Whitewater Paddling Rivers in Idaho

1. Battle Creek
      Headwaters to Owyhee River
      Class II-III, 29 miles
2. Bear River
      Grace Dam Bridge to Grace Power Plant
      Class III-V, 6 miles
3. Bear River
      Grace Power Plant to ID-34
      Class I-II, 7 miles
4. Bear Valley Creek
      Fir Creek Campground to Middle Fork Salmon confluence
      Class II-III, 7 miles
5. Big Bear River
      Highway 8 Bridge to Kendrick High School
      Class IV-V, 16 miles
6. Big Creek
      Big Creek Airstrip to Cache Bar
      Class III-IV, 54 miles
7. Big Lost River - East Fork
      Headwaters to Forks
      Class II-III, 27.1 miles
8. Big Sand Creek
      Swamp Creek Trail to White Sand Creek
      Class V, 4 miles
9. Big Wood River
      Glendale Diversion to Richfield Diversion
      Class I-III, 25 miles
10. Big Wood River
      Highway 75 to Little Wood River
      Class I-III, 14.1 miles
11. Bitch Creek
      Coyote Meadows to Highway 32 Bridge
      Class III-IV, 10 miles
12. Bitch Creek
      Highway 32 Bridge Close to Wyoming line to Teton River
      Class IV-V, 13 miles
13. Blackfoot River
      Blackfoot Dam to Cutthroat Creek Campground
      Class III, 10 miles
14. Blackfoot River
      Cutthroat Trout Campground to Trail Creek Bridge
      Class II, 12 miles
15. Blackfoot River
      Trail Creek Bridge to Cedar Creek Close to Aldridge
      Class IV, 8 miles
16. Boise River
      Troutdale Campground to Badger Creek Campground
      Class II, 9 miles
17. Boise River
      Troutdale to Willow Creek Campground
      Class I-III, 10 miles
18. Boise River - North Fork
      Barber Flat to confluence with Boise River at Troutdale
      Class III-IV, 12 miles
19. Boise River - South Fork
      Anderson Ranch Dam to Danskin Bridge
      Class I-II, 10 miles
20. Boise River - South Fork
      Danskin Bridge to Neal Bridge
      Class III-IV, 16 miles
21. Boundary Creek
      Close to Canadian border to Road 2450
      Class IV-V, 10 miles
22. Bruneau River
      Indian Hot Springs to 8 miles South of Bruneau
      Class II-IV, 40 miles
23. Bruneau River - East Fork
      Winter Camp to Roberson Trail
      Class IV-V, 9 miles
24. Bruneau River - West Fork
      Below Rowland Nevada to Indian Hot Springs
      Class IV-V, 28 miles
25. Brushy Fork
      Off Elk Meadows Road to Crooked Creek
      Class IV-V+, 13 miles
26. Camas Creek
      Duck Creek to confluence with M.Fork Salmon
      Class V, 13 miles
27. Camas Creek
      Blaine Bridge to Moonstone Landing
      Class I-III, 7 miles
28. Clearwater River
      Dworshack Reservoir to Washington border
      Class I-III, 41.3 miles
29. Clearwater River - Little North Fork
      Headwaters to Reservoir
      Class II-IV(V), 30 miles
30. Clearwater River - Middle Fork
      Lowell to Kooskia
      Class I-II, 22 miles
31. Clearwater River - North Fork
      Headwaters to Kelly Creek
      Class III-V, 28.4 miles
32. Clearwater River - North Fork
      Orogrande Creek to Aquarius Campground
      Class III-V, 28 miles
33. Clearwater River - South Fork
      Bully Creek to Highway 13
      Class IV, 5.8 miles
34. Clearwater River - South Fork
      Hanging Rock to Cougar Creek Trailhead
      Class IV-V, 7.4 miles
35. Coeur d' Alene River - South Fork
      Mullan to Wallace
      Class III-IV, -blank- miles
36. Coeur d'Alene River
      Senator Creek Campground to Prichard
      Class II, 26 miles
37. Coeur d'Alene River
      Tepee Creek to South Fork Coeur d'Alene River
      Class I-III, 51.2 miles
38. Coeur d'Alene River - Little North Fork
      Laverne Creek to Coeur d'Alene River
      Class II-III, 29.1 miles
39. Couer d'Alene River - Big North Fork
      Jordan Creek to Teepee Creek
      Class II+(III), 8 miles
40. Crooked Fork
      Hopeful Creek to Brushy Fork
      Class III-V, 2 miles
41. Deadwood River
      Deadwood Reservoir to End of Road
      Class IV-V, 14 miles
