Whitewater Paddling Rivers in Tennessee

1. Abrams Creek
      Cades Cove to US Route 127
      Class I-III, 18 miles
2. Bald River
      ForkSouth 126 bridge to Bald River Falls
      Class II-IV(V), 6 miles
3. Basin Creek
      Jeep Trail to Fall Creek
      Class V, 3 miles
4. Bee Creek
      Bee Creek to Caney Fork
      Class III-V, 8 miles
5. Big Brush Creek
      Bridge on FS road off Highway 8/111 to Highway 127
      Class III-V+, 8.5 miles
6. Big Creek
      FR221/Peavine Road to US64
      Class III-IV+, 5.9 miles
7. Big Fiery Gizzard Creek
      Tracy City section
      Class III-V, 12 miles
8. Big Sewee River
      Highway 58 bridge to Decatur-Watts Bar Road
      Class I(II), 4 miles
9. Blackburn Fork
      TN 6294 to Roaring River
      Class II-III, 19.9 miles
10. Bledsoe Creek
      Ford west of Greenfield Road to Old Union Recreation Area
      Class I-II, 5 miles
11. Board Camp Creek
      Jones Gap Road to Soddy Creek
      Class IV-V, -blank- miles
12. Brush Creek
      Seventh Day Adventist Compound to Roaring Creek
      Class V+, 1.3 miles
13. Buffalo River
      Murphy Bridge to Topsy Bridge
      Class I(II), 25 miles
14. Cain Creek
      Barker Camp Road to Bowater Parking lot
      Class IV-V, 6 miles
15. Cain Creek
      Fall Creek Falls State Park to Highway 30
      Class II-V+, 8 miles
16. Caney Fork
      Rock Island State Park - Bridge above Blue Hole picnic area to picnic area
      Class II-IV(V), 1 miles
17. Caney Fork
      Clifty Bridge to Bee Creek
      Class III-V, 9.1 miles
18. Caney Fork
      Bee Creek to Collins River
      Class I-III, 27.1 miles
19. Citico Creek
      Indian Boundary to Below Pigs in Space
      Class III-IV, 4 miles
20. Citico Creek
      Doublecamp to Little Tennessee River
      Class II-III, 17 miles
21. Clear Creek
      US 127 to Barnett Bridge
      Class I-II, 21 miles
22. Clear Creek
      Barnett Bridge to Jett Bridge
      Class I-III, 4.5 miles
23. Clear Creek
      Jett to Lilly
      Class II-III, 2.5 miles
24. Clear Creek
      Lilly to Nemo
      Class II-IV, 7.5 miles
25. Clear Fork
      Gatewood Bridge to Brewster Bridge
      Class I-II, 12 miles
26. Clear Fork
      Brewster Bridge to Burnt Mill Bridge
      Class II+, 10 miles
27. Cumberland River - Clear Fork
      Highway 90 bridge to Sandy Beach Cove
      Class II-III, 3 miles
28. Clear Fork - North Prong
      Old Sunbright to Banner Springs
      Class III-IV, -blank- miles
29. Clear Fork - North Prong
      Banner Springs to Gatewood Bridge
      Class I-II, 7 miles
30. Clifty Creek
      Eastland Road to Caney Fork
      Class V, 0.98 miles
31. Coal Bank
      Class -blank-, 1 miles
32. Coker Creek
      Highway 68 to Hiwassee River
      Class III-IV(V), 6 miles
33. Conasauga River
      Jacks River to US 411 Bridge
      Class II-III, 10.1 miles
34. Conasauga Creek
      FR 341 to Holly Springs Road Bridge
      Class III-IV(V+), 3 miles
35. Cooper Creek
      Barker Camp Road to Bowater Parking Lot
      Class IV-V+, 5 miles
36. Cove Creek
      Class II-IV, 1.5 miles
37. Crab Orchard Creek
      Flat Rock Ford to Oakdale
      Class II-IV, 13.5 miles
38. Crooked Fork Creek
      Potter's Falls to Camp Austin
      Class III-IV, 6.2 miles
39. Crooked Fork Creek
      US 27 to Potter's Falls
      Class IV-V, 2 miles
40. Cumberland River - Big South Fork
      Burnt Mill Bridge over Clear Fork to Bridge at Leatherwood Ford
      Class II-IV, 10.2 miles
41. Cumberland River - Big South Fork
      Leatherwood Ford to Blue Heron Kentucky
      Class II+(IV), 19 miles
