Whitewater Paddling Rivers in Oregon

1. Abiqua Creek
      Abiqua Falls to Abiqua Road
      Class II-III, 7.5 miles
2. Alsea River
      Mill Creek Park to Tidewater
      Class I-II, 32 miles
3. Alsea River - North Fork
      Three Miles below Klickitat Lake to North Fork Bridge
      Class IV-V+, 6.5 miles
4. Alsea River - North Fork
      North Fork Bridge to Mill Creek Park
      Class I, 5 miles
5. Alsea River - South Fork
      Hubert McBee Memorial Park to Rock Quarry Weir
      Class II-III, 6 miles
6. Big Butte Creek
      Butte Falls to Netherlands Road
      Class III-IV, 9.5 miles
7. Blue River
      Quentin Creek to Blue River Reservoir
      Class IV-V, 4 miles
8. Breitenbush River
      Cleator Bend Campground to Detroit Lake
      Class IV, 8.2 miles
9. Brice Creek
      Parker Falls to Champion Creek
      Class IV-V, 4.5 miles
10. Brice Creek
      Champion Creek to Cedar Creek Campground
      Class IV-V, 5 miles
11. Bull Run
      Bull Run Road to Sandy River
      Class III, 2.5 miles
12. Butte Creek
      Fault Line to Oregon 213
      Class III-IV, 7.5 miles
13. Calapooia River
      22 miles above Holley to 13 Mile Bridge
      Class IV, 9 miles
14. Calapooia River
      13 miles above Holley to Concrete Bridge
      Class III, 9.5 miles
15. Calapooia River
      Concrete Bridge above Holley to McKercher Park
      Class II, 10 miles
16. Calapooia River
      McKercher Park to Brownsville
      Class I, 7 miles
17. Canal Creek
      1.2 mi above Quartzville Creek
      Class IV-V, 1.2 miles
18. Canyon Creek
      Confluence with Pass Creek to Steamboat Creek
      Class III-IV, 9 miles
19. Canyon Creek
      7 Mile Bridge to South Santiam River
      Class V, 7 miles
20. Champion Creek
      Gorge 1 mile above Brice Creek to Brice Creek
      Class IV-V, 1.1 miles
21. Chetco River
      Class III-IV(V), 8.7 miles
22. Christy Creek
      to Confluence with Willamette
      Class III-V(V+), 9 miles
23. Clackamas River
      June Creek Br. to Collawash River
      Class III-IV, 8 miles
24. Clackamas River
      Collawash River to Three Lynx Power Station
      Class -blank-, 9.2 miles
25. Clackamas River
      Three Lynx Power Station to North Fork Reservoir
      Class III-IV, 12.5 miles
26. Clackamas River
      McIver Park to Mouth
      Class II, 21.8 miles
27. Clackamas River - Oak Grove Fork
      Lower Five Miles to Clackamas River
      Class III-V(V+), 5 miles
28. Clackamas River - South Fork
      South Fork Clackamas Falls
      Class V+, 0 miles
29. Clear Creek
      Oregon 211 to Redland Road
      Class II-III, 7.8 miles
30. Collawash River
      Elk Lake Creek to river mile 5.5
      Class III-IV(V), 5 miles
31. Collawash River
      Mile 5.5 bridge to Two Rivers Picnic Area
      Class IV, 5.5 miles
32. Coos River - South Fork
      Johnson Beach to below Mile 7 Bridge
      Class II-III, 6.1 miles
33. Copland Creek
      Second Bridge to North Umpqua
      Class IV(V), 5.7 miles
34. Coquille River - South Fork
      South Fork Bridge to Myrtle Grove
      Class II-IV, 7.7 miles
35. Coquille River - South Fork
      Myrtle Grove Camp Ground to Milepost 3
      Class IV-V, 5.5 miles
36. Coquille River - South Fork
      2 Miles Above Powers to Baker Creek
      Class II-IV, 6.3 miles
37. Crabtree Creek
      Snow Peak Camp to Larwood Park
      Class III-IV, 10 miles
38. Crabtree Creek
      Roaring River to South Santiam River
      Class I-II, 15.5 miles
39. Crooked River
      Lone Pine Bridge to Crooked River Ranch
      Class III-IV, 18 miles
40. Crooked River
      Crooked River Ranch to Billy Chinook Reservoir
      Class III+(V), 9 miles
41. Deschutes River
      Wickiup Dam to Pringle Falls
      Class I-IV, 9 miles
42. Deschutes River
      Pringle Falls to Big River Campground
      Class I-II, 16 miles
43. Deschutes River
      Big River Campground to Benham Falls
      Class I-V, 18 miles
44. Deschutes River
      Benham Falls to Dillon Falls
      Class I-V(V+), 2.5 miles
45. Deschutes River
      Dillon Falls to Lava Island Falls
      Class III, 2.5 miles
46. Deschutes River
      Lava Island Falls to Mount Bachelor Village
      Class IV-V+, 6 miles
47. Deschutes River
      Bend to Tumalo State Park
      Class IV, 5.2 miles
48. Deschutes River
      Tumalo State Park to Cline Falls State Park
      Class III, 14.5 miles
49. Deschutes River
