Whitewater Paddling Rivers in Utah

1. Bear River
      Sulphur Campground to Chalk Creek WY
      Class I-IV, 15 miles
2. Big Cottonwood Creek
      Old Mill to 3900 South
      Class I-IV, 8.5 miles
3. Blacks Fork - East Fork
      Guard station off US 150 to Hewinta Guard Station
      Class I-II, 6 miles
4. Blacks Fork - West Fork
      Bridge to confluence with East Fork
      Class I-III, 3.5 miles
5. Blacksmith Fork
      Hardware Ranch to Hyrum City Power Plant
      Class I-III, 9 miles
6. Chalk Creek
      Upton to Coalville
      Class I-II, 15 miles
7. Clear Creek
      Fish Creek confluence to 2 miles downstream
      Class I-III, 2 miles
8. Colorado River
      Loma to Westwater
      Class I-II, 27 miles
9. Colorado River
      Westwater to Rose Ranch
      Class I-IV, 17 miles
10. Colorado River
      Cisco to Moab
      Class I-III, 47 miles
11. Colorado River
      Moab to Powell Reservoir
      Class I-IV, 112 miles
12. Cottonwood Creek
      Joe's Valley Reservoir to Route 29
      Class III-IV, 6 miles
13. Currant Creek
      Dry Hollow to Strawberry River
      Class I-II, 25 miles
14. Dolores River
      Gateway to Colorado River
      Class II+(IV), 30 miles
15. Duchesne River
      Hades Campground to Rock Creek
      Class I-III, 32.5 miles
16. East Canyon Creek
      Jeremy Ranch to 66 Bridge
      Class I-II, 16.5 miles
17. Escalante River
      Calf Creek to Coyote Gulch
      Class I-II, 70 miles
18. Ferron Creek
      to Millsite Reservoir
      Class II-IV, 4.5 miles
19. Fremont River
      Torrey to Waterfall
      Class III-V+, 16 miles
20. Green River
      Canyon of Lodore Colorado to US 40
      Class II-IV, 44 miles
21. Green River
      Flaming Gorge Dam to Swallow Canyon boat ramp
      Class I-III, 27 miles
22. Green River
      Flaming Gorge to Lodore
      Class I-II, 46 miles
23. Green River
      Ouray to Green River Town
      Class II-III, 128 miles
24. Huntington Creek
      Left Fork to Utah Experimental Farm
      Class I-II, 12.5 miles
25. Jones Hole Creek
      National Fish Hatchery to Green River confluence
      Class IV-V, 4 miles
26. Jordan River
      Utah Lake to Rose Park
      Class I-II, 51 miles
27. Lake Fork
      Moon Lake to Bridge to Yellowstone River
      Class II-IV, 8.3 miles
28. Little Cottonwood Creek
      Creek Road to I-15
      Class I-III, 7 miles
29. Logan River
      Ricks Springs to Preston Valley Campgroumd
      Class II-V, 9.5 miles
30. Muddy Creek
      I-70 to Hanksville
      Class I-III, 72 miles
31. Ogden River
      Huntsville to Ogden
      Class II-V, 5 miles
32. Ogden River - South Fork
      Causey Reservoir to Huntsville
      Class I-III, 7 miles
33. Price River
      Scofield Reservoir to picnic area above Price Canyon
      Class I-III, 15 miles
34. Price River
      Picnic area above Price Canyon to Castle Gate
      Class III-V, 8.5 miles
35. Price River
      Woodside to confluence with Green River
      Class III-V, 16 miles
36. Provo River
      Soapstone to Deer Creek Reservoir
      Class I-IV, 25 miles
37. Provo River
      Deer Creek Reservoir to Utah Lake
      Class I-IV, 17.5 miles
38. Rock Creek
      Upper Stillwater Dam to Route 134
      Class II-V, 5 miles
39. Salina Creek
      Gooseberry Road to Salina
      Class II-V+, 19.5 miles
40. San Juan River
      Sand Island to Mexican Hat
      Class II, 26.5 miles
41. San Juan River
      Mexican Hat to Clay Hills Crossing
      Class I-II(III), 56 miles
42. San Rafael River
      Fuller Bottom to San Rafael Campground
      Class I-II, 20 miles
43. San Rafael River
      Bridge at San Rafael Campground to I-70
      Class III-V, 42 miles
44. Sevier River
      Upstream of Panguitch to Salina
      Class I-III, 70 miles
45. Sevier River
      US 89 to US 89
      Class I-III, 40 miles
46. Spanish Fork
      Utah PandL Dam to Spanish Oaks
      Class I-III, 3.3 miles
47. Strawberry River
      Soldier Creek to Starvation Res
      Class I-V, 36 miles
48. Uinta River
      Uinta Valley Campground to Power Plant
      Class I-III, 8.5 miles
49. Virgin River
      Virgin to Littlefield
      Class I-V(V+), 49 miles
50. Virgin River - North Fork
      Sinawava to South Campground
      Class III-V, 8.5 miles
51. Weber River
      Holiday Park to Mt. Green Rest Stop
      Class I-V, 82 miles
52. Weber River
