Whitewater Paddling Rivers in New York

1. Ausable River
      Keeseville to US Route 9
      Class III-V+, 6 miles
2. Ausable River - East Branch
      Hulls Falls to Keene
      Class II-V+, 6.3 miles
3. Ausable River - East Branch
      Keene to Upper Jay
      Class II-III, 6.3 miles
4. Ausable River - West Branch
      Adirondak Loj Road to Route 73
      Class III, 6.5 miles
5. Ausable River - West Branch
      High Falls Gorge
      Class V+, 0.25 miles
6. Ausable River - West Branch
      High Falls Gorge to Flume
      Class V, 2 miles
7. Ausable River - West Branch
      Monument on Route 86 to High Falls
      Class III-IV+, 3.5 miles
8. Ausable River - West Branch
      Class V+, 0.25 miles
9. Ausable River - West Branch
      Wilmington to Ausable Forks
      Class I-III+, 11 miles
10. Balm of Gilead Brook
      Barton Mines Road to Hudson River
      Class IV-V+, 2.5 miles
11. Bash Bish Brook
      Below Bash Bish Falls to Copake Falls
      Class IV-V+, 0.6 miles
12. Basic Creek
      Swartout Road Bridge to Freehold
      Class II-IV, 10.3 miles
13. Batavia Kill River
      Roxbury Run bridge to Route 30 bridge
      Class II-IV, 4.7 miles
14. Batavia Kill River
      Swinging Bridge to Route 23-A bridge
      Class II-V+, 5.7 miles
15. Batten Kill River
      Greenwich to Hudson River
      Class I-III, 9 miles
16. Bear Kill River
      Route 30 bridge to Intake Road bridge
      Class II-IV, 3.3 miles
17. Beaver River
      Moshier Section
      Class IV-V, 3 miles
18. Beaver River
      Eagle Section
      Class V, 1 miles
19. Beaver River
      Taylorville Section
      Class III-IV, 2 miles
20. Beaver Kill River
      Turnwood to East Branch
      Class II-III, 32 miles
21. Beaver Kill River
      Route 212 bridge below Willow to Kaaterskill
      Class III-V, 4.5 miles
22. Beecher Creek
      Airport Road to Great Sacandaga Lake
      Class II-V, 2.5 miles
23. Beer Kill River
      Cape Road to Route 52
      Class IV-V(V+), 3.5 miles
24. Beer Kill River - West Branch
      End of Greenfield Road Loop to end
      Class III-V, 2 miles
25. Beer Kill River - West Branch
      Old Greenfield Road Loop to end O.
      Class II-IV, 2.5 miles
26. Black River
      North Lake to Farr Road
      Class I-IV, 6 miles
27. Black River
      Farr Road to Enos
      Class I-V, 8 miles
28. Black River
      Enos to Route 72
      Class II-III, 6 miles
29. Black River
      Hawkinsville to Norton Road
      Class II-III, 6 miles
30. Black River
      Route 3 Wave
      Class II, 1 miles
31. Black River
      Watertown to Brownville
      Class III-V, 8 miles
32. Black River
      Hawkinsville to Port Leyden
      Class III-IV+, 2.7 miles
33. Black Creek
      Sterlingville to Philadelphia
      Class II-III, 5 miles
34. Black River - South Branch
      South Lake to Black River
      Class II-IV, 8 miles
35. Bog River
      Lows Lower Dam to Tupper Lake
      Class II-V, 7.2 miles
36. Boland Creek
      Davis Creek to Oswegatchie River
      Class II-III, 2.3 miles
37. Boquet River
      Beaver Meadow Brook to Northway
      Class II-III, 17.6 miles
38. Boquet River
      Northway to Boquet
      Class II-IV, 16.6 miles
39. Boquet River
      Boquet to Willsboro
      Class II-V, 22.7 miles
40. Boquet River - North Branch
      Reber to Bouquet River
      Class III-IV, 6 miles
41. Boreas River
      Route 28N to Hudson River
      Class III-V, 8 miles
42. Boreas River - Upper
      Boreas Road to Route 28N
      Class II-V, 6.5 miles
43. Bowery Brook
      Downstream from Bogardus Road
      Class III-V, 2 miles
44. Bowman Creek
      County Road 3 Bridge to Buckley Hollow Bridge
      Class II-III+, 2.2 miles
45. The Branch
      Along State Route 9N Alder Brook R
