Whitewater Paddling Rivers in Wisconsin

1. Amnicon River
      Anderson Hill Road to Cty U
      Class II-IV+, 5.7 miles
2. Apple River
      Little Falls
      Class II, 4 miles
3. Apple River
      Class I-II, 2 miles
4. Bad River
      Cayuga to Foster Junction railroad bridge
      Class II-III(IV), 7.1 miles
5. Bad River
      Highway 169 to Devil's Gate footbridge
      Class III-V, 6.2 miles
6. Bad River
      Devil's Gate footbridge to Elm Hoist Road
      Class I-III, 18.8 miles
7. Bad River
      Elm Hoist Road to Odanah
      Class I-II(III), 20.4 miles
8. Baird Creek
      Moon Valley Drive
      Class II+, 0.6 miles
9. Baraboo River
      Highway 12 to Highway 113
      Class I(II), 4.5 miles
10. Big Rib River
      Highway 64 to Greiner Road
      Class II, 2.45 miles
11. Black River
      Little Manitou Falls to Rail Road bridge
      Class II-III(V+), 4.8 miles
12. Black River
      Highway 73 to Greenwood Park
      Class I-II(III), 5.3 miles
13. Black River
      Greenwood Park
      Class I-II, 10.5 miles
14. Black River
      to Neillsville
      Class I-II, 7.6 miles
15. Black River
      Neillsville to Lake Arbutus
      Class I-III, 12.5 miles
16. Black River
      Hatfield Dam to Power Plant
      Class II-III(IV), 3.2 miles
17. Black Creek
      Athens City Park to Pioneer Road
      Class I-II, 1.4 miles
18. Black River - East Fork
      City Point to Black River Forest Campground
      Class II, 23.8 miles
19. Bois Brule River
      to Highway 2
      Class I-II, 3.9 miles
20. Bois Brule River
      Copper Range Campground to Highway 13
      Class II, 8.3 miles
21. Bower Creek
      Fonferek Falls to Highway V
      Class II-III(IV), 4.3 miles
22. Brule River
      Brule River Dam to Ryneers Road
      Class II-III, 3.4 miles
23. Brule River
      Highway 189 to FS2150
      Class I-II, 15.8 miles
24. Brunsweiler River
      Mineral Lake to Mineral Lake Rd
      Class III-IV, 0.5 miles
25. Brunsweiler River
      Beaverdam Lake to Highway 13
      Class II-III+(IV), 10.3 miles
26. Cedar Creek
      Cedarburg City Park
      Class II-III, 2.3 miles
27. Chippewa River
      Belille Falls
      Class I-II, 9.4 miles
28. Chippewa River
      Jim Falls
      Class II-III, 0.5 miles
29. Chippewa River
      Downtown EauClaire
      Class II, 0.5 miles
30. Chippewa River - East Fork
      Glidden to FR164
      Class I-II, 21.6 miles
31. Chippewa River - East Fork
      Stockfarm Bridge to Blaisdell lake
      Class I-II, 14.2 miles
32. Chippewa River - East Fork
      Blaisdell Lake to Winter Dam
      Class I-II, 10.4 miles
33. Chippewa River - West Fork
      Moose Lake Dam to West Fork Bridge
      Class I-II, 7.4 miles
34. Devil's River
      Pleasant Road to Highway 147
      Class II-III, 3.9 miles
35. Dickey Creek
      to Bottom Road
      Class -blank-, 2 miles
36. Duncan Creek
      Glen Loch Dam to Chippewa River
      Class -blank-, 1.5 miles
37. Eau Claire River
      Channey Rd
      Class I-II, 7.9 miles
38. Eau Claire River
      Little Falls to Big Falls
      Class II-III+, 1.4 miles
39. Eau Claire River
      Johnson Road to State Camp Bridge
      Class I-II, 10.4 miles
40. Eau Claire River
      Nolan Road to Highway 52
      Class II, 2.8 miles
41. Eau Claire River
      Eau Claire Dells to Badger Road
      Class II-III(IV), 4.6 miles
42. Embarrass River
      Hayman Falls
      Class III, 0.5 miles
43. Embarrass River - North Branch
      Leopolis dam to Branch Road
      Class I-II(III), 1.6 miles
44. Embarrass River - South Branch
      Tigerton Dells
      Class II-III, 2.4 miles
45. Flambeau River
      Hervas Landing to Beaver Dam Landing
      Class II, 5.3 miles
46. Flambeau River - North Fork
      Turtle Dam to Agenda Landing
      Class I-II, 14.1 miles
47. Flambeau River - North Fork
      Babbs Island to Hervas Camp Landing
      Class I-II, 13.5 miles
48. Flambeau River - South Fork
      FR144 to FR149
      Class I-II, 9.5 miles
49. Flambeau River - South Fork
      FR149 to Highway 70
      Class I-II, 18.9 miles
50. Flambeau River - South Fork