42. Deadwood River
      End of Road to South Fork Payette River
      Class III-IV, 10 miles
43. Deep Creek
      Mudflat Road to Rickard Crossing Owyhee River
      Class I-II, 39 miles
44. Falls River
      Cave Falls Campground WY to Concrete Bridge
      Class III, 14 miles
45. Falls River
      Concrete Bridge to Kirkham Bridge
      Class III-IV, 6 miles
46. Fish Creek
      Forest Service Road to Lochsa River
      Class IV, 1.5 miles
47. Floodwood Creek
      Bridge to Reservoir
      Class III-IV, 4 miles
48. Grimes Creek
      4 miles upstream of Highway 21 to MoReservoir Creek confluence
      Class II-III, 4 miles
49. Hard Creek
      Point upstream to Hazard Creek confluence
      Class IV-V, 2 miles
50. Hazard Creek
      Hard Creek to Little Salmon confluence
      Class III-IV, 1 miles
51. Henrys Fork
      Big Springs to A-2 bridge Close to Island Park Reservoir
      Class I-III, 9.7 miles
52. Henrys Fork
      Box Canyon to Last Chance
      Class II, 4 miles
53. Henrys Fork
      Lower Mesa Falls to Warm River
      Class I-II+(V), 4 miles
54. Henrys Fork
      Riverside Campground to above Upper Mesa Falls
      Class III-V, 11 miles
55. Jarbidge
      Murphy Hot Springs to Bruneau River
      Class II-V, 29 miles
56. Johnson Creek
      Headwaters to Halfway Creek 31.1 mi to Ice Hole Campground
      Class IV-V+, 31 miles
57. Johnson Creek
      Yellow Pine airport to Johnson Creek gauge
      Class II(III), 5 miles
58. Kelly Creek
      Clayton Creek to Kelly Forks Campground
      Class III-IV, 10 miles
59. Kootenai
      Leonia to pipeline Close to Bonners Ferry
      Class II, 14 miles
60. Little Salmon River
      Hazard Creek to Salmon River at Riggins
      Class II-V, 20 miles
61. Little Salmon River
      One mile down from Smokey Boulder Road to Hazard Creek
      Class III-V, 6 miles
62. Little Wood River
      Silver Creek to Big Wood River
      Class II-III, 70.4 miles
63. Lochsa River
      Papoose Creek to Indian Grave Creek
      Class III, 20 miles
64. Lochsa River
      Indian Grave Creek to Wilderness Gateway Bridge
      Class IV, 13 miles
65. Lochsa River
      Wilderness Gateway bridge to Split Creek Pack Bridge
      Class III-IV, 9 miles
66. Lochsa River
      Split Creek Pack Bridge to Lowell
      Class III-V, 15 miles
67. Lolo Creek
      Cottonwood Flats to Clearwater River
      Class III-IV, 15 miles
68. Lolo Creek
      Lolo Campground to Cottonwood Flats
      Class II+, 12 miles
69. Loon Creek
      Loon Creek Ranger Station to confluence with M. Fork Salmon
      Class IV-V, 24 miles
70. Malad Big Wood River
      Malad Dam to confluence with Snake River
      Class IV, 2 miles
71. Marsh Creek
      State Highway 21 to Middle Fork Salmon
      Class II-III, 6 miles
72. Marys Creek
      to Sheep Creek
      Class III-IV, 6 miles
73. Monumental Creek
      Upper Monumental Campground to Cache Bar
      Class III-IV, 60 miles
74. Moose Creek
      Dolph Creek to Selway River
      Class III-IV, 22 miles
75. Mores Creek
      Big Gulch to Robie Creek
      Class II-III, 13 miles
76. Moyie River
      Canada border to Moyie Falls Dam
      Class II-III, 20.6 miles
77. Owyhee River
      Crutcher's Crossing to Three Forks
      Class III, 36 miles
78. Owyhee River - East Fork
      Duck Valley to Crutcher's Crossing
      Class II, 50 miles
79. Owyhee River - North Fork
      Off Mud Flat Road to Three Forks
      Class III-IV, 18 miles
80. Owyhee River - South Fork
      El Paso pipeline
      Class II-III, 36 miles
81. Pack River
      Tavern to Route 95
      Class II, 7 miles
82. Pack River
      West Branch Pack River to Tavern
      Class I-III, 21.6 miles
83. Panther Creek
      Clear Creek to Main Salmon confluence
      Class III, 4 miles
84. Panther Creek
      Trapper Flat to Birch Creek
      Class III-V, 8 miles
85. Panther Creek
      Trapper Flat to Birch Creek
      Class III-V, 8 miles