      Class III-V, 6.5 miles
46. The Branch
      Boreas Road to Palmer Pond
      Class III-V, 6 miles
47. Bush Kill River
      Lake Switzerland Dam to Dry Brook
      Class I-II, 5 miles
48. Callicoon Creek - East Branch
      Route 52 bridge to confluence with North Br. Callicoon
      Class I-III, 10 miles
49. Callicoon Creek - North Branch
      Gossweyler Pond and Dam to East Branc
      Class II-III, 6 miles
50. Canandaigua Outlet
      Littleville to Manchester
      Class II-III, 2.3 miles
51. Canaseraga Creek
      Canaseraga to Dansville
      Class IV-V, 8 miles
52. Canisteo River
      Canisteo to Addison
      Class I-II, 20 miles
53. Caroga Creek
      Ephratah to Route 5
      Class I-III, 9.5 miles
54. Cascadilla Creek
      Collegetown to Ithaca
      Class V, 2 miles
55. Catskill Creek
      Cooksburg to Woodstock Dam
      Class II-III, 17 miles
56. Catskill Creek
      Woodstock Dam to South Cairo
      Class II-IV, 5.5 miles
57. Catskill Creek
      South Cairo to Leeds
      Class -blank-, 4 miles
58. Catskill Creek
      Austin Glen
      Class III-IV, 3 miles
59. Cattaraugus Creek
      Zoar Bridge to Gowanda
      Class II-III, 10 miles
60. Cattaraugus Creek - South Branch
      Otto to main branch
      Class II-IV, 5 miles
61. Cayuta Creek
      Class -blank-, 40 miles
62. Cazenovia Creek - West Branch
      Aurora to West Seneca
      Class II-III, 8 miles
63. Cazenovia Creek - W.Branch
      Glenwood to Lackawanna
      Class II-V, 15 miles
64. Cedar River
      Wakeley Dam to Spraque Brook
      Class II-V, 8 miles
65. Cedar River
      Sprague Brook to Hudson River
      Class II-III, 18 miles
66. Center Brook/Middle Brook
      West Harpersfield
      Class I-III, 7 miles
67. Chateaugay River
      Lower Chateugay Lake to Cooks Mill
      Class II-V+, 12.2 miles
68. Chautauqua Creek
      Lyons Road to Lake Erie
      Class III, 14.5 miles
69. Cincinnati Creek
      Remsen to Barneveld
      Class V, 4.5 miles
70. Cobleskill Creek
      Warnerville to Sidney Corners
      Class I-III, 13 miles
71. Cold River
      Duck Hole to mouth
      Class II-V+, 14 miles
72. County Line Creek
      Along trail to East Branch Sacandaga River
      Class IV-V+, 2 miles
73. Coxing Kill River
      Route 44/55 and downstream
      Class IV(V+), 2.5 miles
74. Deer River
      New Boston to High Falls Dam
      Class II-III, 12.4 miles
75. Deer River
      Fourteenth Road to North River
      Class III-V, 2 miles
76. Deer River
      Red Tavern Road to Deer River Stat
      Class II-V+, 14 miles
77. Deer River
      Route 11B to Lawrenceville
      Class II-III, 4.5 miles
78. Delaware River
      Hancock to Port Jervis
      Class I-II, 77 miles
79. Delaware River
      Mongaup Wave
      Class II, 0.2 miles
80. Delaware River - East Branch
      Halcottsville to Margaretville
      Class I-II, 5 miles
81. Delaware River - West Branch
      Delhi to Walton
      Class I-II, 18 miles
82. Doig Creek
      Pumpkin Hollow Road to Sacandaga River
      Class III+(IV), 3 miles
83. Dry Brook
      Haynes Hollow Creek to East Branch D
      Class II-IV, 5.5 miles
84. Dunning Creek
      Gilmantown Road to Sacandaga River
      Class IV-V, 4.5 miles
85. East Canada Creek
      Dolgeville to Route 5
      Class I-III, 8 miles
86. East Canada Creek
      Powley Place to Stratford
      Class II-IV, 12 miles
87. East Kill River
      Route 296 bridge to Jewett Center
      Class II-IV, 5 miles
88. East Stony Creek
      Harrisburg Road to Tenant Creek
      Class III-IV, 6 miles
89. East Stony Creek
      Tenant Creek to Old State Highway
      Class II-V, 8 miles
90. Eighteenmile Creek
      Hamburg to Lake
      Class II-V, 6 miles
91. Elbow Creek
      Gilmantown Road to Sacandaga River