      Simon Road Landing
      Class I-II, 7.3 miles
51. Flambeau River - South Fork
      Class I-II, 9 miles
52. Flambeau River - South Fork
      to Skinner Creek Landing
      Class II(III), 10.4 miles
53. Fox River
      1000 Islands
      Class I-III(IV), 1.5 miles
54. Halls Creek
      Trow Lake Dam to Black River
      Class I-II, 9.7 miles
55. Honey Creek
      Honey Creek Parkway to Menomonee River
      Class II-III+, 1.6 miles
56. Jump River - South Fork
      Little Falls to Big Falls
      Class II-III(IV), 2.7 miles
57. Little Platte River
      Old Lancaster Road to Stumptown Road
      Class II(III), 5.4 miles
58. Little Wolf River
      Mud Lake Road
      Class II(IV), 7.39 miles
59. Manitowoc River
      Clark Mills to Mill Road
      Class I-II, 15.7 miles
60. Marengo River
      FR 194 to FR 384
      Class II-III(V+), 6.6 miles
61. Marengo River
      Town Hall Road to Four Corner Store Road
      Class II-III+, 10.8 miles
62. Marengo River
      Government Road to Bad River
      Class I-II, 4.8 miles
63. Menominee River
      Niagara to Highway 8
      Class II-IV, 2.9 miles
64. Menominee River
      Quiver Falls
      Class II-III, 0.3 miles
65. Menominee River
      Pemene Falls
      Class IV, 0.2 miles
66. Menomonee River
      Main Street bridge to next bridge
      Class II-III, 0.4 miles
67. Menomonee River
      Underwood Creek to 43rd and Monarch
      Class II-III, 4.8 miles
68. Milwaukee River
      Bridge Street to Falls Road Ledge
      Class I-II, 2.7 miles
69. Milwaukee River
      Hampton Ave.Dam to North Ave.Dam
      Class I-II, 3.4 miles
70. Montreal River
      Highway 2 to Erickson Road
      Class II-IV(V), 3.2 miles
71. Montreal River
      Erickson Road to Saxon Falls Dam
      Class I-II, 16.7 miles
72. Montreal River
      below Saxon Falls to Highway 122
      Class II-III, 3.1 miles
73. Montreal River - West Fork
      Gile Falls to Highway 2
      Class II-IV, 6.3 miles
74. Morrison Creek
      South Cemetery Road to Bottom Road landing
      Class I-II, 5.3 miles
75. Namekagon River
      Hayward River Campground to Springbrook Landing
      Class I-II, 15.4 miles
76. Neshota River
      Zander Road to Highway 147
      Class I-II, 3.5 miles
77. New Wood River
      to Tesch Road
      Class I-II, 4.1 miles
78. Oconto River - North Branch
      Tar Dam Rd
      Class II, 7 miles
79. Oconto River - North Branch
      Bagley Rapids Campground to Kingston Rd
      Class II-III, 1.1 miles
80. Pemebonwon - North Branch
      Smalley Falls to Long Slide Falls
      Class IV-V, 1.4 miles
81. Pemebonwon - South Branch
      Pembine to Kremlin Road
      Class II-III(IV), 2.6 miles
82. Peshtigo River
      FS 2131 to FS 2134
      Class I-II, 8.9 miles
83. Peshtigo River
      FS2134 to Goodman Park Rd
      Class I-II+(III), 6.1 miles
84. Peshtigo River
      Benson Lake Road to Goodman Park
      Class I-II+(IV), 2.7 miles
85. Peshtigo River
      Goodman Park to Otter Creek
      Class I-II, 8.9 miles
86. Peshtigo River
      Otter Creek
      Class II-III+, 5.1 miles
87. Peshtigo River
      Johnson Falls Road to Schaeffer Road
      Class I-II, 7.8 miles
88. Pewaukee River
      Pewaukee to Waukesha
      Class I-II, 1.6 miles
89. Pike River
      Highway 141
      Class II, 6.1 miles
90. Pike River
      to Barker Road
      Class II-III, 3.4 miles
91. Pike River
      Petrifying Springs to Lathrop
      Class I(II), 4.8 miles
92. Pike River - North Branch
      Twin Lake Road to Eight Foot Falls
      Class II-IV, 3.2 miles
93. Pike River - South Branch
      Class II-III, 4.9 miles
94. Pike River - South Branch
      Mathias Lake Road to Dave's Falls
      Class II-IV, 4.7 miles
95. Pine River
      Highway 55 to Chipmunk Rapids
      Class I-II, 22.2 miles
96. Pine River
      Chipmunk Rapids to Goodman Grade
      Class I-II(III), 9.3 miles
97. Pine River
      Goodman Grade to Highway 101
      Class I-II, 9.2 miles
98. Pine River
      LaSalle Falls to Power Dam Road
      Class II-IV(V), 2.2 miles
99. Pine River
      Center Rd
      Class I-II, 2.2 miles