      Cline Falls State Park to Lower Bridge
      Class III, 11.5 miles
50. Deschutes River
      Lower Bridge to Billy Chinook Reservoir
      Class IV+, 15 miles
51. Deschutes River
      US 26 to Sherars Falls
      Class III, 53 miles
52. Deschutes River
      Sherar's Falls to Columbia River
      Class III, 44 miles
53. Drift Creek
      Meadow Creek to 3 miles above mouth
      Class II-III, 17 miles
54. Eagle Creek
      Fish Hatchery to Eagle Creek Road
      Class II-V+, 11 miles
55. Elk River
      Slate Creek to Elk River Hatchery
      Class III-IV, 6.5 miles
56. Elkhorn Creek
      to confluence with Little North Santiam
      Class III-V, 10 miles
57. Fall Creek
      Portland Creek to Fall Creek Reservoir
      Class III-IV, 8 miles
58. Fall Creek
      Fall Creek Dam to Willamette River
      Class I-II, 5 miles
59. Grande Ronde River
      Tony Vey Meadow to Red Bridge State Park
      Class II-IV, 17 miles
60. Grande Ronde River
      Red Bridge State Park to Hilgard Junction State Park
      Class II, 8 miles
61. Grande Ronde River
      Hilgard Junction State Park to Riverside City Park
      Class II-IV, 9 miles
62. Grande Ronde River
      Riverside City Park to Elgin
      Class I, 32 miles
63. Grande Ronde River
      Elgin to Palmer Junction
      Class II-IV, 13 miles
64. Grande Ronde River
      Wallowa River to Grande Ronde River
      Class II-III, 46 miles
65. Grande Ronde River
      Troy to Boggan's Oasis
      Class II-III, 19.5 miles
66. Grande Ronde River
      Boggan's Oasis to Snake River
      Class II-IV, 27 miles
67. Grave Creek
      Six Miles to confluence With Rogue River
      Class III, 6 miles
68. Hills Creek
      6 mi above Reservoir
      Class IV, 6 miles
69. Hood River
      Tucker Bridge to Hood River Marina
      Class III, 5 miles
70. Hood River - East Fork
      Dee to bridge Below Tucker Park
      Class III-IV, 7.5 miles
71. Hood River - Lake Branch
      3 miles above West Fork to Confluence with West Fork
      Class IV-V, 3 miles
72. Hood River - West Fork
      White Bridge Park to East Fork Hood River
      Class IV-V, 6.5 miles
73. Horse Creek
      above Separation Creek to McKenzie River
      Class III, 11 miles
74. Illinois River
      Highway 199 to Miami Bar
      Class II-III, 17 miles
75. Illinois River
      Miami Bar to Oak Flat
      Class IV(V), 31 miles
76. Imnaha River
      to Snake Lake
      Class III-IV, -blank- miles
77. Jackson Creek
      Cover Camp to FS 31
      Class III-IV, 8 miles
78. Jackson Creek
      NF300 to Cover Camp
      Class IV(V), 8 miles
79. Jenny Creek
      Ashland Oregon to Iron Gate Reservoir California
      Class IV-V+, 14 miles
80. John Day River
      Service Creek to Clarno
      Class II, 47 miles
81. John Day River
      Clarno to Cottonwood
      Class II-III, 69 miles
82. John Day River - North Fork
      Route 52 Bridge to Dale
      Class II-III, 41 miles
83. John Day River - North Fork
      Dale to Monument
      Class II, 44 miles
84. Jordan Creek
      Headwaters to Wilson River
      Class III+(IV), 6.5 miles
85. Kilchis River - North Fork
      Headwaters to Little South Fork Kilchis River
      Class II-III, 6.5 miles
86. Klamath River
      Keno Dam to JC Boyle Reservoir
      Class III, 5.5 miles
87. Klamath River
      JC Boyle Dam to Powerhouse
      Class IV+, 5 miles
88. Klamath River
      JC Boyle Powerhouse to Copco Reservoir
      Class III-IV+, 17 miles
89. Lake Creek
      Deadwood Creek to Siuslaw River
      Class II-IV, 5.5 miles
90. Layng Creek
      Rujada Campground to Wildwood Falls
      Class IV, 5 miles
91. Little River
      FS Road 165 to White Creek Campground
      Class -blank-, 8 miles
92. Little Sandy River
      Bridge on FS 14 to SE Marmot Road
      Class -blank-, 10 miles
93. Lookout Creek
      2.5 miles above Blue River to Blue River
      Class III-IV, 2.5 miles
94. Marion Creek
      Gooch Falls
      Class IV(V), 7 miles
95. Marys River
      Wren to Philomath
      Class I-II, 10.5 miles
96. McKenzie River
      Leaburg Dam to Hayden Bridge
      Class II, 24 miles
97. McKenzie River
      Olallie Campground to Leaburg Dam
      Class II-III, 40.7 miles
98. McKenzie River - South Fork
      Dutch Oven Camp to Cougar Reservoir
      Class III-IV, 6.2 miles
99. Metolius River
      Riverside Forest Campground to Lake Billy Chinook