      Class V, 2.3 miles
92. Elm Creek
      Fairbanks Corners to Cousintown Road
      Class -blank-, 6.5 miles
93. Erie Canal
      Lock 32 Whitewater Course
      Class II+, 0.14 miles
94. Esopus Creek
      Allaben portal to Mt. Pleasant
      Class II-III, 6 miles
95. Esopus Creek
      Big Indian to Allaben
      Class II(III), 5 miles
96. Esopus Creek
      Big Indian to Boiceville
      Class II-III, 17 miles
97. Esopus Creek
      Glenerie Falls to Saugerties
      Class II-IV(V), 7 miles
98. Esopus Creek
      Stillwater Road to Tongore Road
      Class II-IV, 7.5 miles
99. Fall Creek
      Etna to Forest Home
      Class II-III, 8 miles
100. Fall Creek
      Route 13 Bridge to Cornell Plantations
      Class II, 6 miles
101. Fall Creek
      Cornell Plantations to Beebe Lake
      Class IV-V, 1 miles
102. Fish Creek
      Burgoyne to Schuylerville
      Class II-IV, 7.5 miles
103. Fish Creek - East Branch
      Point Rock to Taberg
      Class II-IV, 9.4 miles
104. Fish Kill River
      Class II-IV, 0.25 miles
105. Flint Creek
      Phelps Run
      Class II-III+(IV), 3 miles
106. Fox Creek
      West Bern to Vrooman Corners
      Class I-III, 9.7 miles
107. Genesee River
      Lee's Landing to St. Helena
      Class II-III, 4.5 miles
108. Georgia Brook
      Along trail to Route 8
      Class IV, 0.3 miles
109. Glen Creek
      Above Diprill Road bridge to G
      Class III-IV, 4.5 miles
110. Grass River
      Lampsons Falls to Russell
      Class II-V, 7 miles
111. Grass River
      Morley to Massena
      Class II-III, 32 miles
112. Grass River
      Woods Bridge Road to Route 47 below Harrison Creek
      Class II-V+, 6 miles
113. Grass River - Lower South Branch
      Twin Falls
      Class IV-V, 6.5 miles
114. Grass River - Middle Branch
      Blue Mountain and Pleasant Lake St to Grass River
      Class II-V+, 13.5 miles
115. Grass River - North Branch
      Clare Road to Grass River
      Class II-IV, 6.5 miles
116. Great Chazy River
      Chazy Lake to Miner Lake
      Class II-III(IV), 5 miles
117. Great Chazy River
      Miner Lake to Mooers
      Class IV+, 11 miles
118. Hannacrois Creek
      Deans Mill to Hudson River
      Class III-IV, 5.5 miles
119. Holmes Lake Outlet
      Route 125 to West Stony Creek
      Class III-V, 1 miles
120. Honeoye Creek
      Highway 20 to Highway 65
      Class II-III, 4 miles
121. Hoosic River
      Schaghticoke Dam to Powerhouse
      Class V, 2 miles
122. Hudson River
      Indian River to North River
      Class III-IV, 14 miles
123. Hudson River
      North River to Riparius
      Class II-III, 13 miles
124. Hudson River
      Riparius to Glen
      Class III, 8 miles
125. Hudson River
      Spier Falls to Sherman Island
      Class I-V, 3.6 miles
126. Hudson River
      Sherman Island to Feeder Dam
      Class I-V, 6.4 miles
127. Hudson River
      Feeder Dam to Glens Falls
      Class I, 2.15 miles
128. Independence River
      Bradish Road to Old Pine Grove Road
      Class II-V+, 2.6 miles
129. Indian River
      Abanakee Dam to Hudson River
      Class II-V, 2.5 miles
130. Indian River
      Natural Bridge to Antwerp
      Class II, 20 miles
131. Indian River
      Brooktrout Lake to South Branch Moose
      Class III-IV, 13 miles
132. Irondequoit Creek
      Linear Park
      Class II(III), 0.5 miles
133. Island Branch
      Emoryville Road to Island Branch R
      Class -blank-, 1.5 miles
134. Jenny Creek
      Jayville Road to Pitcairn
      Class IV-V+, 5 miles
135. Jimmy Creek
      Along trail to West Br. Sacandaga River
      Class IV-V+, 2 miles
136. John's Brook
      Caretaker's Cabin to Moutaineer Outfitters in Keene Valley
      Class V, 4 miles
137. Jordan River
      1.5 miles above mouth to mouth