86. Payette River
      Class II+, -blank- miles
87. Payette River
      Beehive Bend to Jet Boat Ramp
      Class II+(III), 6 miles
88. Payette River
      Banks to Beehive Bend
      Class III, 7 miles
89. Payette River - Middle Fork
      Hardscrabble Campground to Lightning Creek Bridge
      Class II(III), 4.5 miles
90. Payette River - Middle Fork
      West Fork Bridge to upstream of Trail Creek
      Class IV, 3 miles
91. Payette River - North Fork
      Upper Payette Lake to Big Payette Lake
      Class II-IV, 10.4 miles
92. Payette River - North Fork
      Upper Payette Lake to Big Payette Lake
      Class II-IV, 10.4 miles
93. Payette River - North Fork
      Below McCall to Hartsell Bridge above Cascade Reservoir
      Class II-III, 21 miles
94. Payette River - North Fork
      Cabarton Bridge to Smiths Ferry
      Class II-III, 10 miles
95. Payette River - North Fork
      Smiths Ferry to Banks
      Class V, 16 miles
96. Payette River - South Fork
      Grandjean to Lowman
      Class III-IV, 23 miles
97. Payette River - South Fork
      Deadwood River to Danskin Station
      Class III-IV, 10 miles
98. Payette River - South Fork
      Danskin Station to Alder Creek Bridge
      Class III+, 8 miles
99. Payette River - South Fork
      Deer Creek turnout to Banks
      Class IV, 4.5 miles
100. Pine Creek
      Headwaters to South Fork Snake River confluence
      Class II-III, 17.8 miles
101. Portneuf River
      Diversion to Marsh Creek
      Class I-V, 14.3 miles
102. Portneuf River
      Johnny Creek to I-86
      Class I-V, 15.6 miles
103. Portneuf River
      Lava Hot Springs to PVC diversion
      Class I-V, 6.1 miles
104. Potlatch River
      Cedar Creek to Kendrick
      Class II-III, 6 miles
105. Potlatch River
      Little Boulder Campground to Cedar Creek
      Class II-V, 15 miles
106. Priest River
      Headwaters to Priest Lake
      Class I-IV, 28.2 miles
107. Priest River
      Upper Priest River to Priest River Town
      Class II-III, 23 miles
108. Rapid River
      Float Creek to confluence with Middle Fork Salmon
      Class IV, 13 miles
109. Robinson Creek
      Yellowstone National Park to Warm River
      Class II-III, 21.9 miles
110. Salmon River
      Hellroaring Creek to Redfish Lake Creek
      Class II-III, 12 miles
111. Salmon River
      Stanley to Old Sunbeam Dam
      Class III-IV, 13 miles
112. Salmon River
      Sunbeam Dam to Holman Creek
      Class IV, 14 miles
113. Salmon River
      East Fork of Salmon to Town of North Fork
      Class II, 70 miles
114. Salmon River
      North Fork to Middle Fork
      Class III, 39 miles
115. Salmon River
      Corn Creek to Vinegar Creek
      Class III-IV, 79 miles
116. Salmon River
      Vinegar Creek to Riggins
      Class III-IV, 28 miles
117. Salmon River
      Riggins to White Bird
      Class III-IV, 36 miles
118. Salmon River
      White Bird to Snake River confluence
      Class II-IV, 50 miles
119. Salmon River - East Fork of South Fork
      Vibika Creek to Johnson Creek
      Class IV, 2.5 miles
120. Salmon River - East Fork of South Fork
      Close to Yellow Pinto South Fork Salmon River
      Class III-V, 12 miles
121. Salmon River - Middle Fork
      Marsh Creek to Boundary Creek
      Class III-IV, 8 miles
122. Salmon River - Middle Fork
      Boundary Creek to Cache Bar
      Class III-IV, 96 miles
123. Salmon River - South Fork
      Goat Creek to footbridge at Poverty Flats Campground
      Class IV-V, 7 miles
124. Salmon River - South Fork
      Poverty Flats Campground to East Fork of South Fork
      Class II-V, 16 miles
125. Salmon River - South Fork
      East Fork of South Fork to Salmon River
      Class IV-V, 33 miles
126. Salmon River - Yankee Fork
      Upper road end to Salmon River
      Class IV-V, 26.8 miles
127. Secesh River
      Loon Creek to South Fork Salmon River
      Class IV-V, 14.4 miles
128. Selway River
