Whitewater Paddling Rivers in Montana

1. Bear Creek
      Class IV-V, 2 miles
2. Beaverhead
      Clark Canyon Dam to Dillon
      Class I-III, 21 miles
3. Belt Creek
      Monarch to Riceville
      Class II-III, 14 miles
4. Belt Creek
      Sec 15 to Monarch
      Class II-III, 19 miles
5. Big Hole River
      Divide Bridge to Beaverhead River
      Class II, 56 miles
6. Big Timber Creek
      Close to Half Moon Campground
      Class V, 1 miles
7. Blackfoot River
      Highway 141 to Scotty Brown Bridge
      Class II, 40 miles
8. Blackfoot River
      Scotty Brown Bridge to Johnsrud Park
      Class II-III, 32 miles
9. Blackfoot River - North Fork
      Wilderness Boundary to Blackfoot River
      Class I-III, 6 miles
10. Boulder River
      Fourmile to Speculator Creek
      Class III-V, 4 miles
11. Boulder River
      Speculator Creek to Chippy Park Campground
      Class III-IV, 5 miles
12. Boulder River
      Chippy Park Campground to Boulder Falls
      Class II-III, 9 miles
13. Boulder River
      Boulder Falls to Highway
      Class V+, 1 miles
14. Boulder River
      McLeod to Highway bridge
      Class III, 4.5 miles
15. Boulder River
      Bison Creek to Jefferson River
      Class II, 61 miles
16. Boulder River - East
      Headwaters to Boulder River
      Class I-II, 12 miles
17. Boulder River - West
      Gallatin National Forest boundary to Boulder River
      Class II-III, 14 miles
18. Clark Fork
      Alberton Put In to Fish Creek
      Class III-IV, 7 miles
19. Clark Fork
      Fish Creek to Forest Grove
      Class I-IV, 9 miles
20. Clarks Fork Yellowstone
      Trailhead to State line
      Class IV, 3 miles
21. Dearborn River
      Class III-V(V+), 4 miles
22. Dearborn River
      Falls Creek to Highway 200 Bridge
      Class II-III, 16 miles
23. Dearborn River
      Dearborn Canyon Road Bridge to Highway 287 Bridge
      Class I-II, 29 miles
24. Dearborn River
      Highway 287 Bridge to Missouri River
      Class II-III, 16 miles
25. Falls Creek
      to Dearborn
      Class III-V(V+), 2 miles
26. Fish Creek
      North Fork Fish Creek to Clark Fork River
      Class III-IV, 2 miles
27. Flathead River
      Kerr Dam to County Road Bridge
      Class II-III, 10 miles
28. Flathead River - Middle Fork
      Schafer Meadows to Bear Creek
      Class I-IV, 26 miles
29. Flathead River - Middle Fork
      Bear Creek to Moccasin Creek
      Class II+, 31 miles
30. Flathead River - Middle Fork
      Moccasin Creek to West Glacier
      Class III, 9 miles
31. Flathead River - Middle Fork
      West Glacier to Blankenship Bridge
      Class II, 6 miles
32. Flathead River - Middle Fork
      Canadian Border to Blankenship Bridge
      Class I-II+(III), 58 miles
33. Flathead River - North Fork
      Big Creek to Glacier Rim
      Class II(III), 12 miles
34. Flathead River - South Fork
      Big Prairie to Mid Creek
      Class II+, 31 miles
35. Flathead River - South Fork
      Mid Creek to Cedar Flats
      Class IV(V+), 4 miles
36. Flathead River - South Fork
      Cedar Flats to Spotted Bear
      Class II, 9.5 miles
37. Gallatin River
      Yellowstone National Park to West Fork Gallatin
      Class I-II, 20 miles
38. Gallatin River
      West Fork Gallatin to Greek Creek
      Class II-III, 11 miles
39. Gallatin River
      Greek Creek to Spanish Creek
      Class II-IV, 13 miles
40. Gallatin River - West Fork
      Ouzel Falls to 3/4 mile downstream
      Class IV-V(V+), 0.75 miles
41. Grave Creek
      Foundation Creek to Tobacco River
      Class II, 18 miles
42. Judith River
      Danvers Bridge to Anderson Bridge
      Class II-III, 45 miles
43. Kootenai River
      Libby to Troy
      Class I-IV, 20 miles
44. Kootenai Creek
      Class IV, 1 miles
45. Logan Creek
      Class IV-V, 4.5 miles
46. Logan Creek
      Class II-III, -blank- miles
47. Madison River
      Hebgen Reservoir to Quake Lake
      Class II-III, 3 miles
48. Madison River
      Quake Lake to 1 1/2 mile downstream
      Class IV-V, 1.5 miles
49. Madison River
      Madison Dam to Route 84
      Class I-IV, 10 miles
50. Mill Creek
      along Mill Creek Road into Frenchtown
      Class V, 2 miles
51. Missouri River
      Great Falls
      Class II(V), 9 miles
52. Mulherin Creek
      Yellowstone National Park to Yellowstone River