      Class II-V, 1.5 miles
138. Kaaterskill Creek
      Along Route 23A to lower Kaaterskill Creek
      Class IV-V(V+), 3 miles
139. Kaaterskill Creek
      High Falls to Catskill Creek
      Class II-III, 12 miles
140. Keshegua Creek
      Tuscarora to Sonyea
      Class II+, 7 miles
141. Keuka Outlet
      Penn Yan to Dresden
      Class I-III(V+), 7.5 miles
142. Kinderhook Creek
      Valatie to Stockport
      Class I-V, 11 miles
143. Kiskatom Creek
      Winter Clove to Hearts Content Road
      Class II-V(V+), 4.5 miles
144. Kortright Creek
      Route 10 bridge to Charlotte Creek
      Class II-III, 3.3 miles
145. La Chute River
      Lake George to Lake Champlain
      Class II-V+, 3.5 miles
146. Lake Ozonia Outlet
      Howe Road to Mill Road
      Class IV-V+, 2.5 miles
147. Little River
      Aldrich to Oswegatchie
      Class II-III, 6.2 miles
148. Little Black Brook
      Route 17 TO West Branch Ausable River
      Class III-IV, 2.5 miles
149. Little Black Creek
      Hughes Road to Black River
      Class II-V, 5.5 miles
150. Little Delaware River
      Route 28 to Delaware River
      Class I-II, 8 miles
151. Little Trout River
      Burke to US 11
      Class IV-V, 2 miles
152. Little Woodhull Creek
      Stone Dam Trail to Kincaid Road
      Class -blank-, 5 miles
153. Mad River
      Road from Castor Hill to North Branch
      Class IV-V, 8 miles
154. Marble River
      Route 374 to Cooks Mill
      Class II-V+, 3.5 miles
155. Meacham Lake Outlet
      Route 30 Bridge to Rice Brook
      Class III-V(V+), 1.2 miles
156. Mettawee River
      Raceville to Grays Corner
      Class I-V, 12 miles
157. Mill Brook
      Belle Ayr to Grant Mills
      Class II-IV, 3.4 miles
158. Mill Brook
      Kittle Road bridge to Arena
      Class II-IV, 3.7 miles
159. Mill Creek
      Moriah Center to Port Henry
      Class IV-V+, 5 miles
160. Mill Creek
      Johnsburg above Wevertown to Hudson River
      Class V, 5 miles
161. Mill Creek
      West Lowville to Lowville
      Class V, 4 miles
162. Mohawk River
      West Branch to Hillside
      Class II-III, 7 miles
163. Mohawk River
      Cohoes Wave
      Class II, 0 miles
164. Mohawk River
      Cohoes Falls to Hudson River
      Class II-IV(V+), 3 miles
165. Mombaccus Creek
      Cherrytown to Boyce Road
      Class I-III(V+), 6 miles
166. Mongaup River
      Rio Dam to Delaware River
      Class II-III, 2.9 miles
167. Moodna Creek
      Woodbury Creek to Old Forge Hill Road
      Class II-IV, 6 miles
168. Moose River
      McKeever to Rock Island
      Class III, 3 miles
169. Moose River
      Rock Island to Fowlersville
      Class IV, 9 miles
170. Moose River
      Fowlersville to Lyons Falls
      Class V, 5 miles
171. Moose River - Middle Branch
      Singing Waters Campground to McKeever
      Class II-IV, 5 miles
172. Moose River - South Branch
      Rock Dam to McKeever
      Class II-IV, 20 miles
173. Moose River - South Branch
      Silver Run to Bridge at Plains
      Class II, 6 miles
174. Murder Creek
      Class II(V+), 3 miles
175. Negro Brook
      Boshart Road to East Road
      Class IV-V+, 1 miles
176. Neversink River
      Rock Hill to Oakland Valley
      Class II-IV, 13 miles
177. Neversink River
      Oakland Valley to US Route 209
      Class II-III, 5 miles
178. Neversink River - East Branch
      Strauss YMCA Camp to Claryville
      Class II-III, 6.5 miles
179. Neversink River - West Branch
      Frost Valley to Claryville
      Class II-III, 7 miles
180. Neversink River - West Branch
      Frost Valley to Claryville
      Class II-III, 7 miles
181. Niagara
      Niagara Gorge
      Class V+, 7 miles
182. Ninemile Creek
      Feeder Canal to Stittville
      Class II, 6 miles
183. Normans Kill River