      Class III-IV, 28.5 miles
100. Mill Creek
      Buell County Park to Yamhill River
      Class I-II, 7 miles
101. Mill Creek
      Upper Bridge to Mill Creek County Park
      Class III-IV, 5.6 miles
102. Millicoma River - West Fork
      Above Allegany
      Class III-IV, 6 miles
103. Mohawk River
      Mohawk River Road to Hileman Road
      Class II-III, 5.8 miles
104. Molalla River
      Table Rock Fork to Glen Avon Bridge
      Class II-IV, 13 miles
105. Mollala River - North Fork
      Dead Horse Canyon Creek Bridge to Mollola River
      Class V, 6 miles
106. Mollala River - South Fork
      Copper Creek to Molalla River
      Class III-IV, 6.5 miles
107. Nehalem River
      Spruce Run Park to Nehalem Falls
      Class III, 14.2 miles
108. Nehalem River
      Upper Nehalem to Vernonia
      Class I-II, 10 miles
109. Nehalem River
      Vernonia to Birkenfeld
      Class I(II), 25.9 miles
110. Nestucca River
      Rocky Bend Camp to Blaine
      Class III-IV, 7.9 miles
111. Nestucca River
      Blaine to Hebo
      Class II, 13.6 miles
112. Owyhee River
      Three Forks to Rome
      Class III-IV(V), 37 miles
113. Owyhee River
      Rome to Owyhee Reservoir
      Class III-IV, 65 miles
114. Owyhee River
      Garat Crossing to Three Forks
      Class III+(V+), 65 miles
115. Quartz Creek
      Quartz Creek Road Mile 7.5 Bridge to Mile 2 Bridge
      Class II-IV, 5 miles
116. Quartzville Creek
      Above Gregg Creek to Green Peter Reservoir
      Class IV-V, 14 miles
117. Roaring River
      Road 4611 to Roaring River Campground
      Class III-IV, 3 miles
118. Rock Creek
      Above Rock Creek Fish Hatchery
      Class V+, 5 miles
119. Rock Creek
      Keasey to mouth
      Class I-II(III), 12.2 miles
120. Rogue River
      Above Nugget Falls to Gold Hill Boat Ramp
      Class II-IV, 2 miles
121. Rogue River
      Grave Creek to Foster Bar
      Class II-III, 34 miles
122. Rogue River - North Fork
      Mill Creek Falls to Lost Creek Lake
      Class IV(V+), 3.3 miles
123. Rogue River - North Fork
      Natural Bridge to Woodruff Bridge
      Class IV, 3 miles
124. Rogue River - North Fork
      River Bridge to North Fork Park
      Class III, 6 miles
125. Row River
      Dorena Dam to Scaling Station Bridge
      Class II-III, 5 miles
126. Row River
      Wildwood Falls to Dorena Reservoir
      Class III, 7 miles
127. Salmon Creek
      Top of Upper Salmon Creek Gorge to Oakridge
      Class II-V, 12 miles
128. Salt Creek
      McCredie Hot Springs to Rigdon Road Bridge
      Class III-IV, 7.2 miles
129. Sandy River
      McNeil Campground to Lolo Pass Road
      Class IV, 4.5 miles
130. Sandy River
      Lolo Pass Road to Marmot Dam
      Class II-III, 13.5 miles
131. Sandy River
      Marmot Dam to Revenue Bridge
      Class III-IV, 6.5 miles
132. Sandy River
      Revenue Bridge to Oxbow Park
      Class II, 13.5 miles
133. Santiam River - Little North
      Salmon Falls to Elkhorn Park
      Class II-III, 6.5 miles
134. Santiam River - Little North
      Elkhorn Valley Campground to North Santiam River
      Class II-III, 10 miles
135. Santiam River - Middle
      Pyramid Creek to Green Peter Reservoir
      Class III-IV, 15.5 miles
136. Santiam River - Middle
      Green Peter Dam to Foster Reservoir
      Class IV, 2 miles
137. Santiam River - North
      Bruno Mt. Road Bridge to Detroit Reservoir
      Class III-IV, 7.3 miles
138. Santiam River - North
      Big Cliff Dam to Packsaddle Park
      Class III-V, 4.7 miles
139. Santiam River - North
      Packsaddle Park to Mill City
      Class II-III+, 8 miles
140. Santiam River - South
      Mountain House to Foster Reservoir
      Class III-V+, 16.5 miles
141. Santiam River - South
      Foster Dam to Waterloo
      Class II, 13.8 miles
142. Sharps Creek
      7 mi above Layng Ck confluence
      Class II-III, 7 miles
143. Siletz River
      Elk Creek to Moonshine Park
      Class III-IV, 10.8 miles
144. Silver Creek
      North Falls to Lower putin
      Class V+, 2 miles
145. Silver Creek
      Silver Falls State Park to Silver Creek Reservoir
      Class IV(V), 8 miles
146. Siuslaw River
      Lake Creek to Close to Mapleton
      Class II-III, 6.5 miles
147. Snake River
      Hells Canyon Dam to Washington Border
      Class II-IV, 71.5 miles
148. Squaw Creek
      FS 1514 Bridge to Gaging Station
      Class IV+, 6.5 miles
