Whitewater Paddling Rivers in Washington

1. American River
      Lodgepole Campground to Hell's Crossing
      Class II-III+, 7.5 miles
2. American River
      Hell's Crossing to American Forks
      Class III-IV, 4.7 miles
3. American River
      American Forks to Sawmill Flat
      Class II+, 5 miles
4. Bacon Creek
      Falls Creek to Skagit River confluence
      Class II+(IV), 6 miles
5. Baker Creek
      Old Bridge to Middle Satsop
      Class III-IV, 1.5 miles
6. Baker River
      North Cascades National Park to Baker Lake
      Class II, 2.7 miles
7. Beckler River
      Rapid River to South Fork Skykomish
      Class II-III, 7.3 miles
8. Big Creek
      Bridge above Narrows to South Boundary Road Bridge
      Class III, 2 miles
9. Big Quilcene River
      Tunnel Creek to Rainbow Campground
      Class V+, 2 miles
10. Big Quilcene River
      Rainbow Campground to fish hatchery
      Class IV+, 3.2 miles
11. Big Sheep Creek
      Sheep Creek Road mile 7.5 to Sheep Creek Camp Ground
      Class II(III), 3 miles
12. Bogachiel River
      Park Boundary to Highway 101
      Class II, 5 miles
13. Boulder River
      Boulder Falls to mouth
      Class III, 5 miles
14. Box Canyon Creek
      to Kachess Reservoir
      Class III-IV+(V), 2 miles
15. Bumping River
      Bumping Reservoir to American River
      Class II, 10.5 miles
16. Butter Creek
      along FR 5270
      Class III, 2.5 miles
17. Calawah River
      Klahanie Campground to Bogachiel River access
      Class III, 14.5 miles
18. Calawah River - North Fork
      Balch Bridge to South Fork Calawah confluence
      Class II+, 9.2 miles
19. Calawah River - South Fork
      Rugged Ridge Trail to Hyas Creek
      Class IV, 7 miles
20. Canyon Creek - Klickitat drainage
      Soda Springs Road to Little Klickitat
      Class IV-V, 5 miles
21. Canyon Creek - Lewis River Tributary
      Twin Bridges to Fly Creek
      Class IV-V, 8.2 miles
22. Canyon Creek - Lewis River Tributary
      Fly Creek to Merwin Reservoir
      Class IV+, 3.2 miles
23. Canyon Creek - North Fork Nooksack
      Canyon Creek Bridge to Glacier SpringSouth
      Class IV-V+, 4.5 miles
24. Canyon Creek South Fork Stillaguamish Tributary
      Fishing Access site to South Fork Stillaguamish
      Class IV-V, 1.3 miles
25. Canyon Creek - Skagit Tributary
      Slate Creek to Granite Creek
      Class IV-V, 6.7 miles
26. Canyon River - Satsop Tributary
      FR 2260 to Cougar Smith Road
      Class II, 12.5 miles
27. Carbon River
      Fairfax to 177th St. East
      Class V, 9 miles
28. Carbon River
      177th St. East to Puyallup River
      Class II, 9 miles
29. Cascade River
      Mineral Park to Marble Creek Campground
      Class II, 6 miles
30. Cascade River
      Marble Creek Campground to Bridge Close to Skagit confluence
      Class V, 8.1 miles
31. Cedar Creek
      Amboy to North Fork Lewis
      Class II-III(IV), 10.3 miles
32. Cedar Creek
      Sherman Creek to Cedar Creek Road
      Class II+, 4.7 miles
33. Cedar River
      Landsburg bridge to Maplewood Roadside Park
      Class II, 15.5 miles
34. Chehalis River
      West Fork to Pe Ell
      Class III-IV, 11.8 miles
35. Chehalis River
      Pe Ell to Doty
      Class II, 6 miles
36. Chehalis River
      Rainbow Falls to Meeskill
      Class II, 3.2 miles
37. Chehalis River - East Fork
      mile 3 to Chehalis River
      Class III, 3 miles
38. Chehalis River - West Fork
      mile 3 to Chehalis River
      Class IV, 3 miles
39. Chelan River
      Lake Chelan to Columbia River
      Class IV-V, 4 miles
40. Chewuch River
      Andrews Camp to Camp Four
      Class IV-V, 5 miles
41. Chewuch River
      Camp Four to Five Mile Bridge
      Class III, 13 miles
42. Chewuch River
      Five Mile Bridge to Winthrop
      Class II+(IV), 8 miles
43. Chinook Creek
      Deer Creek to Cedar Flats
      Class IV-V, 5 miles
44. Chiwawa River
      Schaefer Creek to Huckleberry Campground
      Class II, 10 miles
