Whitewater Paddling Rivers in Missouri

1. Big River
      From Highway 67
      Class I, 73 miles
2. Big Creek
      Highway K west of Annapolis to Sam Baker State Park
      Class I-II, 19.2 miles
3. Black River
      Highway 21 at Centerville to Highway K
      Class I, 25 miles
4. Black River
      Clearwater Dam to Highway W
      Class I, 37.5 miles
5. Black River - East Fork
      Johnson's Shut Ins
      Class II-III, 2 miles
6. Blue River
      Blue Ridge Road to Red Bridge Road
      Class I(II), 4.4 miles
7. Bourbeuse River
      Highway 19 to Highway AM
      Class I, 107.6 miles
8. Brewers Creek
      Highway V to Highway MM
      Class III, 7 miles
9. Bryant Creek
      Vera Cruz to Tecumseh
      Class I, 43 miles
10. Carver Creek
      Highway AA to county road off of Highway AA
      Class IV, 1 miles
11. Castor River
      CR 253 to CR 208
      Class III, 1.4 miles
12. Center Creek
      Carthage to Belleville
      Class I, 26.5 miles
13. Courtois Creek
      County road 657 to Highway E
      Class I, 21.5 miles
14. Crane Creek
      County Road 13-130 to low-water bridge off Highway AA
      Class I, 6 miles
15. Crane Pond Creek
      Crane Lake to County Road 134
      Class III-IV, 2.1 miles
16. Current River
      Montauk State Park to Doniphan
      Class I, 125 miles
17. Eleven Point River
      Highway 99 at Thomasville to Highway UU
      Class I, 48 miles
18. Finley Creek
      Highway 125 to county road off Highway M
      Class I, 15.7 miles
19. Hinkson Creek
      Hinkson Creek Road to Reactor Field
      Class I-II, 10.75 miles
20. Huzzah Creek
      Highway V to Highway E
      Class I, 23.4 miles
21. Indian Creek
      Highway D bridge to Elk River
      Class I, 27 miles
22. Jacks Fork River
      Highway Y bridge to Current River
      Class I, 44.6 miles
23. James River
      Highway 125 bridge to Galena Y bridge
      Class I, 61.6 miles
24. Little Rock Creek
      Off of Highway E
      Class IV+, 1 miles
25. Little St. Francis River
      Highway 72 to St. Francis River
      Class I, 15 miles
26. Lower Rock Creek
      Barren Hollow to Highway E
      Class IV, 3 miles
27. Marble Creek
      USFS Marble Creek Camp Ground to CR 427
      Class II, 3.8 miles
28. Meramec River
      Short Bend to Highway 231
      Class I, 192 miles
29. Meramec River
      Maramec Spring to Meramec Caverns
      Class I, 67 miles
30. Mississippi River
      Riverview Drive North St. Louis
      Class III-IV, 1 miles
31. Mud Creek
      Highway D to St. Francis River
      Class IV+, 1.4 miles
32. White River - North Fork
      Highway 76 bridge to Tecumseh
      Class I, 49.5 miles
33. North River
      Mo. County Road 530 to Highway 61 bridge
      Class I(II), 17 miles
34. Pickle Creek
      Hawn State Park Road to Hawn State Park picnic area
      Class III-IV, 2.4 miles
35. Roaring River
      Roaring River State Park to Highway 86
      Class I-II, 5.8 miles
36. Shoal Creek
      Ritchey to low-water bridge about 1 mile southwest of Highway 43
      Class I, 31.3 miles
37. South Fabius River
      Hester Wildlife Area to Highway 61
      Class I-II(III), 0 miles
38. Spring River
      CR 1082 to Highway P
      Class I, 67.2 miles
39. St. Francis River
      Highway H to Highway 72
      Class I-II, 10.7 miles
40. St. Francis River
      Highway 72 to Millstream Gardens
      Class II, 3.2 miles
41. St. Francis River
      Millstream Gardens to Silver Mines
      Class II-IV, 2.3 miles
42. St. Francis River
      Silver Mines Recreation Area to Highway 67
      Class I, 55.4 miles
43. Stouts Creek
      Highway M west of Ironton
      Class III, 1 miles
44. Stouts Creek
      Lake Killarney to St. Francis River
      Class II, 4.7 miles
45. Swan Creek
      Garrison to Forsyth
      Class I, 21.2 miles
46. Taum Sauk Creek
      Taum Sauk Mountain to Little Taum Sauk Creek
      Class IV-V, 7 miles
47. Turkey Creek
      Highway 72 to St. Francis River
      Class III-IV, 2.6 miles
48. Rafting Camping-Rv Resort
      Crawford County
49. Two Sons Floats & Camping
      Mcdonald County

Big Creek
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Black River
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Black River
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Blue River
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Center Creek
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Crane Pond Creek
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Current River
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Hinkson Creek
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Little St. Francis River
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Lower Rock Creek
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Marble Creek
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Meramec River
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Roaring River
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Shoal Creek
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St. Francis River
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St. Francis River
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Swan Creek
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Turkey Creek
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Rafting Camping-Rv Resort
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Two Sons Floats & Camping
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