149. Steamboat Creek
      City Creek to Steamboat Falls
      Class II+(IV), 9.5 miles
150. Steamboat Creek
      Steamboat Falls to Canton Creek Campground
      Class IV, 6 miles
151. Thomas Creek
      Below Thomas Creek Falls to Log Bridge
      Class III-IV, 5.2 miles
152. Thomas Creek
      Log Bridge to Hannah Bridge
      Class II, 9.6 miles
153. Trask River
      Fish Hatchery to Upper Peninsula Boat Ramp
      Class III, 6.7 miles
154. Trask River
      John Boyle Power Plant to Copco Lake
      Class IV-V, 15 miles
155. Trask River - North Fork
      North Fork of Trask River to Bridge
      Class III, 8 miles
156. Umpqua River
      Confluence of North and South Umpqua to Scottsburg
      Class I-II, 84 miles
157. Umpqua River
      Sawyers Rapids
      Class II-III, 2.3 miles
158. Umpqua River - North
      Soda Springs to Deadline Falls
      Class III, 25.5 miles
159. Umpqua River - North
      Idleyld Park to confluence with South Umpqua
      Class II(III), 34.5 miles
160. Umpqua River - South
      Campbell Falls to Three C Rock
      Class III-IV, 12 miles
161. Umpqua River - South
      Three C Rocks to MP 22
      Class III-IV, 8.5 miles
162. Umpqua River - South
      MP 22 to Days Creek
      Class II-IV, 13.5 miles
163. Umpqua River - South
      Canyonville Park to Lawson Bar
      Class II-III, 5 miles
164. Umpqua River - South
      Lawson Bar to Myrtle Ck
      Class I-II, 9 miles
165. White River
      Barlow Crossing to Keeps Mill
      Class III-IV, 6 miles
166. White River
      Keeps Mill to Victor Road Bridge
      Class III-IV, 12 miles
167. White River
      Victor Road Bridge to Tygh Valley
      Class II-III, 11.3 miles
168. White River
      Celestial Falls
      Class V, 0.25 miles
169. Wiley Creek
      Above Wiley Creek Gorge to Little Wiley Creek Confluence
      Class IV-V, 6 miles
170. Willamette River
      Coast Fork / Middle Fork confluence to Alton Baker Park
      Class II-III, 4.8 miles
171. Willamette River
      Alton Baker Park to Peoria Boat Landing
      Class I, 36 miles
172. Willamette River - Middle Fork
      Dexter Dam to confluence with Coast Fork Willamette
      Class II, 10.8 miles
173. Willamette River - Middle Fork
      Hills Creek Dam to Lookout Point Reservoir
      Class II, 12.5 miles
174. Willamette River - North Fork of Middle Fork
      to Westfir
      Class IV-V, 13.5 miles
175. Wilson River
      Jones Creek Forest Camp to Boatramp
      Class II-IV, 16.6 miles
176. Wilson River - Devil's Lake Fork
      Six miles West of Glenwood to main stem Wilson
      Class IV, 4.6 miles
177. Wilson River - North Fork
      West fork North Fork confluence to Jones Creek Bridge on Wilson
      Class III, 3.8 miles
178. Wilson River - South Fork
      Upper Reaches to Devils Lake Fork
      Class II(IV), 8 miles
179. Wilson River - West Fork of North Fork
      1 mile above North Fork confluence to National Forest confluence
      Class III, 1 miles
180. Winberry Creek
      South / North Fork Confluence to Forest Service bridge
      Class III+(V), 4 miles
181. Yamhill River - South
      Grand Ronde to Sheridan
      Class II-III, 15.3 miles
182. Zigzag River
      Tollgate to Sandy River
      Class III-IV, 3.2 miles
183. 62 Marketplace & Rafting
      Jackson County
184. A Helfrich Outfitter
      Lane County
185. AAAA River Rider
      Hood River County
186. Adventure Specialist
      Lane County
187. All-Star Outfitters
      Lane County
188. Bradbury's Raft Rentals
      Josephine County
189. Canyon Outfitters
      Baker County
190. Caster's Guide Service
      Benton County
191. Deschutes River Adventures
      Wasco County
192. Deschutes U-Boat
      Wasco County
193. Deschutes White Water Service
      Wasco County
194. Destination Wilderness
      Deschutes County
195. Destination Wilderness
      Clackamas County
196. Destination Wilderness
      Josephine County
197. ECHO River Trips
      Hood River County
198. Fishin Hole
      Jackson County
199. Galice Resort & Raft Trips
      Josephine County
200. Get WETT Rafting
      Jackson County
201. High Country Expedition
      -blank- County
202. Imperial River Company
      Wasco County
203. JUSTUS Outfitters
      Lane County
204. Linda River Shuttle
      Wasco County
205. Mc Kenzie River Adventures
      Lane County
206. Momentum River Expeditions
      Jackson County