45. Chiwawa River
      Huckleberry Campground to Wenatchee River
      Class III, 11 miles
46. Christmas Creek
      C2400 bridge to Clearwater River
      Class II+(IV), 4 miles
47. Cispus River
      Goat Creek to FR 2160
      Class V, 4 miles
48. Cispus River
      Adams Fork to FR 23 Bridge
      Class V+, 5.9 miles
49. Cispus River
      FR 23 Bridge to FR 28 Bridge
      Class III+(IV), 9.5 miles
50. Cispus River
      Road 28 Bridge to Scanewa Reservoir
      Class III, 20.2 miles
51. Cispus River - North Fork
      FR 22 Bridge to North Fork Campground
      Class IV-V, 2.7 miles
52. Cle Elum River
      Scatter Creek to Salmon La Sac Creek
      Class IV-V, 8.5 miles
53. Cle Elum River
      Salmon La Sac Creek to Cle Elum Reservoir
      Class II, 4 miles
54. Cle Elum River
      Cle Elum Dam to confluence with Yakima River
      Class II, 7.8 miles
55. Clear Creek
      Eightmile Creek to Asbestos Creek Falls
      Class IV, 2 miles
56. Clearwater River
      Upper Clearwater Road access to Clearwater Campground
      Class III-IV, 9.5 miles
57. Clearwater River
      Clearwater Campground to 144 Gross Bridge
      Class II, 10.5 miles
58. Clearwater River
      144 Gross Bridge to Queets River
      Class II, 11.5 miles
59. Clearwater River - Middle Fork Nooksack Tributary
      to Middle Fork Nooksack tributary
      Class V, 1.9 miles
60. Clearwater River - White River Tributary
      Bridge to confluence with White River
      Class III, 4 miles
61. Coal Creek
      East Fork to Harmony Dr.
      Class III+(IV), 4.5 miles
62. Cooper River
      Waterfall to Cle Elum River
      Class IV-V, 1.5 miles
63. Copper Creek
      road's end to East Fork Lewis
      Class IV-V, 6.1 miles
64. Coweeman River
      Brown Creek to Jim Watson Creek
      Class II-III(IV), 11.3 miles
65. Cowlitz River
      La Wis Wis Campground to Packwood
      Class II, 7.6 miles
66. Cowlitz River
      Cispus River to Riffe Lake
      Class III, 9 miles
67. Cowlitz River
      salmon hatchery to Blue Creek access
      Class I-II, 10 miles
68. Cowlitz River - Clear Fork
      Lava Creek to La Wis Wis Campground
      Class V+, 5 miles
69. Cowlitz River - Muddy Fork
      to Cowlitz River
      Class V, 5 miles
70. Day Creek
      Blair Road to Skagit River
      Class IV-V(V+), 5 miles
71. Deception Creek
      Fisher Creek to Tye River
      Class V+, 6.5 miles
72. Deer Creek
      Bridge at Rick Creek to mouth
      Class IV-V+, 11 miles
73. Deschutes River
      Vail Loop Road to Military Road
      Class II, 9.3 miles
74. Dingford Creek
      Goat Creek to Middle Fork Snoqualmie
      Class V+, 1.3 miles
75. Donkey Creek
      Perfection Falls to West Fork Humptulips
      Class I-III+, 3.8 miles
76. Dosewallips River
      Dosewallips Falls to Elkhorn Campground
      Class V+, 3 miles
77. Dosewallips River
      Elkhorn Campground to Six Mile Bridge
      Class III-IV+, 5.2 miles
78. Dosewallips River
      Six Mile Bridge to Dosewallips State Park
      Class II-III, 6.5 miles
79. Downey Creek
      Downey Creek trail to Suiattle River
      Class III-IV, 1 miles
80. Duckabush River
      2515 Bridge to Highway 101
      Class IV, 6.2 miles
81. Dungeness River
      Gold Creek to Dungeness Forks Campground
      Class III-IV, 3 miles
82. Dungeness River
      Dungeness Forks Campground to hatchery
      Class III, 5.5 miles
83. Duwamish River
      King County Park behind Boeing
      Class I-II, 0.1 miles
84. Elochoman River
      North Fork to Beaver Creek hatchery
      Class II-III+, 11 miles
85. Elwha River
      Grand Canyon
      Class V, 8.5 miles
86. Elwha River
      Mills Reservoir to Highway 101
      Class II-III(IV), 4.5 miles
87. Elwha River
      Aldwell Reservoir to river mouth
      Class II, 4.9 miles
88. Entiat River
      Cottonwood Campground to FR 5605
      Class III-IV(V+), 6.7 miles
89. Entiat River
      FR 5605 to Tommy Creek trailhead
      Class III-IV(V+), 2.5 miles
90. Entiat River