      Normansville to Route 32
      Class I-V, 3 miles
184. North Creek
      Back to Sodom Road
      Class III-V, 1 miles
185. North Sandy Creek
      Rodman to Route 3
      Class II, 17 miles
186. Oak Orchard Creek
      Medina to Lake Ontario
      Class -blank-, 19 miles
187. Oatka Creek
      Leroy to Fort Hill
      Class II-III, 3 miles
188. Oswegatchie River
      Oxbow to Elmdale
      Class II, 8 miles
189. Oswegatchie River - East Branch
      Cranberry Lake Dam to Tooley Pond Outlet
      Class II, 2 miles
190. Oswegatchie River - East Branch
      Flat Rock to Edwards
      Class IV-V+, 14 miles
191. Oswegatchie River - East Branch
      Inlet to Wanakena
      Class II-IV, 2.2 miles
192. Oswegatchie River - Middle Branch
      Long Pond Road to Bryants Bridge
      Class II-V+, 22 miles
193. Oswegatchie River - Middle Branch
      Bryants Bridge to Fish Creek
      Class I-V(V+), 4 miles
194. Oswegatchie River - West Branch
      Bisha Falls to Jerden Falls
      Class V+, 7 miles
195. Oswegatchie River - West Branch
      Fullerville to Oswegatchie
      Class I-V, 4.5 miles
196. Oswego River
      From Lock 7 Dam
      Class -blank-, 0.5 miles
197. Otter Creek
      Partridgeville Road to Pine Grove Road
      Class III-V, 10.4 miles
198. Ouleout Creek
      Wagner Hollow Road Bridge to Route 357
      Class I-III, 6.5 miles
199. Owasco River
      Canoga Road to Turnpike Road
      Class II(III), 3 miles
200. Penlolopen Brook
      Queensboro Lake to a mile above 9W
      Class IV(V+), 1 miles
201. Peters Kill River
      Minnewaska to Rondout Creek
      Class IV-V+, 5.5 miles
202. Piseco Outlet
      Route 10 to West Branch Sacandaga
      Class II-III, 4 miles
203. Platte Kill River
      DAvenue Taylor's Farm
      Class II-IV, 6 miles
204. Plattekill Creek
      Platte Clove Road to West Saugerties
      Class IV, 2 miles
205. Plumb Brook
      Blanchard Hill Road to Grass River
      Class III, 4.5 miles
206. Poesten Kill River
      Eagle Mills to Troy
      Class I-IV, 7 miles
207. Poesten Kill River
      Eagle Mills to Waterfall
      Class III-V+, 2 miles
208. Poesten Kill River
      Troy to Hudson River
      Class III-V+, 3 miles
209. Popolopen Creek
      to Popolopen Bridge
      Class IV-V, 4 miles
210. Potic Creek River
      Schoharie Turnpike Bridge to Sandy Plains Road
      Class II-V, 3.8 miles
211. Poultney River
      US Route 4 to Carvers Falls Dam
      Class III-IV, 4 miles
212. Putnam Creek
      Penfield Pond to Factoryville
      Class IV-V+, 5.5 miles
213. Quacken Kill River
      Grafton to Cropseyville
      Class II-III+, 6 miles
214. Ramapo River
      Route 210 to Ramapo
      Class II-III, 7.5 miles
215. Raquette River
      Forked Lake Campground to Deerland
      Class II-III, 4.5 miles
216. Raquette River
      Piercefield to Parmenter Site
      Class II-V, 17.5 miles
217. Raquette River
      Hannawa Falls dam to powerhouse
      Class II, 1 miles
218. Raquette River
      Sugar Island
      Class II, 2 miles
219. Raquette River
      Colton to Brown's Bridge
      Class IV-V, 3 miles
220. Raquette River
      Brown's Bridge to Massena
      Class II-III, 30 miles
221. Roaring Branch
      Last 2 miles into Stoney Creek
      Class III-IV, 2 miles
222. Rochester Creek
      Liebhardt to Mill Brook
      Class II-III, 5.5 miles
223. Rock River
      Lake Durant to Cedar River
      Class II-V, 5 miles
224. Roeliff Jansen Kill River
      Ancram to Elizaville
      Class I-III, 14 miles
225. Roeliff Jansen Kill River
      Bingham Mills to Route 9G
      Class I-II, 7 miles
226. Rondout Creek
      Buttermilk Falls Brook to Rondout
      Class II-IV, 8.5 miles
227. Rondout Creek
      High Falls Dam to Wallkill River
