Whitewater Paddling Rivers in Ohio

1. Ashtabula
      Stamhoke-Kelloggsville to Ashtabula
      Class II, 4.3 miles
2. Backbone Creek
      Elmwood Road to East Fork of Little Miami River
      Class III-V, 1.5 miles
3. Big Creek
      Girdled Road to Helen Hazen Wyman Park Painesville
      Class III, 7.2 miles
4. Big Indian Creek
      Canter Road to County Road 743
      Class III-IV, 7.9 miles
5. Big Three Mile Creek
      Evertonville to Ellis Run Road
      Class III-IV, 2.25 miles
6. Brushy Fork
      Brushy Fork Road to Stonelick Creek
      Class II-III(IV), 2 miles
7. Caesar Creek
      Caesar Creek Lake to Little Miami River
      Class II+, 2.8 miles
8. Chagrin River
      Rogers Road to Daniels Park
      Class I, 7.7 miles
9. Chagrin River - Aurora Branch
      Chagrin Reservation
      Class III-IV, 1.55 miles
10. Chagrin River - East Branch
      Mitchell Mills Road to Daniels Park
      Class II, 4.7 miles
11. Chippewa Creek
      Rt. 82 to Brecksville Reservation
      Class V, 1.65 miles
12. Clear Fork of Mohican
      Pleasant Hill Reservoir to Black Fork
      Class II, 4.9 miles
13. Cuyahoga River
      Kent to Munroe Falls
      Class II(III), 0.25 miles
14. Cuyahoga River
      Broad Blvd to Front St
      Class V, 1 miles
15. Cuyahoga River
      Ohio Edison Dam to Cascade Valley Metro Park
      Class III-IV, 1 miles
16. Cuyahoga River
      Ira Road to Route 303
      Class I, 6.8 miles
17. Cuyahoga River
      Route 303 to Boston Mills Road
      Class I-II, 2.7 miles
18. Grand River
      Harpersfield Dam to Hidden Valley
      Class I-II, 8 miles
19. Great Miami River
      50 Hole
      Class I, 0 miles
20. Hall's Creek
      Shawhan Road to Hall's Creek Road
      Class III+(IV), 1.25 miles
21. Hershel Run
      Belfast Road to Stonelick Creek
      Class III-IV, 1.35 miles
22. Hocking River
      1/4 mile above Rock Mill Road to Mt Zion Road
      Class II-IV, 0.75 miles
23. Horner Run
      Cook Road to I-275
      Class III-IV, 1 miles
24. Kellogg Creek
      Grand River Tributary
      Class IV, 2 miles
25. Kokosing River
      Gambier to Walhonding River
      Class I-II, 12 miles
26. Lake Erie
      Edgewater Park
      Class -blank-, 2 miles
27. Lee's Creek
      Rt. 28 to Rattlesnake Creek
      Class III, 2.2 miles
28. Licking River
      Newark to Rock Haven Park
      Class I, 8.6 miles
29. Licking River
      Ridgely Tract to Dillon Falls
      Class II, 4.2 miles
30. Little Beaver Creek
      Lusk Lock to State Park
      Class I-II, 5.5 miles
31. Little Beaver Creek
      State Park to Fredericktown
      Class I-II, 7 miles
32. Little Beaver Creek
      Fredricktown to Ohio River
      Class I-II, 8 miles
33. Little Miami River
      Clifton Gorge
      Class II-IV, 1.3 miles
34. Little Miami River
      Kelly Nature Preserve to St Route 126
      Class I, 0.5 miles
35. Mad River
      Huffman Dam
      Class II+, 0 miles
36. Massie's Creek
      Class III, 0.5 miles
37. Maumee River
      Grand Rapids
      Class -blank-, 2 miles
38. Maumee River
      Boat launch to I-475 bridge
      Class I-II(III), 5.5 miles
39. Olentangy River
      Delaware Recycling Plant to Chapman Road pull-off
      Class II, 4 miles
40. Paine Creek
      Grand River Tributary
      Class II-III(V), 3 miles
41. Paint Creek
      Paint Creek Reservoir to Route 41 Bridge
      Class I-II(III), 7 miles
42. Portage River
      Woodville to Elmore
      Class I-II, 4 miles
43. Rattlesnake Creek
      Fishback Road to St. Route 28
      Class II(IV), 3 miles
44. Rocky Fork
      Hickman to Licking River
      Class I, 10 miles
45. Rocky Fork Creek
      McCoppin Mill Road to Paint Creek
      Class II, 7.5 miles
46. Rocky River - North Branch
      Nichols Road to Granger Road
      Class II-III, 4 miles
47. Rocky River - West Branch
      Sprague to Cedar Point Road
      Class II-III, 5.5 miles
48. Sandusky River
      Milldam in Tiffin to CR 38
      Class II-III, 3.5 miles
49. Sandusky River
      Ballville Dam to golf course
      Class II(III), 0.3 miles
50. Scioto River
      O'Shaughnessy Dam
      Class IV, 1 miles
51. Second Creek
      State Route 132 to Confluence with Todd's Fork
      Class II-III, 3.25 miles
52. Stonelick Creek
      St. Route 131 to St. Route 132
      Class III-IV, 4.5 miles
53. Straight Creek
      St Route 125 to Straight Creek Road
      Class II-III, 6 miles
54. Tinker's Creek
      Pleasant Valley to Tinker's reservation
      Class IV-V, 4.65 miles
55. Vermilion River
      Class I(II), 9 miles
56. Vermilion River
      Class I(II), 8 miles
57. Vermilion River
      Below Mill Hollow
      Class I, 5.5 miles
58. Wakatomica Creek
      to Muskingum River
      Class II+, 12 miles
59. White Oak Creek
      White Oak Valley Road to Georgetown Dam
      Class II-IV, 7.5 miles
60. Yellow Creek
      Ghent to Cuyahoga River
      Class II(III), 4.3 miles
61. Historic New Richmond
      Clermont County
62. Real Adventure
      Franklin County

Big Creek
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Big Indian Creek
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Brushy Fork
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Caesar Creek
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Chagrin River - Aurora Branch
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Chagrin River - East Branch
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Chippewa Creek
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Clear Fork of Mohican
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Cuyahoga River
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Cuyahoga River
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Great Miami River
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Hall's Creek
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Horner Run
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Kokosing River
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Licking River
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Little Beaver Creek
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Little Miami River
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Maumee River
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Maumee River
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Olentangy River
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Portage River
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Rocky River - North Branch
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Rocky River - West Branch
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Yellow Creek
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Real Adventure
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