      Lake Creek Campground to National Forest boundary
      Class IV+, 3 miles
91. Entiat River
      Ardenvoir to Columbia River
      Class II+, 14.5 miles
92. Finney Creek
      Finney Creek Road Bridge to bridge at mouth
      Class V, 4 miles
93. Fly Creek
      Little Fly Creek to Canyon Creek
      Class V+, 5.5 miles
94. Foss River
      FR 68 Bridge to Highway 2 bridge
      Class IV+, 4.9 miles
95. Germany Creek
      Road 1300 to end of county road
      Class III+, 3.3 miles
96. Glacier Creek
      FR 39 Bridge to National Forest Nooksack
      Class III-IV, 3.5 miles
97. Goble Creek
      North Fork and Main Fork
      Class III, 2.4 miles
98. Goodman Creek
      FR 2931 100 spur access to Sol Duc River
      Class III+(V), 1.3 miles
99. Grande Ronde
      Troy Oregon to Snake River at Heller Bar
      Class II-III, 39 miles
100. Granite Creek
      Highway 20 to Beebe Creek
      Class IV-V(V+), 4.6 miles
101. Granite Creek
      Beebe Creek to Panther Creek
      Class IV, 5 miles
102. Gray Wolf River
      Deer Park to Dungeness Forks Campground
      Class IV-V, 9.5 miles
103. Grays River
      South Fork Grays to Highway 4
      Class IV+, 5.2 miles
104. Green River
      Headworks to Kanaskat-Palmer State Park
      Class II+(III), 3.5 miles
105. Green River
      Green River Gorge
      Class III-IV, 5 miles
106. Green River
      Flaming Geyser State Park to 212 Way SE Bridge
      Class II, 2.8 miles
107. Green River
      Cascade Creek to gaging station
      Class III-IV, 11.7 miles
108. Greenwater River
      FR 7030 Bridge to Highway 410
      Class II(IV), 7.2 miles
109. Hamma Hamma River
      Boulder Creek to Hamma Hamma Campground
      Class V+, 3.5 miles
110. Hamma Hamma River
      Hamma Hamma Campground to gorge
      Class III-IV, 5 miles
111. Hangman Creek
      Class II-III+(IV), 10 miles
112. Hangman Creek
      Class II+, 7.5 miles
113. Hoffstadt Creek
      3100 Road to North Fork Toutle
      Class IV-V(V+), 4.2 miles
114. Hoh River
      Ranger Station to Highway 101 at Oxbow
      Class II, 20 miles
115. Hoh River - South Fork
      Park boundary to South Fork Campground
      Class II-III, 2.7 miles
116. Hoko River
      Hoko Falls Run
      Class II-III(IV), 8.3 miles
117. Humptulips River - East Fork
      FR 2206 access to FR 22 Bridge
      Class III, 5 miles
118. Humptulips River - East Fork
      FR 22 Bridge to Gorge
      Class III, 5.7 miles
119. Humptulips River - East Fork
      Gorge Run downstream to Boise Bridge
      Class III, 8.4 miles
120. Humptulips River - West Fork
      FR 2204 bridge to FR 2203 access
      Class IV+, 3.5 miles
121. Humptulips River - West Fork
      FR 2203 access to Donkey Creek Road
      Class II, 6.5 miles
122. Hyas Creek
      FR 29 030 spur to South Fork Calawah confluence
      Class II-III(IV), 1.5 miles
123. Icicle Creek
      Rock Island Campground to Ida Creek
      Class II-III+(V), 3.5 miles
124. Icicle Creek
      Ida Creek to Snow Creek trailhead
      Class IV-V(V+), 9 miles
125. Icicle Creek
      Snow Creek trailhead to Leavenworth Hatchery
      Class IV+, 2.2 miles
126. Illabot Creek
      to Rockport-Cascade Road
      Class V, 5 miles
127. Ingalls Creek
      Ingalls Creek Road to Peshastin Creek
      Class IV, 1 miles
128. Jackman River
      mile 6 to mile 1
      Class IV-V, 5 miles
129. Jefferson Creek
      Elk Lake to Hamma Hamma
      Class V, 2.1 miles
130. Jim Creek
      Naval Station to South Fork Stillaguamish
      Class II, 7 miles
131. Johnson Creek
      Glacier Creek to Highway 12
      Class V, 7.7 miles
132. Kalama River
      Upper Kalama Falls to Gobar Creek
      Class III-IV, 15 miles
133. Kalama River
      Gobar Creek to Lower Kalama Falls
      Class II-IV, 9.5 miles
134. Kalama River
      Lower Kalama Falls to Indian Creek
      Class III-IV, 2.5 miles
135. Kettle River
      Orient to Barstow
      Class II-III, 12.8 miles
136. Klickitat River