      Class II-III, 9 miles
53. Rock Creek
      Lake Fork to Red Lodge
      Class II-IV, 10 miles
54. Rock Creek
      Middle and West Fork confluence to Clark Fork River
      Class II-III, 50 miles
55. Rosebud Creek
      East and West Fork Rosebud to Stillwater River
      Class II-III, 4 miles
56. Rosebud Creek - East
      Lake to Sand Dunes Campground
      Class IV-V, 6 miles
57. Rosebud Creek - West
      Emerald Lake to Pine Grove Campground
      Class III-IV+(V), 3 miles
58. Smith River
      Camp Baker to Eden Bridge
      Class I-III, 59 miles
59. Stillwater River
      Upper Stillwater Lake to Lower Stillwater Lake
      Class III-IV, 3 miles
60. Stillwater River
      Woodbine Campground to below Chrome Mine
      Class I-V, 3.5 miles
61. Stillwater River
      Buffalo Jump to Cliff Swallow
      Class I-III, 11.8 miles
62. Stillwater River
      Cliff Swallow to Whitebird
      Class II, 17.7 miles
63. Stillwater River
      Whitebird to Fireman's Point
      Class III, 4.5 miles
64. Stillwater River
      West Stillwater
      Class IV-V, 9 miles
65. Sunday Creek
      Headwaters to Stillwater River
      Class III-IV, 14 miles
66. Swan River
      Bigfork Dam to Flathead River
      Class III-IV, 1.25 miles
67. Tenderfoot Creek
      South Fork Tenderfoot to Smith River
      Class II, 11 miles
68. Trout Creek
      Canyon Section
      Class V, 2 miles
69. Two Medicine River
      Forest Service Boundary to Sullivan Bridge
      Class II-III, 62 miles
70. Vermilion River
      Headwaters to Clark Fork River
      Class IV, 22 miles
71. Yaak River
      Spread Creek to Yaak Falls
      Class II-III, 16 miles
72. Yaak River
      Yaak Falls to Kootenai River
      Class IV-V, 6.5 miles
73. Yellowstone River
      Gardiner to Miner
      Class I-III, 4 miles
74. Yellowstone River
      Boulder River to Clarks Fork Yellowstone River
      Class I-III, 76 miles
75. Yellowstone River
      Clarks Fork Yellowstone River to Billings MT
      Class II, 22 miles
76. 10 000 Waves Raft & Kayak Adventures
      Missoula County
77. Absaroka River Adventures
      Stillwater County
78. Adventure Whitewater
      Carbon County
79. Army Navy Economy Store
      Missoula County
80. Bear Paw River Expeditions
      Missoula County
81. Blackfoot River Rentals
      Missoula County
82. Confluence Rafting
      Missoula County
83. Flying Pig Camp Store
      Park County
84. Geyser Whitewater Expeditions
      Gallatin County
85. Great Northern Whitewater
      Flathead County
86. Lewis & Clark Trail Adventures
      Missoula County
87. Montana River Guides
      Ravalli County
88. Montana River Outfitters
      Lewis And Clark County
89. Montana Whitewater Rafting
      Park County
90. Pangaea River Rafting, L.L.C.
      Mineral County
91. Paradise Raft Rental
      Sanders County
92. Snappy Sport Center
      Flathead County
93. Western Waters & Woods
      Mineral County
94. Wild River Adventures
      Flathead County
95. Wild West Rafting
      Park County
96. Yellowstone Raft
      Park County

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10 000 Waves Raft & Kayak Adventures
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Absaroka River Adventures
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Adventure Whitewater
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Army Navy Economy Store
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Bear Paw River Expeditions
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Confluence Rafting
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Flying Pig Camp Store
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Great Northern Whitewater
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Lewis & Clark Trail Adventures
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Montana River Outfitters
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Snappy Sport Center
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Western Waters & Woods
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Wild River Adventures
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Wild West Rafting
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Yellowstone Raft
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