Whitewater Paddling Rivers in Wyoming

1. Bitch Creek
      Headwaters to state line
      Class -blank-, 6 miles
2. Bluegrass Creek
      Tunnel outlet to Highway 34
      Class II-V+, 20 miles
3. Boulder Creek
      Boulder Basin Road to WY352
      Class -blank-, 1.7 miles
4. Boulder Creek
      Boulder Lake
      Class -blank-, 2.25 miles
5. Bull Lake Creek
      North Fork to Bull Lake
      Class -blank-, 12 miles
6. Clarks Fork Yellowstone River
      Stix and Stones
      Class V+, 4.5 miles
7. Clarks Fork Yellowstone River
      Class III-V, 4.2 miles
8. Clarks Fork Yellowstone River
      Class IV-V+, 2.6 miles
9. Clarks Fork Yellowstone River
      Class V+, 22.9 miles
10. Clarks Fork Yellowstone River
      Class III-V, 3 miles
11. Clear Creek
      2 miles above to 1/2 mile below Buffalo
      Class II-III, 2 miles
12. Clear Creek
      confluence of Middlr Fork to Moiser Gulch Picnic area
      Class IV-V, 4.2 miles
13. Clear Creek
      Moiser Picnic to Hydro Station
      Class III-IV(V), 3.2 miles
14. Crandall Creek
      Trailhead to Clarks Fork Yellowstone Rail Road
      Class III-V, 4 miles
15. Deer Creek
      Lower Canyon
      Class IV-V+, 6 miles
16. Deer Creek
      R77W to Forest Service boundary
      Class III-V, 11 miles
17. Ditch Creek
      North and South Branch confluence to US26
      Class -blank-, 7 miles
18. Encampment River
      State Line to Encampment
      Class II-V, 15 miles
19. Granite Creek
      Wooden Bridge to mouth
      Class III, 3 miles
20. Green River
      Green River Lakes to Tepee Creek
      Class II-III, 12 miles
21. Greybull River
      Venus Creek to Forest Service boundary
      Class I-III, 6 miles
22. Greys River
      Little Greys River to Highway bridge
      Class III-IV, 6 miles
23. Gros Ventre River
      Lower Slide Lake to Kelly
      Class II-IV, 5 miles
24. Hoback River
      Bondurant to Snake River
      Class I-III, 20 miles
25. Laramie River
      Jelm Public Access to Woods Landing
      Class I-II, 3 miles
26. Laramie River
      Tunnel Road to Palmer Canyon Road
      Class II-IV, 16 miles
27. Laramie River
      Wheatland No. 3 Reservoir to Tunnel Road
      Class I-III, 17 miles
28. Middle Popo Agie River
      Highway 181 bridge to Sinks Cavern
      Class III-V, 5.6 miles
29. North Platte River
      Pathfinder Dam to Alcova Reservoir
      Class III-V+, 5 miles
30. North Platte River
      State line to French Creek
      Class I-III, 20 miles
31. Paintrock Creek
      North Fork to Valley floor
      Class V+, 12 miles
32. Pole Creek
      Half Moon Lake to right off of Fayette Pole Creek Road
      Class -blank-, 5 miles
33. Powder River - Middle Fork
      Forest Service Road bridge Close to county line to Highway 190
      Class II-V, 12 miles
34. Powder River - North Fork
      Hazelton Road to Mayoworth Road
      Class III-V, 6 miles
35. Shell Creek
      Cabin Creek to Forest Service boundary
      Class II-V, 11 miles
36. Shoshone River
      Buffalo Bill Dam to Highway 120
      Class II-V, 8.1 miles
37. Shoshone River - North Fork
      Pahaska Tepee to Buffalo Bill Reservoir
      Class I-III, 40 miles
38. Shoshone River - South Fork
      East Fork Creek to Trailhead
      Class II-IV, 13 miles
39. Snake River
      South Park Bridge to Astoria Bridge
      Class I-III, 9 miles
40. Snake River
      West Table Dock to Sheep Gulch
      Class II-III, 30 miles
41. Snake River
      Yellowstone Natl Park Entrance to Flagg Ranch
      Class II-III, 3 miles
42. Sweetwater River
      From Granite Creek
      Class -blank-, 6 miles
43. Tensleep Creek
      Highway 16 to Bottom of Switchbacks
      Class V+, 2.4 miles
44. Teton Creek
      Treasure Lake to ID-33
      Class -blank-, 10 miles
45. Tongue River
      Sheep Creek to Tongue Canyon trailhead
      Class IV-V+, 2.34 miles
46. Tongue River
      Tongue Canyon trailhead to Dayton
      Class III+(IV), -blank- miles
47. Wind River
      3 miles to 6 miles below Dubois
      Class II-III, 3 miles
48. Wind River
      Boysen Dam to canyon mouth
      Class I-III, 12 miles
49. Wind River - East Fork
      Wilderness boundary to Wiggins Fork
      Class -blank-, 11 miles
50. Yellowstone River
      Tower Jct. to Gardiner
      Class III-V, 20 miles
51. Acme Raft Rentals
      Teton County
52. Barker Ewing River Trips
      Teton County
53. High Plains Outdoor Institute
      Albany County
54. Lewis & Clark Expeditions
      Teton County
55. Mad River Boat Trips
      Teton County
56. Platte River Raft'n Reel
      Natrona County
57. Solitude Float Trips
      Teton County

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