      Yakama Reservation to Leidl Campground
      Class III+, 21 miles
137. Klickitat River
      Leidl Campground to Klickitat Springs
      Class II, 16.2 miles
138. Klickitat River
      Klickitat Springs to Fishing Access
      Class II-III, 10.5 miles
139. Klickitat River
      Fishing Access on Highway 142 to Columbia River
      Class V+, 1 miles
140. Lake Creek
      along FR 400
      Class V+, 2 miles
141. Lewis River - East Fork
      Green Fork to Sunset Falls
      Class IV-V, 5.5 miles
142. Lewis River - East Fork
      Sunset Falls to bl. Horshoe Falls
      Class IV(V), 4 miles
143. Lewis River - East Fork
      Rock Creek to Moulton Falls Park
      Class III-V, 2.7 miles
144. Lewis River - East Fork
      Moulton Falls to Lewisville Park
      Class III+(V), 11.5 miles
145. Lewis River - East Fork
      Lewisville Park to Daybreak Park
      Class II, 3 miles
146. Lewis River - North Fork
      Twin Falls to FR 88
      Class II-III, 3 miles
147. Lewis River - North Fork
      FR 88 to Quartz Creek
      Class IV, 3.4 miles
148. Lewis River - North Fork
      Cussed Hollow to FR 9039
      Class III-IV, 8 miles
149. Lewis River - North Fork
      FR 9039 to Swift Reservoir
      Class II-III, 4.5 miles
150. Little Klickitat River
      Olsen Road to Klickitat River
      Class IV-V, 9.7 miles
151. Little Naches River
      Matthew Creek to Little Naches Campground
      Class II-III+(IV), 9.5 miles
152. Little Nisqually River
      Winston Creek to Alder Lake
      Class IV+, 5.7 miles
153. Little Washougal River
      Boulder Creek to Washougal River
      Class II-III(IV), 6.8 miles
154. Little Wenatchee River
      Fall Creek to Lake Creek Campground
      Class IV-V, 3.5 miles
155. Little White Salmon River
      Willard to Columbia River
      Class IV-V+, 5.5 miles
156. Lost River
      Drake Creek to Methow River confluence
      Class IV-V, 12 miles
157. Lyre River
      to Lyre River Campground
      Class IV-V, 3 miles
158. Mad River
      to Entiat River
      Class III-IV, 3.5 miles
159. Martin Creek
      along FR 6710
      Class V+, 3 miles
160. Mashel River
      Eatonville to Nisqually River confluence
      Class II-IV, 7.5 miles
161. Matheny Creek
      FR 21 Bridge to Q-1800 Bridge
      Class III-IV, 4.2 miles
162. Matheny Creek
      North Fork to FR 21 Bridge
      Class IV+, 9 miles
163. McCoy Creek
      milepost 8 to Yellowjacket Creek
      Class V, 7.8 miles
164. Methow River
      River Bend Campground to Carlton
      Class II(III), 54 miles
165. Methow River
      Carlton to McFarland Creek access
      Class II, 9.5 miles
166. Methow River
      McFarland Creek access to Pateros
      Class III, 16.2 miles
167. Miller River
      East Fork to NE Old Cascade Highway
      Class IV, 4.8 miles
168. Miller River - East Fork
      along FR 6412
      Class V, 1 miles
169. Miller River - West Fo
      Upstream of Miller Road Bridge
      Class V+, 2.5 miles
170. Mineral Creek
      North Fork to Alder Lake
      Class II, 5.5 miles
171. Mineral Creek - North Fork
      Gale to Mineral Creek
      Class IV(V), 6 miles
172. Money Creek
      Upstream of Money Creek Road Bridge
      Class IV-V, 2.9 miles
173. Muddy River
      FR 25 Bridge to Lewis North Fork
      Class II-III(IV), 5.5 miles
174. Naches River
      Sawmill Flat to bl. Town of Naches
      Class II-III, 34 miles
175. Naselle River - North Fork
      Quarry to Brock Creek
      Class III-IV(V+), 5 miles
176. Nason Creek
      Berne to Merritt
      Class IV-V, 8 miles
177. Nason Creek
      Merritt to Coles Corner
      Class II-III, 4 miles
178. Nisqually River
      La Grande Reservoir to Mashel River
      Class V, 1.9 miles
179. Nisqually River
      Mashel River to Mckenna
      Class II, 14 miles
180. Nisqually River
      McKenna to Yelm Hydro Plant
      Class III, 7 miles
181. Nooksack River - Middle Fork
      Clearwater Creek to Heisters Creek
      Class V, 4.5 miles
