork
      Gorge takeout to Elkhorn City
      Class II(III), 2 miles
46. Salt River
      Stringer Lane river bottoms to Shepherdsville
      Class I, 11.5 miles
47. Shawnee Run
      Kentucky 1343
      Class I-III(IV), 4 miles
48. Silver Creek
      Curtis RoadBridge to Kentucky 876 Bridge
      Class II-III(IV), 3 miles
49. Silver Creek
      Kentucky 876 Bridge to end of Bogie Mill Road
      Class II, 3.5 miles
50. Tates Creek
      Million Kentucky to 169 Bridge
      Class II+(III), 5 miles
51. Tygarts Creek
      Olive Hill to Kentucky 182
      Class I-II, 12.2 miles
52. White Oak Creek
      Kentucky 1845 to Kentucky River
      Class IV, 2 miles
53. Sheltowee Trace Outfitters
      Mccreary County

Banklick Creek
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Calloway Creek
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Cumberland River
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Cumberland River - Big South Fork
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Elkhorn Creek
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Floyds Fork
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Gilbert Creek
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Glenn's Creek
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Gunpowder Creek
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Harrod's Creek
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Hickman Creek
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Howard's Creek
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Little Kentucky River
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Salt River
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Tygarts Creek
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Sheltowee Trace Outfitters
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