42. Daddy's Creek
      Big Lick to Sutton Dam
      Class I-II, 17.5 miles
43. Daddy's Creek
      Sutton Dam to Antioch Bridge
      Class I-II, 13 miles
44. Daddy's Creek
      Antioch Bridge to Devils Breakfast Table Bridge
      Class III-V, 6.8 miles
45. Deep Creek
      Mowbray to Soddy
      Class V, 1.75 miles
46. Doe River
      Crabtree to Blevins Bridge on Bear Gauge Road
      Class II-III, 4.6 miles
47. Doe River
      Blevins Bridge on Bear Cage Road to Highway 19E bridge
      Class III-IV, 5.7 miles
48. Doe River
      Hampton to Elizabethton
      Class II-III, 8.5 miles
49. Doe River - Laurel Fork
      Dennis Cove to Hampton
      Class IV-V(V+), 5 miles
50. Doublecamp Creek
      to Citico Creek
      Class IV, 3.17 miles
51. Dunlap Creek
      Jolley Road to Piney River
      Class III-IV, 5.5 miles
52. Duskin Creek
      Gap Road to Piney River at Spring City
      Class III-IV, 2 miles
53. Elk River
      Route 2520 to US 321 bridge Close to Elk Mills
      Class II-III, 4.3 miles
54. Elk River
      Big Falls to Poga Rd
      Class IV-V, 5 miles
55. Emory River
      Coal loading facility at base of Ligias Ridge to Gobey Bridge
      Class II-IV, 6.5 miles
56. Emory River
      Emory River Canyon - Highway 62 to Nemo
      Class II-III, 7 miles
57. Emory River
      Gobey Bridge to Oakdale
      Class II-IV, 21.2 miles
58. Fall Creek
      Ozone Falls to White's Creek
      Class II-IV, 6 miles
59. Falling Water Creek
      Waldens Ridge to Soddy Daisy
      Class IV-V+, 2.5 miles
60. Flat Creek
      Highway 136 to Roaring River
      Class II-III, 11.3 miles
61. French Broad
      Del Rio to Bridgeport Market
      Class I-II(III), 8.5 miles
62. French Broad
      Hot Springs to Highway 107 at Del Rio
      Class I-III, 18 miles
63. Gee Creek
      hike up back to parking area
      Class IV-V, 1 miles
64. Goforth Creek
      to Ocoee
      Class IV-V, 5 miles
65. Hall Branch
      Camp Austin road to Emory River
      Class III-IV+, 1 miles
66. Henderson Cr
      Liberty Hill Road to Laurel
      Class V, 7 miles
67. Hiwassee River
      Appalachia Dam to Appalachia Powerhouse
      Class III-IV, 4.8 miles
68. Hiwassee River
      Appalachia Powerhouse to Bridge at Reliance
      Class II, 5.8 miles
69. Holston River
      South Holston Dam to Boone Lake
      Class I-II, 10 miles
70. Hurricane Creek
      Camp Ground Road to East Fork Obey
      Class IV-V, 4 miles
71. Island Creek
      Catoosa Bridge to Emory River
      Class III-IV+, 2 miles
72. Island Creek
      Catoosa Road to Catoosa Bridge
      Class III-IV, 6 miles
73. Laurel Creek
      to Tellico right below Turkey Creek Confluence
      Class V, 0.2 miles
74. Little River
      Huskey Gap Branch to Elkmont C.Highway
      Class III-IV, 2.2 miles
75. Little River
      Bridge at Elkmont to Sinks
      Class II-III, 7 miles
76. Little River
      Sinks to Elbow
      Class III-IV+, 3.5 miles
77. Little River
      Elbow to Townsend
      Class II-III, 2.6 miles
78. Little River
      Townsend to Dam at Melrose
      Class II, 10 miles
79. Little River
      Dam at Melrose to Tennessee River
      Class I, 22 miles
80. Little Brush Creek
      To Route 111 right past Dunlap
      Class IV-V, 2.5 miles
81. Little Clear Creek
      Highway 62 to Lily
      Class IV-V, 3 miles
82. Little Emory River
      Ford Close to Right Fork to Kring Hollow Road
      Class II-III, 4 miles
83. Little Fiery Gizzard Creek
      Into Big Fiery Gizzard Creek
      Class III-IV, 0.85 miles
84. Little Harpeth River
      Granny White Pike to Highway 100