      Ogden Whitewater Park
      Class II-III, 0 miles
53. Weber River
      Scrambled Egg Beach to Riverdale
      Class I-V, 3 miles
54. White River
      Rangely to Green River
      Class I-II, 95 miles
55. Yellowstone River
      Swift Creek to Reservoir
      Class II, 2 miles
56. Adrift Adventures Rafting
      Grand County
57. Always Rafting and Kayaking
      Piute County
58. Big Rock Raft & Yak
      Piute County
59. Canyon Voyages Adventure
      Grand County
60. Colorado River and Trail Expeditions
      Salt Lake County
61. Desolation Outfitters
      Duchesne County
62. Dinosaur Expeditions
      Summit County
63. Great Salt Lakes Tour
      Salt Lake County
64. Griffith River Expeditions
      Grand County
65. Hatch River Expedition
      Uintah County
66. High Country Rafting
      Utah County
67. Holiday Expeditions
      Salt Lake County
68. Navtec Expeditions
      Grand County
69. Park City Rafting
      Morgan County
70. Park City Rafting
      Summit County
71. Raftin Styles
      Salt Lake County
72. Red River Adventures
      Grand County
73. River Runners Transport
      Uintah County
74. Roadrunner Shuttle of Moab
      Grand County
75. Splore
      Grand County
76. Tag A Long Travel & Tours Agency
      Grand County
77. Teton White Water
      Salt Lake County
78. Trout Creek Flies
      Daggett County
79. Utah Outventures
      Salt Lake County
80. Walton Marine
      Salt Lake County
81. Western River Expeditions
      Grand County
82. Western River Expeditions
      Grand County
83. Western River Expeditions
      Salt Lake County
84. Wild River Expeditions
      San Juan County
85. World Wide River Expeditions
      Grand County

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Chalk Creek
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Escalante River
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Provo River
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Provo River
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Rock Creek
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San Rafael River
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Weber River
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Adrift Adventures Rafting
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Always Rafting and Kayaking
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Big Rock Raft & Yak
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Canyon Voyages Adventure
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Colorado River and Trail Expeditions
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Desolation Outfitters
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Dinosaur Expeditions
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Griffith River Expeditions
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Hatch River Expedition
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High Country Rafting
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Holiday Expeditions
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Navtec Expeditions
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Park City Rafting
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Park City Rafting
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Raftin Styles
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Red River Adventures
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River Runners Transport
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Roadrunner Shuttle of Moab
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Tag A Long Travel & Tours Agency
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Teton White Water
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Trout Creek Flies
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Utah Outventures
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Walton Marine
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Western River Expeditions
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Western River Expeditions
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Western River Expeditions
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Wild River Expeditions
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World Wide River Expeditions
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