100. Popple River
      Twin River Road to Morgan Lake Road
      Class I-II, 10.2 miles
101. Popple River
      Morgan Lake Road to Pine River
      Class II-III+, 11.2 miles
102. Potato River
      Upson Falls to Foster Falls
      Class II-III(IV), 6.1 miles
103. Potato River
      Foster Falls to Highway 169
      Class I-IV, 7.2 miles
104. Potato River
      Highway 169 to Potato River Road
      Class II-IV(V), 6.5 miles
105. Prairie River
      Haymeadow Creek to Prairie Road
      Class II, 3.9 miles
106. Rat River
      Partridge Lane to Harper Road
      Class II-III(IV), 3.3 miles
107. Red River
      River Road to Morgan Road
      Class I-III(IV), 7.75 miles
108. Red River
      Lower Red Lake Dam
      Class I-II(III), 4.3 miles
109. Red Cedar River
      Menomonie to Irvington
      Class I-II, 3.9 miles
110. Robinson Creek
      Kelly Road to W Pine Hill Road
      Class I-II(III), 4.9 miles
111. Root River
      Horlick Dam to Quarry Park
      Class II-III, 0.4 miles
112. Sauk Creek
      Grant Street to South Milwaukee Street
      Class II-III, 1.5 miles
113. Sheboygan River
      downtown Sheboygan Falls
      Class II-IV, 0.5 miles
114. Skillet Creek
      Gasser Road
      Class III-IV, 1.8 miles
115. St. Croix River
      Gordon Dam to St. Croix Tr.
      Class I-II, 15.8 miles
116. St. Croix River
      Nelson's Landing to Snake River Confluence
      Class I-II, 8 miles
117. St. Croix River
      Taylors Falls
      Class II-III, 0.2 miles
118. Thunder River
      Veteran's Park
      Class II-III, 0.5 miles
119. Totogatic River
      Totogatic Flowage to Colton Flowage
      Class II-III, 8.9 miles
120. Trappe River
      to Rocky Ridge Road
      Class I-II(III), 5.1 miles
121. Turtle River
      Shea Dam to Turtle/Flambeau Flowage
      Class I(III), 16.5 miles
122. Turtle Creek
      Class I, 4.7 miles
123. Tyler Forks
      Moore Park to Vogues Road
      Class II-III+(IV), 7.6 miles
124. Tyler Forks
      Gehrman Creek to Brownstone Falls
      Class II-IV, 1.8 miles
125. Upper Tamarack River
      Radigan dam to Markville
      Class I-II(III), 13.3 miles
126. White River
      Maple Ridge Road to Flowage
      Class I-II, 13.6 miles
127. White River
      Highway 112 to Highway 13
      Class II-III, 0.8 miles
128. White River
      Lake Geneva to Lyons
      Class I-II, 2 miles
129. Wisconsin River
      Class II-III, 0.3 miles
130. Wisconsin River
      Camp 10 to Menard Isle
      Class I-II(III), 4 miles
131. Wisconsin River
      Grandfather Falls
      Class II-III+(IV), 1 miles
132. Wisconsin River
      Wausau Slalom Course
      Class II-III, 0.35 miles
133. Wisconsin River
      Prairie du Sac
      Class II, 0.1 miles
134. Wolf River
      Pearson to Highway 52
      Class I-II, 10.4 miles
135. Wolf River
      Highway 52 to Wolf Road
      Class I-II, 3.2 miles
136. Wolf River
      Hollister Road to Langlade
      Class I-II, 8 miles
137. Wolf River
      Langlade to Gilmore's Mistake
      Class II(III), 9.8 miles
138. Wolf River
      Gilmore's Mistake to Otter Slide
      Class II(III), 5.9 miles
139. Wolf River
      Otter Slide to Big Smokey Falls
      Class II-III(IV), 5.7 miles
140. Wolf River
      Five Islands to Keshena Falls
      Class I-III+, 9.5 miles
141. Wolf River - West Branch
      above Neopit millpond to Wolf River
      Class I-IV, 15 miles
142. Yellow River
      Gilman to Mattes Bridge
      Class I-II, 8 miles
143. Yellow River
      Little Bull Falls
      Class II-III, 6.4 miles
144. Argosy Adventures Rafting
      Marinette County
145. Big Smokey Falls Rafting
      Menominee County
146. Door County Kayak Tours
      Door County
147. Herb's Wolf River Rafting
      Langlade County
148. Kosirs Rapid Rafts
      Marinette County
149. Kosir's Rapid Rafts
      Marinette County
150. River Forest Campgrounds
      Langlade County
151. River Forest Rafts
      Langlade County
152. Thornton's Raft
      Marinette County
153. Wildman Whitewater Ranch
      Marinette County

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