      Class I(II), 7 miles
85. Little Hurricane Creek
      Muddy Pond Road to Hurricane Creek
      Class IV-V, 1.5 miles
86. Little Loss Creek
      into Big Loss Creek
      Class -blank-, 2 miles
87. Little Pigeon River - Middle Prong
      Ramsey Prong/ Eagle Rocks Prong confluence to Bridge at Trailhead
      Class V, 1.4 miles
88. Little Pigeon River - Middle Prong
      Ramsey's Cascade trailhead to Porters Creek confluence
      Class IV+, 1.5 miles
89. Little Pigeon River - Middle Prong
      Picnic Grounds at Greenbrier Ranger Station to Highway 73
      Class III-IV, 2.7 miles
90. Little Pigeon River - Middle Prong
      Highway 73 to Richardson Cove
      Class II-III, 9.2 miles
91. Little Pigeon River - Middle Prong
      Chimneys Trailhead to Chimneys Picnic Area
      Class V, 1.75 miles
92. Little Pigeon River - West Prong
      Chimneys Picnic Area to Campbell Overlook
      Class IV-V, 2.5 miles
93. Little Pigeon River - West Prong
      Campbell Overlook to 1st bridge in Gatlinsburg
      Class II-V, 2.6 miles
94. Little Pigeon River - West Prong
      Gatlinsburg to 1st bridge in Pigeon Forge
      Class II, 6.6 miles
95. Little Pigeon River - West Prong - Roaring Fork
      Roaring Fork Motor Trail
      Class I-IV, 1 miles
96. Little Piney Creek
      Grandview TenNorth to Piney River
      Class III-IV(V+), 1.75 miles
97. Little River - Middle Prong
      Lynn Camp and Thunderhead Prong Confluence to Tremont Institute
      Class III-IV, 3 miles
98. Little River - West Prong
      Cold Water Knob to Cades Cove Road
      Class III-IV, 6 miles
99. Little River - West Prong
      Confluence with Laurel Creek to West Prong of Little River
      Class III-IV, 3 miles
100. Little Sequatchie
      Indian Creek to Sequatchie River
      Class II-III, 7 miles
101. Little Soddy Creek
      Hotwater Road to Back Valley Road
      Class IV-V+, 1.6 miles
102. Lynn Camp Prong
      to confluence with Thunderhead Prong
      Class IV-V(V+), 3 miles
103. Mammys Creek
      US 70 to US 27
      Class -blank-, 14 miles
104. McGill Creek
      Hendon Road to Coulterville Road
      Class IV-V, 7 miles
105. Middle Creek
      Rainbow Lake to Tennessee River
      Class -blank-, 1.4 miles
106. Moccasin Creek
      Shut-In Gap Road to Piney River
      Class I-II, 1 miles
107. Morgan Creek
      Snow Falls to Laurel-Snow Parking Lot
      Class V, 1.2 miles
108. Mud Lick Creek
      culvert to Emory River
      Class III+, 1 miles
109. Mullens Creek
      Prentice Cooper State Park to Mullens Cove
      Class IV-V(V+), 4 miles
110. New River
      US 27 Bridge to Clear Fork River
      Class II-III, 8.9 miles
111. Nolichucky River
      Big Rocks
      Class II+(III), 0 miles
112. Nolichucky River
      Nolichucky Gorge Campground to Jackson Love Bridge
      Class I-II(III), 3 miles
113. Nolichucky River
      Poplar North to Nolichucky Gorge Campground
      Class III-IV, 8 miles
114. North Chickamauga Creek
      Double Bridge to put-in for gorge run
      Class II-III, 4 miles
115. North Chickamauga Creek
      Walden Ridge to Soddy-Daisy
      Class IV-V, 12 miles
116. North Chickamauga Creek
      Bowater Parking Area to Highway 27
      Class III-IV, 2 miles
117. North River
      North River Campground to Tellico River
      Class III-IV, 2 miles
118. North White Oak Creek
      Zenith Mines to Leatherwood Ford
      Class II, 7.8 miles
119. Obed River
      US 127 Close to Crossville to Adams Bridge
      Class I-V, 9.6 miles
120. Obed River
      Adams Bridge to Potter's Ford
      Class II-IV, 4 miles