182. Nooksack River - North Fork
      Mt. Baker Wilderness to Nooksack Falls
      Class V, 4 miles
183. Nooksack River - North Fork
      Nooksack Falls to Douglas Fir Campground
      Class IV+, 4.9 miles
184. Nooksack River - North Fork
      Douglas Fir Campground to Mt. Baker Highway milepost 27
      Class II-III, 8 miles
185. Nooksack River - South Fork
      River Mile 25 to Saxon Road
      Class II-III, 12 miles
186. Ohanepecosh River
      Ohanepecosh Campground to La Wis Wis Campground
      Class V, 4.7 miles
187. Olequa Creek
      Annonen Road to Cowlitz River
      Class II+, 6.5 miles
188. Palouse River
      Hooper to Palouse Falls State Park
      Class III+(V), 11 miles
189. Palouse River
      Palouse Falls State Park to Lyons Ferry State Park
      Class II, 4 miles
190. Panther Creek
      to confluence with Lower Wind River
      Class IV+, 5 miles
191. Peshastin Creek
      Highway 97 culvert to Wenatchee River
      Class III-IV, 8.5 miles
192. Pilchuck Creek
      Lake Cavanaugh Road to Pilchuck Creek Campsite
      Class IV, 4.4 miles
193. Pilchuck Creek
      Pilchuck Creek Campsite to Highway 9 Bridge
      Class III-IV(V), 5.5 miles
194. Pilchuck Creek
      Highway 9 Bridge to I-5 Bridge
      Class II-III, 6.1 miles
195. Pilchuck River
      Road P-500 above Boulder Creek to Menzel Lake Road Bridge
      Class III+(IV), 6 miles
196. Pratt River
      Kaleetan Creek to Middle Fork Snoqualmie
      Class IV, 6 miles
197. Puyallup River
      Niesson Creek to Electron
      Class IV+, 9 miles
198. Puyallup River
      Kapowsin Road Bridge to Highway 162
      Class II, 9 miles
199. Puyallup River
      McMillin to Puyallup
      Class I-II, 6.1 miles
200. Quartz Creek
      Snaggletooth Creek to Lewis River
      Class IV-V+, 5 miles
201. Queets River
      Queets Campground to Hartzell Launch
      Class II, 9.3 miles
202. Quinault River
      Pony Bridge to Graves Creek
      Class IV-V, 3 miles
203. Quinault River
      Cannings Creek to South Shore Road access
      Class II, 6.5 miles
204. Quinault River - North Fork
      Geoduck Creek to Kimta Creek
      Class V, 3 miles
205. Racehorse Creek
      to National Forest Nooksack
      Class V+, 4.5 miles
206. Raging River
      Preston to Fall City
      Class III+, 5 miles
207. Rapid River
      Road end to Beckler River
      Class IV, 3.6 miles
208. Rattlesnake Creek
      mile 3 to White Salmon
      Class IV(V), 3 miles
209. Rattlesnake Creek - Naches Tributary
      North Fork to Nile Road Bridge
      Class III, 7.7 miles
210. Rock Creek - Columbia River Tributary
      Steep Creek to Rayan-Allen Bridge
      Class III-IV, 5.5 miles
211. Rock Creek - Latah Creek Tributary
      Rockford to Hangman Creek
      Class II-III, 13.5 miles
212. Rock Creek - Lewis drainage
      Dole Valley Road to East Fork Lewis River
      Class II-III+, 3 miles
213. Rush Creek
      Meadow Creek to FR 90
      Class V+, 5 miles
214. Ruth Creek
      Mt. Baker Wilderness Area to confluence with Nooksack River
      Class -blank-, 3.5 miles
215. Salmon River
      West Boundary Road Bridge to Q-100 Bridge
      Class II(IV), 8.2 miles
216. Sam's River
      500 Bridge to Queets Campground
      Class IV-V, 8 miles
217. Sand Hollow Creek
      Highway 26 mile 2 to Columbia River
      Class III-IV, 1.5 miles
218. Satsop River - East Fork
      Simpson Hatchery to Cook Creek
      Class II, 8.2 miles
219. Satsop River - Middle Fork
      Walter Creek to Baker Creek
      Class III+(IV), 6.5 miles
220. Satsop River - Middle Fork
      Baker Creek to road off Kelly Hall Road
      Class IV-V, 1.3 miles
221. Satsop River - Middle Fork
      Access off Kelly Hall Road to Tornow Road
      Class II, 17.2 miles
222. Satsop River - West Fork
      FR 23 to FR 2260 Bridge
      Class IV+, 4 miles
223. Satsop River - West Fork
      FR 2260 Bridge to West Satsop Road
      Class II, 33 miles
224. Sauk River
      Bedal Campground to Whitechuck River