      Class II-IV, 7.5 miles
228. Rondout Creek
      Lackawack to US 209
      Class III-V+, 5 miles
229. Round Lake Outlet
      Round Lake to Bog River
      Class IV-V, 8.5 miles
230. Rushford Lake Outlet
      Rushford Lake to Genesee River
      Class II-IV, 1 miles
231. Sacandaga River
      Christine Falls to East Branch
      Class III-V+, 7.5 miles
232. Sacandaga River
      East Branch to Hope
      Class II, 13 miles
233. Sacandaga River
      Stewarts Bridge Reservoir to Hudson River
      Class II-III, 3.5 miles
234. Sacandaga River - East Branch
      Moose Mountain to Route 30
      Class II-V, 7 miles
235. Sacandaga River - Middle Branch
      Speculator to Old Route 30 Road Bridge
      Class V, 2.5 miles
236. Sacandaga River - Middle Branch
      Old Route 30 Bridge to Route 8/30 Jct Bridge
      Class V, 6.8 miles
237. Sacandaga River - West Branch
      Arietta - Piseco to Whitehouse
      Class IV-V+, 9.2 miles
238. Sacandaga River - West Branch
      Whitehouse to Sacandaga Campsite
      Class II-III, 7.3 miles
239. Salmon River
      Military Turnpike below Schuyler Falls to Lake Champlain
      Class IV, 6.5 miles
240. Salmon River
      Salmon River Dam to Bennett Bridge
      Class -blank-, 3.5 miles
241. Salmon River
      Route 2A to Black Hole through Pulaski
      Class I-III, 3.9 miles
242. Salmon River
      Chasm Falls
      Class V+, 0.5 miles
243. Salmon River
      Chasm Falls to Westville Center
      Class II-IV, 20 miles
244. Salmon River
      Mt. View Lake to Hatch Brook
      Class II-IV, 3.9 miles
245. Salmon Creek
      Ludlowville Falls to Cayuga Lake
      Class II, 2 miles
246. Sand Creek
      Class III-IV, 3 miles
247. Sandburg Creek
      Falls below Mountain Dale to Old 20
      Class II-IV, 5.5 miles
248. Sandy Creek
      US Route 11 to Lake Ontario
      Class -blank-, 13 miles
249. Saranac River
      Union Falls to Silver Lake Road
      Class II-III, 4 miles
250. Saranac River
      Silver Lake Road to Redford
      Class III-V, 7 miles
251. Saranac River
      Foot of Kent Falls to Lake Champlain
      Class II-III, 12.5 miles
252. Saranac River - North Branch
      Mud Pond to Cold Brook
      Class III-IV, 10.5 miles
253. Saw Kill River
      Below Reservoir #1 to Saw Kill Road
      Class II-IV, 4.5 miles
254. Saw Kill River
      Below Reservoir #2 to Reservoir #1
      Class II-IV, 2.5 miles
255. Saw Kill River
      Meads Mountain Road bridge to Chestnut Hill Road
      Class II-V, 5.5 miles
256. Sawyer Creek
      West Fowler to Matoon Creek
      Class I-V, 6 miles
257. Schoharie Creek
      Esperance to Fort Hunter
      Class I-III, 21 miles
258. Schoharie Creek
      Gilboa to Minekill
      Class II-III, 3.5 miles
259. Schoharie Creek
      Lexington to Prattsville
      Class I-III, 9 miles
260. Schroon River
      North Hudson bridge to Schroon Falls
      Class II, 5 miles
261. Schroon River
      Starbuckville to Riverbank
      Class II-III, 6 miles
262. Schroon River
      Warrensburg to Thurman Station
      Class II-III, 1 miles
263. Shingle Kill River
      Round Top to Catskill Creek
      Class II-IV(V+), 8 miles
264. Sixmile Creek
      Rt 79 to Brooktondale
      Class V, 3 miles
265. South Sandy Creek
      Route 95 to Route 11
      Class III-IV, 12 miles
266. Sprite Creek
      Stewart Landing to Youker Road
      Class III+(V), 4.55 miles
267. Spruce Creek
      Salisbury to Dolgeville
      Class II-V+, 6.5 miles
268. Squaw Brook
      A mile from Sabael
      Class III-IV+, 1 miles
269. Squirmer Creek
      Niles Road to Oak Hill
      Class III-IV, 2.4 miles
270. St. Regis River
      Winthrop to Route 92 above Helena
      Class I-III, 11 miles
271. St. Regis River - East Branch