      Paradise to Selway Falls
      Class IV, 47 miles
129. Selway River
      Selway Falls to Boyd Creek Campground
      Class III, 7 miles
130. Sheep Creek
      Marys Creek to Bruneau River
      Class II-V+, 19.3 miles
131. Sheep Creek
      Last half mile before Middle Fork Boise River
      Class III-IV, 0.5 miles
132. Skull Creek
      to National Forest Clearwater
      Class IV, 4.5 miles
133. Slate Creek
      Headwaters to Salmon River
      Class II-V, 23.7 miles
134. Smith Creek
      Smith Creek Bridge to above Smith Creek Falls
      Class IV-V+, 6 miles
135. Snake River
      American Falls to Lake Walcott
      Class I-III, 32.7 miles
136. Snake River
      Crystal Springs to Upper Salmon Falls Res
      Class I-III, 16 miles
137. Snake River
      Hagerman to Bliss
      Class I-II, 6 miles
138. Snake River
      Hells Canyon Dam to Pittsburg Landing
      Class III-IV, 32 miles
139. Snake River
      Milner Power Plant to Star Falls
      Class I(II), 7.3 miles
140. Snake River
      Salmon River to Lewiston
      Class II, 47 miles
141. Snake River
      Murtaugh Bridge to Twin Falls Reservoir
      Class III-IV, 13 miles
142. Snake River
      Milner Dam to Power Plant
      Class V+, 1.6 miles
143. Snake River - South Fork
      Palisades Dam to Launch Site East of Poplar
      Class II, 43 miles
144. Spokane River
      Post Falls Dam to State Line
      Class III+, -blank- miles
145. St. Joe River
      Conrad Crossing Campground to Bluff Creek Bridge
      Class III-IV, 7 miles
146. St. Joe River
      Spruce Tree Campground to Gold Creek
      Class III, 10 miles
147. St. Joe River
      Heller Creek to Spruce Tree
      Class III-IV, 16 miles
148. St. Joe River - Marble Creek
      Upper Bridge to St. Joe Confluence
      Class III-IV, 13.5 miles
149. St. Joe River - North Fork
      Loop Creek to St. Joe Confluence
      Class III, 10 miles
150. St. Joe River - Skookum Canyon
      Turner Creek to Packsaddle Creek
      Class III-IV, 4 miles
151. St. Joe River - Slate Creek
      Fritz Creek to St. Joe Confluence
      Class IV-V, 4 miles
152. St. Maries River
      Mashburn to St. Joe River
      Class II-III, 22.4 miles
153. Teton River
      Highway 33 Bridge to Spring Hollow
      Class IV-V, 5 miles
154. Teton River
      Teton Dam site to Teton Forks
      Class II-III, 6.3 miles
155. Warm River
      Twisted Draw to Warm River Campground
      Class IV-V+, 5 miles
156. Weitas Creek
      Upper Weitas Pack Bridge to National Forest Clearwater
      Class II(IV), 18 miles
157. White Sand Creek
      Big Flat Creek to Colt Creek Campground
      Class IV-V, 4 miles
158. White Sand Creek
      Colt Creek Cabin to White Sand Campground
      Class III-IV, 12 miles
159. Wildhorse River
      Bear Creek Bridge to Snake River confluence
      Class III-IV, 14 miles
160. Wilson River
      Close to Interstate 84 to Close to Wilson Lake Reservoir
      Class III, 3 miles
161. Barker River Trips
      Nez Perce County
162. Bear Valley River
      Boise County
163. Brundage Mountain Rafting
      Idaho County
164. Cascade Outfitters
      Ada County
165. Cascade Raft & Kayak
      Boise County
166. Cheehaole Ranch
      Gem County
167. Duck Enterprises
      Ada County
168. Epley's Whitewater Adventures
      Idaho County
169. Exodus Wilderness Adventures
      Idaho County
170. Idaho Afloat
      Idaho County
171. Idaho River Sports
      Ada County
172. Idaho Whitewater Unlimited
      Boise County
173. Idakay Ventures Company
      Elmore County
174. Kookaburra Guided Whitewater Trips
      Lemhi County
175. Northwest Voyageurs
      Idaho County
176. NRS
      Latah County
177. Oars Dories
      Nez Perce County
178. Rapid River Outfitters
      Idaho County
179. Salmon River Rafting
      Lemhi County
180. Spence Faye
      Boise County
181. Sundog Expeditions
      Latah County

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