      Class II-III, 8.3 miles
225. Sauk River
      Whitechuck River to Clear Creek
      Class III+(IV), 7 miles
226. Sauk River
      Clear Creek to Darrington
      Class II-III, 4 miles
227. Sauk River
      Darrington to Sauk River Park
      Class II, 14.6 miles
228. Sauk River - North Fork
      Above North Fork Falls
      Class IV+, 1.5 miles
229. Sherman Creek
      Log Flume interpretive site to Inchelium Road
      Class II-III, 5 miles
230. Sherman Creek
      turnout to fish hatchery
      Class V, 1 miles
231. Silver Creek
      Lynx Creek to Mary Kiona Park
      Class V, 4.5 miles
232. Silver Creek
      Quartz Creek to North Fork Skykomish
      Class IV-V, 1.5 miles
233. Siouxon Creek
      Calamity Creek to Yale Reservoir
      Class III-V, 12 miles
234. Sitkum River
      Brandeberry Creek to Hyas Creek
      Class II-V, 9.6 miles
235. Skagit River
      Goodell Creek to Copper Creek
      Class II-III+, 8.9 miles
236. Skagit River
      Copper Creek to Rockport
      Class I-II, 16.4 miles
237. Skate Creek
      Johnson Creek to Craig Road
      Class III+, 3.1 miles
238. Skokomish River - North Fork
      Seven Stream to Staircase
      Class V+, 5.6 miles
239. Skokomish River - North Fork
      Staircase to Lake Cushman
      Class II-III, 1.5 miles
240. Skokomish River - South Fork
      Browns Creek to Vance Creek
      Class IV-V, 11 miles
241. Skookum Creek
      Above lower gorge to South Fork of Nooksack
      Class IV-V, 1.25 miles
242. Skykomish River
      Sunset Falls to Railroad Bridge
      Class III+(IV), 4.5 miles
243. Skykomish River
      Railroad Bridge to Big Eddy
      Class II, 2.5 miles
244. Skykomish River
      Big Eddy to Monroe
      Class I-II, 16.2 miles
245. Skykomish River - North Fork
      Jackson Wilderness to Bear Creek
      Class II-V, 10 miles
246. Skykomish River - North Fork
      Bear Creek to South Fork confluence
      Class IV, 12.5 miles
247. Skykomish River - South Fork
      Beckler River to bridge above Baring
      Class II, 9.5 miles
248. Skykomish River - South Fork
      Baring to Sunset Falls
      Class V+, 4.1 miles
249. Sloan Creek
      to National Forest Sauk
      Class IV-V, 1 miles
250. Snahapish River
      C-2700 Bridge to Clearwater River
      Class II+(IV), 3.5 miles
251. Snoqualmie River
      Snoqualmie Falls to Plum's Landing
      Class II+, 1 miles
252. Snoqualmie River - Middle Fork
      Hardscrabble Creek to Burnboot Creek
      Class V, 4 miles
253. Snoqualmie River - Middle Fork
      Burnboot Creek to Taylor River
      Class IV, 10.3 miles
254. Snoqualmie River - Middle Fork
      Taylor River to Concrete bridge
      Class II, 7.5 miles
255. Snoqualmie River - Middle Fork
      Concrete bridge to Tanner
      Class III-IV, 7 miles
256. Snoqualmie River - Middle Fork
      Tanner to North Bend
      Class II, 4.5 miles
257. Snoqualmie River - North Fork
      Big Creek to Spur 10 Bridge
      Class III, 6.3 miles
258. Snoqualmie River - North Fork
      Spur 10 Bridge to 428th St. Bridge
      Class V+, 6.5 miles
259. Snoqualmie River - South Fork
      I-90 Exit 52 to Denny Creek Campground
      Class IV-V, 1.5 miles
260. Snoqualmie River - South Fork
      Twin Falls State Park to 436 st Bridge
      Class II, 5 miles
261. Sol Duc River
      Salmon Cascade to FR 2918 Bridge
      Class IV, 3.1 miles
262. Sol Duc River
      FR 2918 Bridge to Klahowya Campground
      Class III, 11 miles
263. Sol Duc River
      Klahowya Campground to Bear Creek
      Class II+, 7.5 miles
264. Sol Duc River
      Bear Creek to Hatchery
      Class III, 6.3 miles
265. Sol Duc River
      Hatchery to Salmon Drive
      Class II, 7.5 miles
266. Sol Duc River - North Fork
      North Fork Trail Bridge to FR 2918 Bridge
      Class IV, 5.3 miles
267. Sol Duc River - South Fork
      FR 2920 Bridge to FR 2918 Bridge
      Class IV+, 3.2 miles
268. Solleks River
      Sollecks Bridge to Clearwater Campground