      Everton Falls to Middle Branch
      Class III-V+, 6 miles
272. St. Regis River - Middle Branch
      Quebec Brook to Spring Cove
      Class IV-V, 8 miles
273. St. Regis River - Middle Branch
      Route 458 to St Regis Falls
      Class II-V+, 7.3 miles
274. St. Regis River - Middle Branch
      St. Regis Falls to Fort Jackson
      Class III+(IV), 10.4 miles
275. St. Regis River - Middle Branch
      Fort Jackson to Buckton
      Class II-III, 6 miles
276. St. Regis River - West Branch
      Below Allen Falls to Sandfordville
      Class II-III, 10 miles
277. St. Regis River - West Branch
      High Falls to Long Pond Outlet
      Class II, 3 miles
278. St. Regis River - West Branch
      Sylvans Falls to Parishville
      Class II-V+, 7.5 miles
279. Stony Clove Creek
      Lanesville to Esopus
      Class -blank-, -blank- miles
280. Stony Clove Creek
      Confluence of Warner Creek and Siver Creek to Esopus River
      Class III-IV, 3.5 miles
281. Stony Creek
      Below Smears Creek to Stony Creek
      Class III-V, 4.5 miles
282. Stony Creek
      Roaring Branch to Hudson River
      Class II-III, 4 miles
283. Styles Brook
      Class -blank-, 2 miles
284. Sugar Creek
      Headwaters to Canaseraga Creek
      Class IV-V, 1.7 miles
285. Taughannock Creek
      Above 80-foot waterfall
      Class II-III, 1 miles
286. Taughannock Creek
      Podunk Road to Route 96 bridge
      Class II-III+(IV), 2 miles
287. Ten Mile River
      Wassaic to NY line
      Class -blank-, 9 miles
288. Ten Mile Creek
      Route 351 Bridge Medusa to Deans
      Class II-III, 3.5 miles
289. Tenant Creek
      to East Stony Creek
      Class III-V, 4 miles
290. Thirteenth Brook
      to Hudson River at North River
      Class IV-V+, 2 miles
291. Thorpe Brook
      East Durham
      Class III-V+, 4 miles
292. Timmerman Creek
      Upper Saint Johnsville
      Class IV+, 3 miles
293. Treadwell Creek
      Case Hill Road Bridge to Route 357
      Class I-III, 5.2 miles
294. Tremper Kill River
      Below Andes to gauging station
      Class I-III, 6.3 miles
295. Trout Brook River
      Alder Brook Road to Pottersville
      Class III-IV(V+), 4 miles
296. Trout Brook River
      Route 118 to Reagan Road
      Class -blank-, 7 miles
297. Twentymile Creek
      South Ripley to Lake Erie
      Class II-IV, 10.5 miles
298. Vernooy Kill River
      End of Lundy Road
      Class II-V, 7.3 miles
299. Vly Creek
      Elk Creek Road bridge to Lake Switzerland
      Class II-III, 3.5 miles
300. Wallkill River
      Walden to mouth
      Class I-II, 30 miles
301. Wappinger Creek
      Red Oak Mills to New Hamburg
      Class I-III, 8 miles
302. West Canada Creek
      Big Brook to Route 8
      Class III, 3.5 miles
303. West Canada Creek
      Ohio Gorge
      Class III, 1.5 miles
304. West Canada Creek
      Trenton Falls to Herkimer
      Class II, 28 miles
305. West Canada Creek - South Branch
      Fayle Road to Nobleboro
      Class II(IV), 5 miles
306. West Creek
      Bridge Close to Hyndsville to Route 7
      Class I-III, 5 miles
307. West Kill River
      Albinos Pizzeria to Schoharie Creek
      Class II-IV, 7.7 miles
308. West Kill River
      Betty Brock junction to Route 30 b
      Class II-V+, 4.3 miles
309. West Mill Creek
      South of Exit 30 off I-87
      Class IV, 1 miles
310. West Stony Creek
      Pinnacle to Route 30
      Class II-III, 10.5 miles
311. Wolf Creek
      Eddy Creek Road to Stony Creek Road bridge
      Class III+, 3 miles
312. Woodhull Creek
      Chub Pond to Horton Road
      Class III-V, 10 miles
313. Woodland Creek
      Woodland Valley Campground to Esopus River
      Class III-IV, 5.2 miles
314. Adirondack Adventures
      Warren County
315. Adirondack River Outfitters