121. Obed River
      Potter's Ford to Obed Junction
      Class I-III, 12 miles
122. Obed River
      Obed Junction to Nemo
      Class II-IV, 10 miles
123. Obed River
      Nemo to Oakdale
      Class I-III, 7 miles
124. Obey River - East Fork
      Cliff Springs to TN 85 Bridge
      Class III-V, 13.8 miles
125. Obey River - East Fork
      Hanging Limb to Highway 85
      Class III-V+, 10 miles
126. Obey River - East Fork
      TN 85 Bridge to Dale Hollow Lake
      Class I-II, 37 miles
127. Obey River - West Fork
      TN 85n Bridge to Dale Hollow Lake
      Class II, 15.5 miles
128. Ocoee River
      #2 Dam to #2 Powerhouse
      Class III+, 5 miles
129. Ocoee River
      Ocoee #3 to Ocoee #2 Dam
      Class III-IV, 5 miles
130. Pigeon River
      Walter's Power Plant at Waterville to Bridge at Hartford
      Class II-III, 4.2 miles
131. Pigeon River
      Bridge at Hartford to Denton
      Class II(III), 4.7 miles
132. Pine Creek
      Close to Toonley to Leatherwood Ford
      Class IV-V, 1.62 miles
133. Pine Creek
      to Center Hill Reservior
      Class III-IV+(V), 1.5 miles
134. Piney Creek
      Highway 70 to Highway 27
      Class III-V, 11.1 miles
135. Piney River
      Wash-Pelfrey Road to Spring City
      Class III-IV+, 10.4 miles
136. Big Possum Creek
      Waldens Ridge to Bakewell
      Class III+(IV), 8.5 miles
137. Little Possum Creek
      Waldens Ridge to Bakewell
      Class V, 6.5 miles
138. Richland Creek
      Old Dayton Reservoir to Laurel-Snow Parking Lot
      Class III-IV(V), 1.5 miles
139. Road Prong
      Third bridge to right above West Prong confluence
      Class V, 0.72 miles
140. Upper Road Prong
      Green Light Falls to Third Bridge
      Class V+, 1.09 miles
141. Roaring Creek
      New Harmony Road to Bridge on Brayton Mountain Rd
      Class III-IV+(V), 6 miles
142. Roaring River
      Highway 135 to Stock Gap Road Bridge
      Class II-III, 7 miles
143. Rock Creek
      Annadel to Highway 62
      Class I-II+(III), 6 miles
144. Rock Creek
      Retro-Hughes Road to Leggett Road bridge
      Class III-IV+, 9 miles
145. Rocky River
      to Caney Fork
      Class -blank-, 7 miles
146. Savage Creek
      Savage Gulf
      Class -blank-, 5.7 miles
147. Soak Creek
      Dirt road off Jewitt Road to Piney River
      Class III-IV, -blank- miles
148. Soddy Creek
      Waldens Ridge to Jones Gap Road
      Class IV-V+, 5.6 miles
149. Spivey Creek
      Little Bald Creek to Tumbling Rich Gap Brook
      Class V+, 1.8 miles
150. Spring Creek
      Highway 42 Close to Rickman to Roaring River
      Class II-V, 28.6 miles
151. Spring Creek
      Waterloo Falls to Spring Creek Community
      Class II-III(IV), 4 miles
152. Stinging Fork
      Stinging Fork Falls to Piney River
      Class IV(V), 7 miles
153. Suck Creek
      Suck Confluence to Knuckle Head
      Class IV-V+, 2 miles
154. North Suck Creek
      pipeline to Suck Confluence
      Class III-IV+(V), 2.4 miles
155. South Suck Creek
      Pipeline to Suck Confluence
      Class IV-V+, 4 miles
156. Tellico River
      Trout Hatchery to Bridge above Bald River
      Class II-III, 8 miles
157. Tellico River
      Bridge above Bald River to bridge below Jared's Knee
      Class III-IV, 2 miles
158. Tellico River
      Bridge below Jared's Knee to Ranger Station
      Class II-III, 5.4 miles
159. Tellico River
      Ranger Station to Tellico Plains
      Class I-III, 4.2 miles
160. Thunderhead Prong
      to confluence with Lynn Camp Prong
      Class IV, 1.5 miles
161. Turkey Creek
      Waucheesi to Tellico River
      Class IV-V, 3 miles