      Class III-IV, 6 miles
269. South Praire Creek
      East Fork to Spiketon Road
      Class V, 6.6 miles
270. South Praire Creek
      Lower Burnett to above Carbon River
      Class II+, 5.8 miles
271. Spokane River
      Dead Dog Park and Play
      Class II(III), 0 miles
272. Spokane River
      Harvard Park to Mirabeau Park
      Class II, 5.5 miles
273. Spokane River
      T.Highway Menach Bridge in Spokane to Plese Flats
      Class II-III+, 6.5 miles
274. Squire Creek
      Squire Creek Road to dowstream
      Class V, 3 miles
275. Stebbins Creek
      to Washougal River
      Class IV-V(V+), 3 miles
276. Stehekin River
      Agnes Creek to Lake Chelan
      Class II(IV), 10 miles
277. Stequaleho River
      C-1066 Road to Clearwater Campground
      Class II-III(V+), 4 miles
278. Stetattle Creek
      Jay Creek to Gorge Lake
      Class IV(V), 4 miles
279. Stillaguamish River - North Fork
      Confluence with South Branch to bridge below Moose Creek
      Class V, 8 miles
280. Stillaguamish River - North Fork
      Moose Creek to Oso
      Class II, 25.7 miles
281. Stillaguamish River - South Fork
      Deer Creek to Mallardy Creek
      Class II, 6.5 miles
282. Stillaguamish River - South Fork
      Mallardy Creek to Verlot
      Class III+, 9 miles
283. Stillaguamish River - South Fork
      Verlot to Granite Falls
      Class V, 12.3 miles
284. Stillaguamish River - South Fork
      Granite Falls to Jordan
      Class II, 9.1 miles
285. Suiattle River
      Sulphur Creek to Rat Trap Bridge
      Class III+, 16 miles
286. Sullivan River
      Mill Pond to North Fork Sullivan
      Class II, 1.3 miles
287. Sullivan River
      North Fork Sullivan to Highway 31
      Class V, 1.7 miles
288. Sultan River
      Spada Reservoir to Powerhouse
      Class III-IV+, 11 miles
289. Sultan River
      Powerhouse to Fishing Access
      Class III-IV+, 2 miles
290. Summit Creek
      Soda Springs to Highway 123
      Class V+, 5 miles
291. Swale Creek
      Harris Road to Wahkiacus
      Class III-IV, 10 miles
292. Taylor River
      Marten Creek to Middle Fork Snoqualmie
      Class IV, 3 miles
293. Teanaway River
      North Fork Teanaway to East Masterson Road
      Class II+, 7 miles
294. Teanaway River - North Fork
      Johnson Creek to Stafford Creek
      Class III+, 3.9 miles
295. Tieton River
      Rimrock Reservoir to Windy Point Campground
      Class III+, 11.5 miles
296. Tieton River
      Windy Point Campground to Naches
      Class II-III, 8.5 miles
297. Tieton River - South Fork
      Grey Creek Campground to Rimrock Lake
      Class IV(V+), 5.7 miles
298. Tilton River
      Morton to Bremer
      Class II-III, 8.5 miles
299. Tilton River
      Bremer to Ike Kinswa State Park
      Class III-IV, 11 miles
300. Tilton River - North Fork
      above Tilton confluence
      Class IV, 2.5 miles
301. Tolt River
      Tolt River Road close to Carnation to Snoqualmie River
      Class II, 5.7 miles
302. Tolt River - North Fork
      Yellow Creek to South Fork Tolt
      Class IV-V+, 7 miles
303. Tolt River - South Fork
      Bridge to confluence with North Fork Tolt
      Class V, 5.9 miles
304. Toutle River
      Highway 504 Bridge to Tower Road Bridge
      Class III+(IV), 9.5 miles
305. Toutle River - North Fork
      Green River to South Fork confluence
      Class II+, 10 miles
306. Toutle - South Fork
      Harrington Place to Big Wolf Creek
      Class II-III, 11 miles
307. Trout Lake Creek
      Trout Lake to White Salmon River
      Class II-IV, 2.8 miles
308. Trout Creek
      FR 43 to Wind River
      Class IV-V, 6.3 miles
309. Trout Creek
      to National Forest Sky
      Class V+, 2 miles
310. Tshletshy River
      Headwaters to Queets Campground
      Class IV-V, 20 miles
311. Twisp River
      Buttermilk Creek to town of Twisp
      Class III, 10 miles
312. Tye River
      Surprise Creek to Alpine Falls
      Class V, 3.25 miles
313. Tye River
      Alpine Falls to Beckler River