207. Noah's Rafting & Fishing Trips
      Jackson County
208. North Umpqua Outfitters
      Douglas County
209. Northwest Rafting Company
      Hood River County
210. Deactivated Listing
      Josephine County
211. ON the Edge Adventures
      Clackamas County
212. Orange Torpedo Trips
      Josephine County
213. Oregon River Experiences
      Clackamas County
214. Oregon River Sports
      Lane County
215. Oregon Whitewater Adventures
      Lane County
216. Osprey Adventures Rafting
      Deschutes County
217. Ouzel Outfitters River Trips
      Deschutes County
218. Portland River Company
      Multnomah County
219. Raft Rite Rentals
      Jackson County
220. Rapid Pleasure Raft Rental
      Jackson County
221. Rapid River Rafters
      Deschutes County
222. Reachout Expeditions
      Clackamas County
223. River Dance Raft Rentals & Sales
      Josephine County
224. River Drifters
      Wasco County
225. River RUN Oregon
      Benton County
226. River Trails Deschutes
      Wasco County
227. Rogue Klamath River Adventures
      Jackson County
228. Rogue Klamath River Adventures
      Jackson County
229. Rogue Rafting
      Jackson County
230. Rogue River Raft Trips
      Josephine County
231. Rose City Wood Products
      Coos County
232. Sage Canyon River
      Wasco County
233. Share-A-Raft
      Wasco County
234. Sun Country Tours
      Deschutes County
235. TRT Raft Rental & Sales
      Union County
236. Wild Water Adventures
      Lane County
237. Wilderness River Outfitters
      Lane County
238. YD Adventures
      Washington County

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Umpqua River - North
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Willamette River - Middle Fork
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62 Marketplace & Rafting
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A Helfrich Outfitter
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AAAA River Rider
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All-Star Outfitters
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Caster's Guide Service
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Deschutes River Adventures
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Deschutes U-Boat
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Destination Wilderness
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ECHO River Trips
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Fishin Hole
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Galice Resort & Raft Trips
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High Country Expedition
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Imperial River Company
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Linda River Shuttle
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Mc Kenzie River Adventures
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Momentum River Expeditions
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Noah's Rafting & Fishing Trips
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North Umpqua Outfitters
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Northwest Rafting Company
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Deactivated Listing
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ON the Edge Adventures
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Orange Torpedo Trips
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Oregon River Experiences
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Oregon River Sports
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Oregon Whitewater Adventures
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Ouzel Outfitters River Trips
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Portland River Company
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River Drifters
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River Trails Deschutes
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Rogue Klamath River Adventures
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Rogue Klamath River Adventures
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Rogue River Raft Trips
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Sage Canyon River
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Wild Water Adventures
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