162. Turtletown Creek
      Highway 68 to Hiwassee River
      Class IV-V, 4.2 miles
163. Walker Camp Prong
      Bridge below Alum Cave Creek confluence to Chimney's Trailhead
      Class IV-V, 1.5 miles
164. Watauga
      Guys Ford Bridge to Watauga Lake
      Class IV-V, 4.9 miles
165. Watauga
      Watauga Reservoir to Boone Lake
      Class I-II, 20.6 miles
166. White Creek
      Twin Bridges to Barnett Bridge
      Class I-II, 7 miles
167. White Oak Creek
      Burville Road to Burnt Mill Bridge
      Class II, 21.3 miles
168. White Oak Creek
      Highway 52 to Clear Fork River
      Class I-II, 6 miles
169. White's Creek
      Rt 68 to Possum Trot/Alloway Bridge
      Class III+, 6.5 miles
170. White's Creek
      Possum Trot/Alloway Road to Route 27
      Class III, 6 miles
171. Wildcat Creek
      Source to Tellico River
      Class III-IV+, 4 miles
172. Wolf Creek
      FR to Hiawassee River
      Class IV+, 2.3 miles
173. Woodcock Creek
      Woodcock Gulf to Daus
      Class IV-V+, 6 miles
174. Yellow Creek
      Catoosa Road to Daddy's Creek
      Class III-V, 2 miles
175. Adventures Rafting
      Polk County
176. Adventures Unlimited
      Blount County
177. Adventures Unlimited
      Polk County
178. Big Frog Expeditions
      Polk County
179. Cascade Outdoors
      Polk County
180. Cherokee Adventures
      Unicoi County
181. Cherokee Rafting Service
      Polk County
182. Eagle Ranch On Ice Mountain
      Polk County
183. Five Rivers Adventures
      Cocke County
184. Hiwassee Outfitters
      Polk County
185. Man of Rubber
      Polk County
186. Mountain Adventure Guide
      Unicoi County
187. Nantahala Outdoor Center
      Polk County
188. Ocoee Adventure
      Polk County
189. Ocoee Adventure Center
      Polk County
190. Ocoee Inn Rafting
      Polk County
191. Ocoee Outdoors
      Polk County
192. Ocoee Rafting
      Polk County
193. Outdoor Adventures
      Cocke County
194. Pigeon River Officer
      Cocke County
195. Quest Expeditions
      Polk County
196. Rafting In The Smokies
      Sevier County
197. Rapid Descent River
      Cocke County
198. Rip Roaring Adventures
      Cocke County
199. Southeastern Expeditions
      Polk County
200. Tubing The Elk
      Franklin County
201. USA Raft
      Unicoi County
202. USA Raft
      Cocke County
203. Webb Brothers Float Service Store
      Polk County
204. Wildwater Limited
      Sevier County
205. Wildwater Limited
      Polk County

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Eagle Ranch On Ice Mountain
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Man of Rubber
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Ocoee Inn Rafting
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Ocoee Outdoors
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Ocoee Rafting
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Outdoor Adventures
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Quest Expeditions
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Rafting In The Smokies
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Rapid Descent River
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Southeastern Expeditions
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Tubing The Elk
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USA Raft
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USA Raft
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Webb Brothers Float Service Store
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Wildwater Limited
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