      Class IV+, 7.2 miles
314. Vance Creek
      FS 2350 to Vance Creek Bridge
      Class IV, 3.5 miles
315. Wallace River
      Bridge Close to Gold Bar to mouth
      Class II, 6 miles
316. Waptus River
      Waptus Lake trail to Salmon La Sac
      Class II-III+(IV), 4 miles
317. Washougal River
      Prospector's Creek to Doc's Drop
      Class V, 4.3 miles
318. Washougal River
      Doc's Drop to Dougan Falls
      Class V, 3 miles
319. Washougal River
      Dougan Falls to Salmon Falls
      Class III-IV, 6 miles
320. Washougal River
      Highway 140 to Washougal
      Class III-IV, 7.3 miles
321. Washougal River - North Fork
      Mile 7 to Washougal River
      Class IV-V, 7 miles
322. Wenatchee River
      Lake Wenatchee State Park to Tumwater Campground
      Class II, 16.5 miles
323. Wenatchee River
      Tumwater Campground to Leavenworth
      Class V, 7.5 miles
324. Wenatchee River
      Leavenworth to Monitor
      Class III, 18.6 miles
325. Whatcom Creek
      Lake Whatcom to Yew St. Bridge
      Class III-IV+(V+), 2 miles
326. White River
      Silver Springs Campground to West Fork White
      Class III, 10 miles
327. White River
      West Fork to Bridge Camp
      Class III, 13.5 miles
328. White River
      Buckley to Auburn
      Class II, 12.5 miles
329. White Salmon River
      Cascade Creek to Trout Lake
      Class III-IV(V), 8.4 miles
330. White Salmon River
      Warner Road Bridge to Green Truss Bridge
      Class IV-V, 5.1 miles
331. White Salmon River
      Green Truss Bridge to BZ Corners
      Class V, 4.9 miles
332. White Salmon River
      BZ Corner to Buck Creek
      Class III+(V), 7 miles
333. White Salmon River
      Buck Creek to Columbia River
      Class -blank-, 5 miles
334. Whitechuck River
      Bridge above Crystal Creek to Sauk River confluence
      Class IV, 6 miles
335. Wind River
      Falls Creek to Mineral Springs Road
      Class III+, 3.4 miles
336. Wind River
      Mineral Springs to Stabler
      Class I-II, 7.2 miles
337. Wind River
      Ranger Station Close to Stabler to High Bridge
      Class IV-V, 6 miles
338. Wind River
      High Bridge to Columbia River
      Class IV-V(V+), 5 miles
339. Wynoochee River
      Wynoochee Reservoir to Save Creek
      Class II-III(V), 11.1 miles
340. Yakima River
      Confluence with Teanaway River to Thorp
      Class II, 15.1 miles
341. Yellowjacket Creek
      Veta Creek to Cispus River confluence
      Class IV, 5.2 miles
342. Adventure Professionals
      King County
343. Beamers Hells Canyon Tours & Excursions
      Asotin County
344. Blue Sky Outfitters
      King County
345. Blue SKY Outfitters
      Chelan County
346. Blue Water Expeditions
      King County
347. Flow Adventures
      Spokane County
348. McFarland Rafting
      Pierce County
349. Renegade River Rafters
      Skamania County
350. Rill Adventures Raft Rentals
      Kittitas County
351. River Drifters
      Klickitat County
352. River Raft Rentals
      Kittitas County
353. Tube Leavenworth
      Chelan County
354. Wave Trek
      Snohomish County
355. Wet Planet Rafting & Kayaking
      Klickitat County
356. Wildwater River Tours
      King County
357. Zoller's Outdoor Odysseys
      Klickitat County

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Wynoochee River
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Beamers Hells Canyon Tours & Excursions
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Rill Adventures Raft Rentals
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River Drifters
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Tube Leavenworth
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Wave Trek
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Wet Planet Rafting & Kayaking
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Wildwater River Tours
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Zoller's Outdoor Odysseys
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