Whitewater Paddling Rivers in Maryland

1. Anacostia River - Northwest Branch
      US Route 29 to Hyattsville
      Class I-III(V+), 8 miles
2. Antietam Creek
      Oak Bridge to Highway 68
      Class I-II, 7 miles
3. Antietam Creek
      Highway 68 to Potomac River
      Class I-II, 11 miles
4. Bear Creek
      US 219 to Youghiogheny River at Friendsville
      Class IV, 7 miles
5. Beaver Creek
      Beaver Creek Park N Ride (I-70) to Alternate Route 40
      Class I(II), 4.5 miles
6. Bennett Creek
      MD Route 355 to Monocacy River
      Class I-II, 8 miles
7. Big Elk Creek
      Pennsylvania Route 341 to Elkton
      Class I-II, 12.6 miles
8. Broad Creek
      MD Route 136 to Maryland Route 623
      Class I-II, 4.5 miles
9. Cabin John Creek
      River Road to Potomac
      Class -blank-, 3 miles
10. Casselman River
      MD Route 485 to Salisbury Pennsylvania
      Class I-II, 11.5 miles
11. Casselman River - North Branch
      Dung Hill Road to Maryland Route 485
      Class I-III+, 6 miles
12. Catoctin Creek
      US 40 to Potomac River
      Class I-II, 28.8 miles
13. Conowingo Creek
      Oakwood to Susquehanna River
      Class IV-V, 2 miles
14. Crabtree Creek
      Swanton Maryland to Savage Reservoir
      Class III-IV+, 6 miles
15. Deep Creek
      Dam to Youghiogheny River
      Class V, 1.4 miles
16. Deer Creek
      Bond Road to Susquehanna River
      Class I-III, 43.5 miles
17. Evitts Creek
      Lake Gordon Dam to Maryland Route 51
      Class I-III, 13.5 miles
18. Fifteen Mile Creek
      US Route 40 to Potomac River
      Class I-II(III), 9.5 miles
19. Flintstone Creek
      Flintstone Creek Road to Town Creek
      Class I-III, 3.5 miles
20. Georges Creek
      Maryland Route 36 to North Branch Potomac River
      Class III-IV, 10 miles
21. Gunpowder Falls
      Graves Run Road to Prettyboy Reservoir
      Class II-III, 2 miles
22. Gunpowder Falls
      Prettyboy Dam to Falls Road
      Class I-III, 2 miles
23. Gunpowder Falls
      Falls Road to Phoenix
      Class I-II, 15 miles
24. Gunpowder Falls
      Lower Loch Raven Dam to Route 1
      Class I, 7 miles
25. Gunpowder Falls
      Route 1 to US 40
      Class II-III, 3.3 miles
26. Gwynns Falls
      Franklintown Road to Carroll Park Golf Course
      Class II-IV, 4 miles
27. Gwynns Falls
      Lochearn to Franklintown Road
      Class II-IV, 4 miles
28. Herring Run
      Echodale Avenue to Sinclair Lane
      Class II-III, 4 miles
29. Hunting Creek
      Catoctin Hollow Road to Frank Bentz Lake
      Class III-IV+(V), 2.5 miles
30. Jennings Run
      Barrelville to Wills Creek
      Class III+, 3.5 miles
31. Jones Falls
      Lake Roland to Round Falls
      Class I-III, 6 miles
32. Little Falls
      Maryland Route 4 to Gunpowder Falls
      Class I-III, 5 miles
33. Little Gunpowder Falls
      Maryland Route 147 to US Route 40
      Class I-III, 6 miles
34. Little Patuxent River
      US Route 29 to US Route 1
      Class I-IV, 7 miles
35. Little Seneca Creek
      Boyds to Darnestown
      Class II(III), 5.2 miles
36. Long Green Creek
      Glen Arm Road to Gunpowder Falls
      Class IV, 2 miles
37. Middle creek
      Wolfsville to Myersville
      Class II-III(V), 6.3 miles
38. Mill Run
      Pigs Ear Road to Yough River Lake
      Class III-IV+, 8 miles
39. Muddy Creek
      Below Browning Dam to eddy right above Muddy Creek Falls
      Class III, 3.7 miles
40. Northeast Creek
      below covered bridge on Route 272
      Class V, 4 miles
41. Octoraro Creek
      New Bridge Road to Richardsmere
      Class II, 6 miles
42. Owens Creek
      Lantz to Rocky Ridge Road
      Class II-IV, 8 miles
43. Owens Creek
      Rocky Ridge Road to Monocacy River
      Class I-II, 5 miles
44. Patapsco River
      Woodstock to Elkridge
      Class I-III, 17.5 miles
45. Patapsco River - South Branch
      Woodbine to Woodstock
      Class I-III(IV), 14 miles
46. Patuxent River
      Carroll Mill Road to Savage Mill
      Class I-II(IV), 15.3 miles
47. Piney Run
      Arrington Road to Marriottsville
      Class II-III, 2 miles
48. Potomac River
      Sandy Hook to Point of Rocks
      Class I-II, 13.5 miles
49. Potomac River
      Violette's Lock - GW Canal Loop
      Class I-II, 4 miles
50. Potomac River
      Through Great Falls
      Class V+, 0.6 miles
51. Potomac River
      Mather Gorge to Lock 10
      Class I-IV, 6.5 miles
52. Potomac River
      Lock 10 to Little Falls
      Class I, -blank- miles
53. Potomac River
      Little Falls
      Class II-III(IV), 2 miles
54. Potomac River - North Branch
      Henry West Virginia to Gormania West Virginia
      Class I-III, 8 miles
55. Potomac River - North Branch
      Gormania West Virginia to Kitzmiller Maryland
      Class III-IV, 15 miles
56. Potomac River - North Branch
      Below Jennings-Randolph Dam
      Class I-II(III), 7 miles
57. Potomac River - North Branch
      Barnum West Virginia to Bloomington Maryland
      Class II-III, 6.5 miles
58. Rock Creek
      Rockville to Military Road
      Class I(II), -blank- miles
59. Rock Creek
      Military Road to Potomac River in D.
      Class I-III, 4 miles
60. Savage River
      Avilton Lonaconing Road to Head of Savage Reservoir
      Class II(IV), 12.5 miles
61. Savage River
      Dam to North Branch Potomac River
      Class III-IV, 4.5 miles
62. Sideling Hill Creek
      Sr 2011 to Potomac river
      Class I-II, 27 miles
63. Town Creek
      I-68 to Potomac River
      Class I, 27 miles
64. Wills Creek
      Ellerslie to North Branch Potomac
      Class I-II, 6.1 miles
65. Winters Run
      Pleasantville Road to Maryland Route 7
      Class I-II, 13 miles
66. Youghiogheny River
      US Route 50 to Millers Run
      Class I-II, 15.5 miles
67. Youghiogheny River
      Class IV, 4 miles
68. Youghiogheny River
      Bridge above Swallow Falls to Deep Creek Power Plant
      Class IV-V, 3 miles
69. Youghiogheny River
      Sang Run Road to Friendsville
      Class IV-V, 9.9 miles
70. Precision Rafting Expeditions
      Garrett County
71. River & Trail Outfitters
      Frederick County

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Gunpowder Falls
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Youghiogheny River
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Youghiogheny River
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Precision Rafting Expeditions
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River & Trail Outfitters
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