      Herkimer County
316. Adirondack River Outfitters
      Warren County
317. Adirondack River Outfitters
      Warren County
318. Adventure Calls
      Genesee County
319. Adventure Sports Rafting
      Hamilton County
320. Battenkill Valley Outdoors
      Washington County
321. Bob Rafting
      Jefferson County
322. Hudson River Rafting
      Warren County
323. Landers River Trips
      Sullivan County
324. North Creek Rafting
      Warren County
325. Sacandaga Outdoor Center
      Saratoga County
326. Tubby Tubes
      Warren County
327. White Water Outfitt
      Suffolk County
328. Whitewater Challengers
      Herkimer County
329. Wildwaters Limited
      Warren County
330. Wildwaters Outdoor Center
      Warren County
331. Zoar Valley Canoe & Rafting
      Cattaraugus County

Bear Kill River
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Cattaraugus Creek
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Cazenovia Creek - West Branch
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Chautauqua Creek
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Cincinnati Creek
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Cobleskill Creek
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Eighteenmile Creek
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Esopus Creek
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Fish Creek
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Fish Creek - East Branch
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Hoosic River
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Hudson River
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Kaaterskill Creek
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Kinderhook Creek
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Mad River
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Normans Kill River
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Oak Orchard Creek
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Oswegatchie River
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Oswegatchie River - East Branch
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Raquette River
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Roeliff Jansen Kill River
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Roeliff Jansen Kill River
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Rushford Lake Outlet
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Salmon River
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Schoharie Creek
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Schroon River
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Sprite Creek

Spruce Creek
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St. Regis River - West Branch
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Stony Clove Creek
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Ten Mile River
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Treadwell Creek
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West Creek
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West Kill River
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Adirondack River Outfitters
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Adventure Calls
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Battenkill Valley Outdoors
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Hudson River Rafting
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Landers River Trips
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Sacandaga Outdoor Center
1 review

Tubby Tubes
1 review

Whitewater Challengers
1 review

Wildwaters Outdoor Center
1 review

Zoar Valley Canoe & Rafting
1 review

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